6 Best Mechanical Pencil for math

You should use the best mechanical pencil for math for good reasons. Today, we will be discussing this.

Have you ever felt disturbance while solving math because of the broken pencil tip? From my personal experience, I bet this is the most annoying thing that can happen to you. Solving complex math requires pure concentration without any disturbance at all. For this reason, choosing a mechanical pencil over a standard pencil is the better choice for you. Mechanical pencil ensures fluent writing with comfort and mostly, the lead is not going to break at all.

However, choosing the best mechanical pencil that is specifically made for math is not an easy task. You need to consider certain factors while choosing the pencil. I have done the research and narrowed it down to the 6 best mechanical pencils for math. I am sure it will reduce your hard work in order to find the perfect one. Also, I have added a buying guide for better understanding.

1. rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

rOtring mechanical pencil is my first choice for doing math. From design perspective to smooth writing everything has top-notch in this pencil. First of all, I must admire the black finish body. And then, its hexagonal barrel. Oh man! that is really classy design. Moreover, the pencil shape is perfect for holding on hand with comfort. Also, its adequate weight balance helps a lot. That leads to writing with this pencil for a longer period smoothly with comfort. It’s hexagonal-shaped not only feels comfortable on hand but also doesn’t slide down while you lay it down on the table.

But, the pencil’s extra precision and durable lead is the key point for smooth writing that I must admit. Most importantly, it will not break while you in the flaw of solving math. Even more, a .5 mm tip provides precise writing just like a ball pen.

The pencil has a total metal body. Therefore, you may find it heavy. Although that does not bother me at all.

Undoubtedly this is one of the best mechanical pencils for math yet it could be the best choice for drawing too. All of these facts convinced me to put it in the first place on this list.

Key Features

  • Superb build quality with metal body
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable grip
  • 0.5 mm strong lead
  • Great outer look.

2. uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil

While rOtring deserves to be in the first place uni Core barely misses the first place to become the best mechanical pencil for math. As a result, I put it on the second number of this list. This pencil is also made of metal. And, it is gun metallic color looks pretty amazing! As usual, it has a 0.5 mm lead that helps to write smoothly.

However, its lead rotating technology makes it better rOtring. Also, the pencil feels good on hand while holding it. And, the weight balance is not that bad too.

Although, the pencil is quite pricy it is justifiable according to its looks and performance. You never have to worry about the broken tip or shaggy writing at all. As tough as the lead is it provides fine writing too.

And, this one pencil can last for a very long time. You can use it for more than a year that is for sure. Overall, the pencil is quite good except for that price tag.

Key Features

  • Metal body with good design
  • 0.5mm strong lead
  • Comfortable grip for a long time writing
  • Lead rotating technology

3. Parker Mechanical Pencil

So far this is the most premium pencil on this list I have included. As you know, parker is a premium and popular brand for these types of accessories. So in this pencil, they have done an amazing job without any doubt.

First, I just have to talk about the box. The box looks pretty amazing! And, if you want to gift this to someone, He/She will love it. Well, that does not mean the pencil is bad.

The pencil has stainless steel barrel that seems similar to a regular pen. And, pretty solid too. Holding this pencil feels comfortable which leads to smooth writing for a long time.

While you are doing the math you need precise writing without breaking tips. That is why this pencil has a 0.5mm strong lead. It will give you precise writing along with never breakable lead. Also, they have added an eraser under the cap.

Overall, this pencil is for your own or to gift someone who loves to do the math.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel barrel.
  • Unbreakable 0.5mm lead
  • Comfortable grip for longer writing period.
  • Comes with a gift box.

4. Pentel Graphgear 1000

Pentel is another big name for making pens, pencils, and other school accessories. I have included their Graphgear 1000 mechanical pencil in this list. Well, the pencil has superb build quality with a metal barrel. But, they have used a rubber grip that feels better on the hand. And, the barrel is thin enough for a hand. This combination provides comfort on the hand to write for a long time.

Moreover, the 0.5mm lead is super strong that is almost unbreakable. Also, it will last for a very long time. This pencil is also called a drafting pencil. You can use this for doing math along with technical drawings and other regular works as well.

Although it is a sharp lead it does not feel uncomfortable to write on paper. Every time you will enjoy smooth writing with this pencil.

Key Features

  • Superb build quality with metal barrel
  • Sharp 0.5 mm strong lead
  • Rubber grip for comfort.
  • Multipurpose mechanical pencil.

5. rOtring 600 Series Mechanical Pencil

rOtring 600 is another cool mechanical pencil from rOtring. This company is known for its best mechanical pencils in every way. From the build quality to strongest lead everything presents in their pencil. Well. rOtring 600 is also made of a metal body with a cool black finish. Its hexagonal shape allows the pencil to stick on the table and does not let it slip.

Although it has a metallic grip instead of rubber still feels comfortable on the hand. However, if you have a sweaty hand that may cause a slipping problem with the rubber grip. For that circumstance, having a metallic grip can be the best alternatives.

Well, the lead in this pencil is thicker than all the above-mentioned pencils. It has 0.7mm lead that still provides smoother writing for a long time. Yet, the lead is strong enough to write with it for a very long time.

Key Features

  • Best build quality
  • Ergonomic design and perfect weight balance
  • Better grip on hand
  • 0.7mm strong lead

6. BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencil

If you are looking for something within budget then this pencil could be your choice. With the same writing quality as the pencils, I mentioned above it reduced price by the build quality. Instead of a metal body, it has a plastic body that costs way less than metal. However, it still feels good on hand. And, its rubber grip ensures a comfy feeling that leads to a long time writing or doing math in your circumstance.

Although they have compromised in barrel but not in lead quality. You are still getting a super strong 0.7mm lead that lasts for a long time and provides smooth writing. Whether you are an artist or student you need this pack of pencils for a couple of reasons.

First, this is a budget-friendly pencil pack that costs the same amount for one premium quality pencil while you are getting 40 pencils in this pack.

Second, It has 2.5 times better lead than regular pencils that helps to write smoother with smudging.

Key Features

  • Plastic body with a thin barrel
  • Rubber grip
  • Comes with 40 pencils pack
  • Extremely budget friendly

Buying Guide on the Best mechanical pencils for math

Although I have mentioned the best mechanical pencils for math above you need to what is the perfect one for you. Also, you can select any other mechanical pencils for doing math by following these criteria.

Design and build quality

For any good quality mechanical pencils, you must go for their design and build quality. The metal barrel provides long lasting than plastic. However, the grip should be comfortable enough for a long time writing. The best quality pencil has an ergonomic design with perfect weight balance.

Barrel thickness

Since you are using a mechanical pencil for writing barrel should be thin enough to hold it for a long time. A thicker barrel is better for drawing and art purposes. And the thinner barrel is for writing. So, you need something thin just like a regular pen.

Lead thickness

Thinner lead provides precise writing. However, you have to choose lead thickness between 0.5mm to 0.7mm. These are the best choice for writing. Thinner or thicker than these sizes will give you the worst writing quality. Also, the thinnest lead such as 0.3mm has a chance to break during writing.


The best mechanical pencils cost something above 10 dollars. Most sophisticated and luxurious versions may cost more than 50 dollars to 200 dollars. If you spend more than that you will get better quality for sure. But 10-15$ is enough for buying the best quality mechanical pencils. However, if you are looking for something within budget, go for combo packs with multiple pencils to cut the price.

After sale service

When you are buying any products online it should have a good return policy. That is why you have to pick a pencil from popular brands that allow a free return if you do not like their pencil or receive a defective product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What are the best pencils for math?

For doing the math you need a pencil that can write fluently without breaking tip. In that case, a mechanical pencil obviously the best option. And, you have to choose the finest lead for smooth writing. In my research, I would suggest rOtring 800 Mechanical Pencil. Because it is comfortable to hold and it has 0.5 mm lead for smooth and fluent writing. Also, you can use this pencil for drawing and sketching too.

Q2. Is 0.5 or 0.7 lead better?

0.5 mm lead can provide smoother and fluent writing than 0.7 mm lead. Since you are looking for a mechanical pencil to do the math then go for a 0.5 mm lead. It will provide you smooth and fluent writing with a better comfort on the hand. On the other hand, a 0.7 mm lead should be the best pick for drawing and sketching work.

Q3. Which mechanical pencil is the best?

It depends on what is your purpose. If it is for drawing and sketching thicker lead would be the best option. But for writing, the finest lead is the best option that is for sure. And, I picked rOtring 800 mechanical pencils as my number one choice. From its metal, black finish body to strong 0.5mm lead everything seems suitable for writing. In your case, doing the math to be precise.

Final Words

So, we have covered reviews on the best mechanical pencil for math. We’ve tried to include all the possible pencils that you may seek. Mechanical pencil does not need sharpening or you have to worry about the broken nib. As a result, you can do the math for a long time without losing your concentration. Well, for every aspect, rOtring 800 is the best choice for you. However, I have added five more best quality pencils for choosing the best one. Also, the buying guide will help you to pick a pencil that precisely suits you.

How to write a scholarship application cover letter?

When it comes to applying for a scholarship, the scholarship application plays a significant role. 

Your academic excellence may make you apt for the scholarship. But, a well-written application makes you stand out among the other applicants. Also, it can convince the authority to grant you the scholarship. 

You may encounter problems and confusion on how to write a scholarship application. But trust me, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. I’m here to help you out with a step-by-step guide. 

So, without making any delay, let’s start. 

  • Self-introduction
  • Explain your field of study
  • Mention the scholarship that you’re applying for
  • Explain your future goals
  • Emphasize why you need the scholarship

The 3 Steps to Write a Scholarship Application

Generally, a scholarship application contains 3 or 4 paragraphs. Each paragraph has a different job to perform. 

Let’s look into the following table that shows a glimpse of what you should write in which section.

Paragraph No.Contents
1st Paragraph1. Self-introduction
2. Explain your field of study
3. Mention the scholarship that you’re applying for
4. Explain your future goals
5. Emphasize why you need the scholarship
2nd Paragraph1. Talk about yourself
2. Mention your interests, hobbies, and achievements 
3rd Paragraph1. Summarize the information
2. Explain the benefit that you’ll get from the scholarship
3. Mention other information or documents (if the authority asked for)
4. Call to Action
5. Thank the reader

I know the table seems like everything, right? But trust me, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dig deep into it. 

Step 1 of 3: Provide Your Self Introduction

The first part of your application is the most crucial as it creates your first impression. From the very beginning, make the reader feel like you’re worthy of the scholarship. 

This part should contain a brief introduction about yourself. Also, it includes what you’ve studied, the scholarship you’re applying for, why the scholarship is essential for you.

However, you can split this paragraph into two sections. In the first paragraph, you’ll write about yourself and your field of study. After that, you’ll talk about your future goals, career objectives and explain why you need the scholarship.

Try to create a rapport with the reader in this section. Otherwise, he might not feel interested in reading the entire application, and you might see your name on the rejection list. 

Step 2 of 3: Talk about Yourself

In this part, you can help the reader to know more about you. Provide your personal information, including:

  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Achievements
  • Your contribution to the society
  • Exciting and memorable experiences

Moreover, you can talk about your strengths, family, and financial condition. But keep in mind, don’t provide any unnecessary information. 

Step 3 of 3: Summarize the Information

The last paragraph is almost equally important as the first one. Here, you’ll provide a summary of your application. Convincingly tell the authority how the scholarship will bring benefit for you. 

You can provide a call to action hint like looking forward to your reply or asking for a skype session. Also, if the authority asks for any information, don’t forget to mention them.

Lastly, thank the reader as he’ll spend his time going through your application. 

So, these are all 3 steps you can apply to write a scholarship application. But you know what? 

There are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow while writing the application. Let’s get into them.

What Should You Follow While Writing a Scholarship Application?

You already know how you can write the application and what information you’ll put on it. But there are few things you need to implement before submitting the application. 

  1. Provide Contact Information

Suppose you just write a top-notch application but forget to add the contact info at the right place. What will happen then?

Well, we already assume the result. That’s why don’t forget to provide the correct contact information.

  1. Use Formal Tone

When you write an application, try to express your words in a polite and formal tone. As you’re writing a professional application, an informal tone may disturb the reader, and the reader might not like it at all. Also, you need to be very careful while choosing your words. 

  1. Apply a Clear Structure

You should maintain a clear structure while writing. From line spacing to choosing the font, everything is important. An excellent structure complements your application’s appearance. 

Moreover, Don’t make your application too long. Concisely provide all the necessary information within 3 or 4 paragraphs.

Here’re a few pieces of advice: 

  • The space between the lines should be 1 or 1.5
  • The preferable fonts are Arial and Times New Roman 
  • Use space properly between the paragraphs
  1. Follow the Guideline

You’ll find the scholarship-related guideline on the respective website. Your job is to follow it strictly. Look for the documents the authority has asked for, and don’t forget to attach them. 

  1. Proofread

After finishing the writing, all you have to do is revise it several times. In fact, you can go to a competent person to proofread your application.

Remember, your final application should be free from any grammatical and spelling errors.

What Should You Avoid While Writing a Scholarship Application?

It happens pretty often that while writing something, we make terrible mistakes subconsciously. And when it comes to writing a formal application, you need to be more careful to avoid such issues.

However, here’re the things that you should avoid in your application. 

  1. Don’t Mention Your Weakness

Every scholarship brings an opportunity to harness your true potential, your strengths. You don’t need to mention your weakness in your application unless it’s necessary. 

  1. Don’t Write Unnecessary Information

When you provide the reader with unnecessary information, he might not feel interested. The application will appear dull and unpleasant to him. Yes, you can add exciting personal details like you love to do rafting.  

  1. Don’t Act Desperate for the Scholarship

When you apply, the authority already knows that you need the scholarship. You don’t need to show your craving for it. Your approach should be humble as well as persuasive.

The Final Thoughts

I know how hectic it is to get a scholarship. Throughout this post, I just tried to ease the students’ pain in this journey. I hope this post will help the students to make their scholarship applications stand out among the other applicants. 

I’m eagerly waiting to hear your success story. For now, I’m signing off.

Best of luck!

7 Best Dry Erase Boards for students

Whether you call it a dry erase board or whiteboard if it is large that can not be carried around. You need something portable and small for students. For this reason, choosing the best dry erase boards for students is different than usual. Since there are a ton of options available in the market, it becomes hectic to get the suitable one for you.

So, I have come to show you the best dry erase boards that are perfectly suitable for students. And, I picked specifically these boards by judging quality, durability, portability, price, and after-sale service. 

1. VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase Board

VIZ-pro is usually popular for its large size boards. But this one I included is quite small in size and is best for students. It has a 24 inch X 18 inch size with an aluminum frame around it for better durability. Obviously, it comes with a smooth writing surface. And you can easily wipe out dry erase markers without leaving any mark which is common in low-quality boards. Also, it is a magnetic dry erase board. Thus the magnetic feature helps to write smoothly every time.

However, it does not come with double-sided writing capability. That is to reduce the price I guess. Although it has wall mounting capability, I don’t think it is necessary for this small dry erase board. Yet, a pen tray may be helpful for you.

Overall, this VIZ-PRO magnetic dry erase board can be the one to start with. Especially, if you are getting a dry erase board for the first time.

Key features

  • Aluminum frame for better durability.
  • Magnetic board for smooth writing.
  • Comes with a pen tray and wall mounting kits.

2. Uho Foldable Double Sided Portable Whiteboard

This is a double sided foldable whiteboard with a lot of versatility. If you are a student then it will work for you well. As well as, you can use it for official purposes, kitchen, etc. Since this is double sided you can write both sides for sure. But, self standing capability makes it extraordinary from other dry erase boards available in the market.

As usual, this is also a magnetic board. And, that helps to do smooth writing and erase marks. Board is quite strong and covered with an aluminum frame around it. Moreover, it has a carrying handle to carry it. Also, the weight is not that high. Thus, it is easy to carry all day long.

However, if you are a student then I suggest keeping it in your reading table to take quick notes. Since it can stand freely it will help you a lot.

Key features

  • Better build quality with aluminum frame.
  • Magnetic board.
  • Comes with an aluminum alloy stand.

3. Amazon Basics Dry Erase Board

Amazon basics dry erase board is quite popular on Amazon for a few reasons. It is a product from Amazon itself. And, they always ensure the best quality products. This 23X17 inch board is easy to carry for your classroom and other places. And, the build quality is quite solid and premium. With a regular melamine whiteboard and a thin aluminum frame around it. All together made it stronger and lightweight for better usability. Although it is non-magnetic, writing with markers is quite smooth and wipes easily as well.

Moreover, It comes with a marker which costs a few bucks. Overall it seems budget friendly. Also, more than ten thousand people use it with full satisfaction. I would say it will be a great choice for you.

Key features

  • Premium build quality with aluminum frame
  • Non-magnetic board
  • Small size and lightweight.

4. Quartet Glass Whiteboard

Are you looking for a better quality dry erase board than a regular melamine board? The Glass boards are the best solution for you. For this circumstance, Quartet glass whiteboard is the suitable option I have got for you. Glass provides better writing with an easy wipeout. Although it is not portable at all. As a student, you can hand it in front of your reading table.

Moreover, it has an aluminum point to attach to the wall. And the board has a magnetic field to attach any metal made important material on the board. Also, the glass is durable and of premium quality. But, they have shown their versatility by adding white, black, frost, and a few other colors. If you want a blackboard that is no problem at all.

Overall, it is a very good option for a glass dry erase board.

Key features

  • Made with premium quality glass
  • Comes with few color options.
  • Aluminum mount for easy to attach on the wall
  • Magnetic board.

5. XBoard Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard

Some of you always seek a smaller and budget friendly whiteboard. But, losing quality and features is not expectable for anyone at all. If you are one of them, this could be the best dry erase board for you. First of all, it is a double sided board. For making it a strong and durable board framed with aluminum. Overall, it is a quite sturdy board.

Moreover, this is a magnetic board that comes with 3 dry erase markers and 4 magnetic pins. Yet, they have added a detachable pen tray with it. All of this makes it the best choice for you as a student as well as a teacher too.

Key features

  • Double sided magnetic board
  • Smooth writing and easy to wipe.
  • Comes with additional accessories such as marker pens, magnetic pin, pen tray.
  • Small and durable.

6. GreenKe Small Dry Erase White Board

Greenke dry erase board is the smallest board I have ever found on the market that has all the qualities to take the place in this list. This is a 10X10 inch tiny board specifically made for students and teachers for taking quick notes. Of course, it is portable. As well, it has an aluminum stand too. Also, you can write on both sides of this board. As usual, it has an aluminum frame around it. Since it is small in size it has better strength than the above mentioned whiteboards.

Moreover, it is a magnetic board. Always ensure smooth writing. And, its 360 degree stand lets you keep it standing on your desk. Overall, it could be the best dry erase board for you if you are a student or teacher who needs to take quick notes often.

Key features

  • Small in size and Sturdy.
  • Double sided board with the magnetic field.
  • Also, it has a 360 degree stand.

7. Lockways Magnetic Dry Erase White Board

This is the largest size board of this best dry erase board list. It is not for portable use that is for sure. Either you can hang it in front of your desk or keep it in your classroom or any other suitable place. Not only for taking notes or attaching memos, but it will also be a great tool for group study and office meetings too. Specially for the teachers, this large size board is quite useful.

Well, the board is made of melamine with an aluminum frame. Also, it is magnetic as well. The manufacturer included a magnetic pin and dry erase marker with the package.  This could be the best choice for school, office, or home.

Key features

  • Large size board
  • Easy to clean and write
  • Aluminum frame for a strong body
  • Included dry erase marker and magnetic pin with it.

How to pick the best dry erase boards for students?

There are a ton of dry erase boards in the market. But, when you are looking for student compatibility dry erase boards then you have to consider the following things.


A student must take out the board to the class or somewhere else. It should be small enough to carry it through a bag or hand. 2X3′ is the largest size board for students. But, 18 inches X 24 inches is the ideal size.

Build material and quality

Glass boards are high quality and work best. But melamine boards are lightweight. If you are a student and looking for something portable then melamine boards are perfect for you. If you want to attach a board in front of your desk then you can go for a glass board.


You can attach a quick note/ memo to the board if it is magnetic. But non-magnetic boards are a bit cheaper than magnetic boards. However, the price difference is not that much. So, I suggest going for magnetic boards.


A thick aluminum frame provides maximum strength to the board. But, it takes a lot of space. One more thing, make sure corner edges are covered with plastic or rubber. Otherwise, it will be sharp to cut your hand or it can injure others.

Double sided

Double sided boards are better for saving money along with time too. But, make sure it has stood to make it more useful.


Q1. Which whiteboard is best for students?

A smaller and portable whiteboard is the best option for students. Also, make sure it is double sided and magnetic as well. The 18″X24″ melamine whiteboard is the ideal choice for students.

Q2. What is the best dry erase board material?

There are too many perceptions of picking the best. If it is based on quality, then I must say glass boards. But, melamine boards are lightweight and durable. Although writing and wiping are better in the glass door melamine dry erase board is popular.

Q3. Are whiteboards good for studying?

Of course, if you need to take a quick note or attach task memos it is easy to manage on a whiteboard. Also, it saves paper as well. Moreover, before executing any ideas, you can write that on the whiteboard for better reminders.

Q4. Which size whiteboard is best for online teaching?

I would say medium size boards are the best for online teaching. For such cases, 3’x4’boards are quite user-friendly. Since it is not big for the camera, it is also not so small for clear text.

Final Words

Finally, I have come to the end of the 7 best dry erase boards for students list. By including all types of boards, it will be easy for you to pick the correct one. If you have any confusion, follow the buying guides above. I am sure it will help you a lot. Again, always choose a small size board for students with better durability and portability. However, that does not mean you have to pick the tiniest board. It should be according to your comfortability for sure.

7 Best Pens for rock painting

If I could, I would paint the entire world to make it look different and interesting than ever. From that enthusiasm, I first started to paint rocks. 

Although rock painting is quite popular, I was the one who started later I guess. But, that never stopped me to do more and more rock painting and digging the best pens for rock painting.

However, that was the toughest job for me to find an identical pen for rock painting. From my personal experience, I know it must help you to do better painting if you get the best pen. That is why I have combined this list with the best pens for rock painting. From comfort to drawing ink brightness I considered everything to pull the best pens.

1. ARTISTO Paint Pens for Rock Painting

For the list, the Artisto paint pens set is my first and number one choice. And, there are a bunch of reasons to choose this. First of all, it’s not just a pen, a total set of pens with 12 different colors. Having multiple color options lets you go crazy on your canvas. 

In such a case, your canvas is mainly rock or other hard surfaces. For that reason, it has acrylic paint color to pop up your artwork. However, without fine tips and comfort on hand, it is quite tough to art. This super comfy pen feels good on hand and lets you draw smooth painting every time.

Moreover, these pens are not only for rock painting at all. You can paint any hard surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, fabric, paper, etc. 

Each time you will get permanent ink with vibrant color without any doubt yet in dark surfaces. Since thousands of customer provides positive review and remain happy with these pens I am sure it would be the best choice for you.

Key Features

·         Acrylic paint marker pen that allows to paint any hard surfaces to gain glossy and bright color.

·         Non-toxic and odorless ink is better for kids and adults.

·         Comes with a full set of different colors. That helps to save some money and remain with one kind of ink and tip.

·         Water-based ink dries quickly and provides a vivid color.

2. Alerie Acrylic Paint pens

For the shake for rock painting to perform best Alerie acrylic paint pens gone beyond expectations. The first thing that I have in my mind is Alerie knows what a rock painter wants. 

They have packed everything in one box to put a little smile on your face. How? It has 24 paint pens with 12 different rich colors and three different tips. Holding on hand feels comfortable for these pens that for sure. 

Then again, I must talk about the tip. For the writing and precision drawing, it has a 0.7 mm fine tip with 12 different colors options. Also, another pen has a reversible tip with 2mm-6mm size.

This wide variety of tip let you do anything and everything for rock painting. By the mean of rock painting, it is also quite the best choice for any hard and dark surfaces. As you know, acrylic markers have a water-based color that dries quickly and provides super vivid color every time.

Also, Alerie ensures your satisfaction. If you think these pens are not for you, then claim a refund for a valid reason I am sure you will get a refund. But, that is a rare case. Since more than ten thousand people saying this is good, it will give you satisfaction too.

Key features

·         Three different size tips. That gives you the choice to pick whatever you need in your painting.

·         Every color has two pens.

·         Non-toxic inks are quite preferable for kids.

·         Ink dries quickly to gain better and eye blushing color.

·         100% satisfaction guaranteed.

3. Uni-posca PC-5M Paint Marker Pen

Since acrylic paint markers use water-based color, it spills color if you hold it for long. For that reason, this pigment ink-based paint marker pen can be your first choice. 

It will let you do a precise painting without worrying about unusual ink spilling on the canvas. For the build quality, these pens come with premium quality materials. 

And, it has 15 different color pens on this set. Although pigment ink does not provide vivid color like acrylic paint it is quite subtle and creates a whole new vibe to the canvas.

And, when it comes to hard surfaces such as rock or metal these pens can pull out the finest painting for sure. With precision drawing, you can focus on the details of your artwork. Also, this ink is water-proof. So, your painted rocks are going to remain beautiful as long as you want.

Moreover, it comes from Posca which is a popular brand for being good customer service. Their pen always put a smile on customers’ faces. However, it has only medium-sized tips. That may cause you some shortest while you are drawing. Rather than that, posca paint pens always the best choice for drawing without any doubt.

Key features

·         It has pigment ink that does not bleed on canvas.

·         Subtle color for rock, wood, metal, and other hard surfaces.

·         Ink is waterproof and non-toxic.

·         Super comfortable on hand while drawing.

4. Niutop Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting

When you are seeking vibrant color in your artwork Niutop is one of the best choices you have got. Like other acrylic paint pens, this package also comes with a water-based color that going to dry faster than usual. Although it does not seem to be waterproof but the color is really vivid. 

And, that helps to gain vivid color on your artwork to enhance its beauty one step further. Well, this is a 24 piece pen with 24 different colors. This color variety allows you to go crazy on the hard surface to deploy the exact color that you desire. Since it has fine tips you can do precise painting with more detailed drawing every time.

Of course, it will work for all kinds of hard surfaces such as rock, wood, glass, metal wherever you need to paint. And the ink is non-toxic. So, you can let your kids do some artistic work with these pens. 

Also, the pen is quite slim to fit perfectly on the hand. That leads to comfortable holding to make sure better paints.

However, shake it properly before every use to ensure better ink on the canvas. And, Niutop provides a full customer satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like it just give it back to them and take your money. All of the facts cries to sit on this list of best pens for rock painting.

Key Features

·         Slim design perfect for holding on hand to paint comfortably.

·         Water-based acrylic paints dry quickly to gain vibrant color.

·         Extra fine tip let you do precise lines while painting rocks.

·         Comes with 24 different colors to go crazy on your canvas.

5. Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens

Paint mark paint pens hold different characteristics than usual paint markers available in the market. Instead of using water-based ink, it has oil-based ink that dries quicker than usual and provides long-lasting color on any surface. Also, this ink does not fade easily and waterproof for sure. 

The paint mark pen set has 15 pens with 15 different colors. Well, the build quality is quite premium and the pen feels good on hand while holding for painting. And, the medium tip allows brushing on any hard surfaces easily. Since this pen has weatherproof ink you can use it for decorating outdoor elements.

The ink from these pens doesn’t smell bad at all. However, they have never mentioned it is toxic or not. So, I would suggest keeping it away from kids and stay safe. Moreover, thousands of customers putting their trust in this product. Why not add another person to this list?

Key features

· Oil-based ink dries quickly and completely weatherproof. Also, last longer than usual paint marker inks.

·         Comes with 15 different colors variation.

·         It has a medium-sized tip for rock painting.

·         Provides vivid color on any hard surfaces such as ceramic, stones, wood, and so on.

6. NAWOD  Premium Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

If you want to less money and get more pens with a wide variety of color choosing options then this one can be the best suit for you. Yes, this is also an acrylic paint marker pen that has water-based ink. 

As you know, this ink dries quickly and provides a rich color. But, does not hold better on the weather. It can be washed up by water or fade away in bad weather. That is not the main point of that since you are doing rock painting your artwork mostly stays inside the house where you do not need weather protection at all. What matters most is the vivid color to make artwork fantastic.

I have included NAWOD marker pens for few reasons. The first one must be it comes with 35 pens! And two different types of tip size is another main reason for choosing it. So, this package has 20 pens with 20 different colors that come with a 0.7mm fine tip. And, another 15 pen has same 15 colors with medium-size tip. Having different tip sizes helps a lot in rock painting to do precise drawing.

Moreover, the pen feels super comfy on hand, and build quality is premium too. Also, the ink is odorless and non-toxic. They have safety standards passed for bother adults and kids.

Key features

·         Comes with 2 sets of pens with a total of 35 pens.

·         There are 20 pieces of pens with different colors and 0.7mm tip. Another 15 pens with different colors and a 2mm tip.

·         Acrylic paint with water-based ink that dries quickly and harmless for kids.

·         Consistence ink flow to ensure better painting.

7. Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint

This is the most premium paint pen on this list. Because you have to buy each for individual colors. That is going to cost a lot than the usual paint pen set. 

However, if you are willing to spend enough then this is the best choice for you for sure. From the build quality to ink everything is top-notch on this pen. This ink stays longer than any other acrylic paint inks. Even they claim it is dishwasher safe! Not to mention that it will provide you rich color along with weatherproof.

And, you can apply this paint on any possible surface from wood to stones wherever you want. Every time you will get a vivid color that for sure. However, the ink needs a minimum of one hour to dry. That is of course a drawback for this pen. Also, it has a larger tip size. So, detail painting is quite tough with these pens.

But, the ink is non-toxic and safe for kids. And, comes with 2 oz ink. All of these facts say it should be the best choice for you and one of the best rock painting supplies available in the market.

Key features

·         Premium build quality with better ink.

·         Ink last long even after several washes.

·         Also, ink quantity is quite large.

·         Large tip size.

Consider following things before buying pens for rock painting

If you have come this far then let me give you few tips before buying pens for rock painting. It will help you to find the best pens for rock painting that goes best with you.

Build quality

First, check the build quality. Although all of these pens are made of plastic but make sure it has premium quality plastic. That will give better comfort on hand while painting.

Choose ink

If your artwork mostly stays indoor, then you can go for simple water-based ink that dries quickly and provides a rich color. But, for outdoor and long-lasting you must choose an ink that is waterproof. Most of the acrylic paint markers are waterproof. But make sure it is odorless and non-toxic.

Tip size

A larger tip size is best for base coating. But, for precise drawing extra fine tip is the best choice. If you are willing to spend less money, then get a set of pens with a combination of a wide variety of tip sizes.

Pen size

For precise drawing, you must need a thinner pen that you can hold better. It will let you do detailing in your artwork. However, for large canvas sizes, thicker pens are quite better.

After sale service

All the famous manufacturer provides the best quality after-sale service. Before buying a pen, make sure they have a refund policy. In any case, if you get defect product or color is not right for you then you can return that to them and claim your money back


Q1. What pens write on rocks?

Acrylic paint marker pen writes on the rocks better. Specially if you get extra fine, tip it will give the best result.

Q2. Do you need to prime rocks before painting?

Of course, without prime coating, all the rock looks like sandpaper and does not allow you to draw precisely. Also, the prime coating helps to create long-lasting paint.

Q3. What to use to write on Painted Rocks?

Use a fine tip marker pen to write on painted rocks. In that case, acrylic paint marker pen is quite popular. And, make sure rock is already coated with prime color. Otherwise, you may not get precise writing.

Q4. How do you paint rocks with pens?

After choosing the right rock clean the rock. Then, apply prime coat for vivid color and precise painting. Also, keep it for half an hour for proper dry. Then choose the fine tip marker pen to do your painting. 

However, make sure to shake pens before using. And, dry paint properly to achieve better and long-lasting color. In that case, choosing the best quality pen is also important. If painting is for indoors, then waterproof ink is not mandatory at all.

Q5. How to permanently write on rocks?

For permanent painting on rocks, you have to make sure of few things. First of all, choosing better ink. Then, select a pen that says waterproof ink and weatherproof. In that case, Martha Stewart pens are the best choice. 

After that, clean the rock for prime coating. Then, choose a fine tip pen and writer on rocks. On the above list, you will find whatever you need to do permanently write on rocks. It is basically inks that decide how long it going to stay on the rocks.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of this best pens for rock painting list. I have tried to include all kinds of pens that you may seek for your painting. 

From budget option to premium quality high price piece list contains everything. Also, if you follow buying guide that I have added above I am sure you will find the best pens for painting rocks and other hard surfaces.

5 Best White Pens for art

Whether you need to highlight your artwork or make something cool on colored canvas white pens is essential. I can create contrast in your drawing to make it more delightful. But, there are plenty of white ink pens available in the market that claim to be the best white pens for art. That can create confusion in your mind.

In order to make it simple and easier, I have gathered the best white pens for the art list here. That will make sure you have the right pen for your artwork. I have selected these white pens based on price, ink quality, built materials, tips, and various other important factors.

1. Arteza White Gel Pen Set

Whenever you seek the best white pens for art these pen sets are always going to come first. This 12 pieces white gel pen set is perfect to enhance your art. Whether you need to highlight your artwork or cover an unusual part of the art it will do its job.  This set contains three different nib sizes. And, that shows how versatile it can perform. Also, it ensures a smoother drawing on the paper. If you need thick ink to mark something it will work as a marker as well.  For every aspect of your art or drawing Arteza white gel pen set is enough for you.  Of course, its opaque white inks are non-toxic to ensure your safety.

Moreover, this gel pen has a better grip on hand. You will never feel uncomfortable holding it in your hand. Thus, you can draw smooth lines to highlight your art.

Also, Arteza is one of the most popular brands in the market in this field. So, they have awesome customer service as well.  Every set of this white gel pen comes with a moneyback guarantee. Overall, this is my first choice on this list.

Key features

  • Comes with a 12 pack set.
  • It has different size nibs (0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.00 mm) to ensure you can use it everywhere required.
  • This white gel ink dries quickly and is also best for all colored paper including black paper too.
  • Also, its inks are totally safe for health.
  • They provide replacement if you accidentally got a damaged product.

2. TWIVE white marker paint pens

While the previous one was a gel pen this is a white marker pen. It is totally different from the first one. Although it also provides a better result in your artwork. But, mainly this pen is for marking something. And, it is one of the best white paint markers in the market right now. Well, it has water-based ink that can work on any surface and provides white acrylic paint. Also, these pigment inks are waterproof too. There are too many white marker paint pens in the market. But, the problem often contained toxic inks with a bad smell. Well, that is not going to happen in this pen. TWIVE ensures totally odorless and harmless ink to make it safe for kids to adults everyone.

Since it is a marker pen it comes with 0.7mm nibs only. Also, you need to shake the pen properly to achieve better ink and smooth drawing. Wherever you need bold ink to highlight your drawing this pen is perfect to use there. And, you will get a permanent waterproof drawing if you keep it dry for a day or more.

TWIVE also ensures a  full refund if you are not satisfied. Since there are a lot of customers satisfied with this market pen I am sure you will too.

Key features

  • 0.7 mm  nib white market pain pen
  • Waterproof ink to perform on any surface from wood to plastic.
  • 100% safe inks
  • It does not spread a bad smell at all.
  • Premium build quality with better grip
  • Smooth drawing every time.

3. Art-n-Fly white gel pen

If you are looking for something within budget then this is the option you get for a white gel pen. This is almost the same quality gel pen as the first one. But, the key difference is in the price and quantity. Also, this pen has only one type of nib. It has a  0.7mm medium tip with a  ballpoint. As you know, ballpoint nib provides smoother drawing and works best on paper. If I have to say something about the ink flow then I have seen no problem with it. Without any doubt, this is one of the best white gel pens.

Moreover, it provides quality ink that is totally harmless for humans. Also, it is waterproof as well. And, it works with every color paper along with black paper too. But, I think the finest work they have done is in its grip. Its rubber grip provides ultra comfort on the hand to ensure better drawing and writing every time.

However, it is missing a bold and thin tip. That may lead you to buy other gel pens to fulfill your drawing. But, I assume they keep it simple to do the price reduction. Otherwise, this is one of the finest white gel pens on the market that you can buy.

Key features

  • Waterproof ink is the main feature of this pen.
  • Ink dries quickly and stays forever.
  • Also, pen grip is the best so far I have ever experienced.
  • Smoother drawing every time with 0.7mm medium tip.
  • Better build quality with premium quality plastic.

4. Pentel Arts Milky Pop Pastel Gel Pen

Sometimes you need different types of colors for your drawing. In the middle of your art, you realized regular gel pen color is not enough if it was a bit more pastel that would be great. That is why I bring this piece of pen to this list. It’s quite different from a regular gel pen and provides a little bit of a yellowish-white color as it says in the name. However, this gel pen color pops up better than regular pens on paper.

This two-piece gel pen comes with a 0.8mm medium-size tip for fine drawing. Although it does not have variety in the nib size well enough for your drawing. Well, the pen is made from plastic and its thin barrel is comfortable to hold. Also, the grip is quite good, to be honest. That leads to fine drawing for sure.

When you are looking for a gel pen for art purposes I think pastel color looks more realistic than regular ink. However, you have to dry your art properly to get a better result. And, these inks are quite sensitive. So, keep the head cap off after each use.

Moreover, Pentel is quite a popular brand among all. And, it provides better customer service like other best quality brands. And, they ensure quality products every time. So, without any doubt, you can go for this gel pen.

Key features

  • Milky pop pastel color gel pen.
  • Realistic color for your drawing.
  • It has a 0.8mm medium nib for smoother use.
  • Better rubber grip for drawing and writing.
  • Best quality materials.

5. Flymax White Paint Pen

Although this is the second white paint marker on this list it is budget-friendly than the previous one. There is not too much distinction between quality for sure. Flymax white paint marker also has a 0.7 mm tip for performing smooth drawings. Also, you will get a smooth line every time. Well, this is a permanent marker so the ink stays forever if you dry it properly. And, inks are completely harmless and odorless. Although I have seen a bit of problem on the grip but not too much. Its acrylic paint color can work on any surface from wood, steel, plastic, etc. So, whenever you need something to highlight in your drawing this marker will provide the best result for sure.

Moreover, Flymax believes in complete customer satisfaction. So, if you think the pen is not good enough you can claim a refund. However, most of the customers provided a good review on this pen. So, you can believe in them and get one set for you. For your information, this set contains 6 pens.

Key features

  • Good quality acrylic paint ink.
  • Better build quality.
  • 0.7 mm medium nib for smooth drawing.
  • Works on almost every surface with permanent ink.
  • Full customer satisfaction guaranteed.


Q1. What are white pens used for?

Mostly, white ink pens are used as a marker or highlight something. In rare cases, it is used for writing on colored paper or black paper.

Q2. What are the best white pens for highlights?

For highlighting something white gel pen is a  perfect choice. For that reason, I would suggest you go for an Arteza white gel pen.

Q3. What is the best white pens for artists?

Well, artists use different kinds of white pens for different purposes. It can be a marker, gel pen, or pastel pen. But most of the time white gel pen is the best choice for artists. Because it dries quickly as well as inks are waterproof.

Q4. What can I use if I don’t have a white gel pen?

A white paint marker can be an alternative for the white gel pen. Make sure you get the medium tip marker for better drawing.

Q5. What is the cost of a white pen?

Between 5 to 10 dollars you will get the best quality white pen in the market.

Final Thoughts

So, that was the list of the 5 best white pens for art. I tried to cover every type of white pen to ensure fulfilling every purpose. But, most of the time white gel pen is enough. However, it is you and your drawing that knows better what kinds of white pen you need. Since I have included all the best quality white pens with different ink types I am sure this will help you find whatever you require.

8 Best Handwriting Pens for schools

Schools students need suitable pens for handwriting because the wrong choice of pens will severely degrade their handwriting. The CampusCareerGuide Team did a detailed analysis on handwriting pens and diligently prepared a list of the best handwriting pens that are good schools. Definitely, these pens will contribute to improving the handwriting of the little champs.

Paper Mate 1951729 InkJoy Gel Pens, Medium Point, Assorted Colors9.0View on Amazon
Pentel Arts Tradio Stylo Sketch Pen8.8View on Amazon
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Charcoal – Fine8.8View on Amazon
Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen8.7View on Amazon
Pencil Grips, DMFLY Pencil Grips for Kids Handwriting, Children Pen Writing Aid Grip Set Posture Correction Tool for Kids Preschoolers Children8.5View on Amazon
Pentel EnerGel RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pen8.2View on Amazon
STABILO EASYoriginal Handwriting Pen Right Handed8.1View on Amazon
STABILO EASYoriginal Handwriting Pen Left Handed8.1View on Amazon

Features of the top handwriting pens

Good Grip

Unless you hold your pens in a good grip, your writing will never be up to the mark and your hand or the fingers will stuck in pain. Some of the students face problems with most of the pens they write with. So, they need special attention about griping pens. And, they should choose pens specific to either left-handed or right-handed as their types. STABILO EASYoriginal Handwriting pens are available for both right-handed people and left-handed people.

Magicard Enduro 3e Review

Security is a prime concern for any place or event these days. That’s why the use of an ID card and labels is in a growing mood. Using, In-house ID Card printers and/or label printers are a smart solution when it requires to assign ID card to every new visitors or registrant. Though there are many ID card printers available, Magicard Enduro 3e is considered one of the best ID card printers. Today, we’re going to discuss its features and pros cons.

Magicard is one of the famous names in the security printing industry that successfully released several models of ID card printers. So far, its printers are highly acclaimed by the users for quality and reliability. However, Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer is one of the winning printers that are industry standard and comes with exciting features.

Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer Review

Range of Use

ID cards are issued for different purposes like Photo ID for employees, schools, or members. Shops, restaurants, banks, or clubs may issue loyalty cards, gift cards to their customers or members. You can use your Magicard Enduro 3e printers for every purpose I described here.

Great Bundle

The product is bundled with all the necessary accessories that you require to operate. The package includes the printer itself with a color ribbon, 100 PVC cards, a cleaning kit, and amazing Card Imaging design software. After you finish your PVC cards, you can buy extra PVC cards from anywhere.

Print Quality

Enduro 3E is a direct-to-card printer. Direct to card printers uses standard CMYK ribbon for printing. This printer uses color mapping technology for better aligning printing area and maintaining print quality. Dual sided printing gives more precise printing on both side and makes printing faster. That’s why you will get quality priting of cards in lesser time.

Card Imaging XXS Card Design Software

The Card Imaging XXS Software makes your life easy by letting you add texts, photos, logos, barcodes in defined places. There are 50 pre-defined designs included in the software from where you can use the template you love. Or, you may create your own unique design easily. If required, you can use the webcam of your PC to capture images. This software can be used with Windows 7, Windows 10, or Mac OS.

Extra Security

The software comes with wonderful Magicard HoloKote technology that adds up extra security in your ID card by letting you print watermark style images. It makes it really hard to counterfeit or temper cardholder data.

HoloKote® technology affixes a lager-etched hologram to the card we print and makes it virtually impossible to duplicate the card. Because these holograms cannot be scanned or printed and can only be ordered from Enduro. And, in your printer software, you can specify the places for holograms.

10 Best Pens for School in 2021

Taking notes is the absolute agreement for any student. And talking about messages and writing, you, of course, want a pen. But the central fact is that the pen and its quality which you’ll find perfect for your regular class. So we pick the highest pens you would like for better performance. Here we judge all pens by their ratings, quality, reviews, the comfort of writing, ink, the drying time of the ink, and in fact, the price. This text will assist you better understand what you’re trying to find, which can assist you in buying your required pen. So let’s start with the listing of Best pens for schools. But before that, let’s learn the types.

Types of pens

Rollerball pen: Here, the pens are produced with water-based

ink and are likewise suitable for extended writing. It writes more fluid and produces dark and clean lines.

Gel pen: It’s a favorite pen option for mid-school students. A gel pen has a great variety of color options. It is mainly fluid gel. They need time to dry, but after drying, they won’t shift.

Marker pen: Certainly, these pens are the ones for a deeper finish. They may spurt through the light paper. But it will give you thick, durable, and water-proof results.

Ballpoint pen: In the end, this is the item for daily use. It is made of oil-based ink. Its ink dries faster and spreads less ink as you write.

So these are the Best pens for School minutes and writings.

Best pens for school

1. BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen 

Guess all of you need a pen that runs and has actual ease of writing. Then you indeed listened to the name of the Round Stic pen. This pen is the best-selling pen on Amazon. And the best for its affordable price. You will get 60 pens in the box. So no tension. With this, you nevermore get upset by no ink problem. With the help of transparency, you can see through the barrel, which confirms the ink level.

  • Number 1 selling ball pen.
  • Flexible round barrel for comfort.
  • Solid tungsten carbide ball let flow ink quickly.
  • The transparent barrel displays the ink level.
  • Best value pen.

2. Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens

Are you looking for a gel pen? Then it would be best if you got this pen. This pen provides a bright range of colors. And according to reviews which also dry fast. It has a rather lovely hold, but different thoughts have a cold vibe on the ink flow. The collection holds colors like Pure Blue Joy and Luscious Green. Besides, it has a black pen for everyday use. 

  • Dries 3X faster* for reduced smearing
  • Comfort grip.
  • 0.7mm medium point smears ink superbly.
  • The collection has Pink, Orange, Limelight, Berry, Green, Teal, Bright Blue, Red, Pure Blue, and Black gel pens.

3. Muji Gel Ink Ball Point Pen

Muji is a Japanese brand. And I make sure without questioning it is a quality pen. Unlike normal gel pens, critics say the ink of this Muji pen won’t budge. The surveys tell that the pen dries as quickly as you write. Also, this pen has a more delicate tip comparing the other competitor. This brand has different sizes for the pen, but the 0.38 millimeters is the usual recommended one.

  • Made in Japan.
  • 0.38mm.
  • Black Color.
  • Dry fast.
  • No smudge.
  • Best gel pen.

4. PIX Black Rollerball

Montblanc is a class selected for sure; it’s one of the multiple searched brand-known for writing with a fine finish. Its look and build are vibrant and unique. Here the pen is known as the diamond of the pen business for its signature performance quality and, of course, the cost. But some surveys say it writes simply as like any other pen. However, this pen is rated the most reliable pen for handwriting.

  • overpriced 
  • Not for school students.
  • Fine writing.
  • Rollerball

5. PILOT Dr. Grip

This pen is famous for its double-layer grip. The structure supports users with an excellent hold of the pen and less force to use while writing. The pen is perfect for the user with a hand problem, like sweating and exhaustion after writing for a short term. Reports about the pen tell it writes steady and less tiring. It’s pricey, but in my view, well deserving the cost.

  • The pen has a Perfect weight distribution for easy and steady writing.
  • The double-layer comfort grip and stable gripping axis decrease is writing stress.
  • Retractable and refillable.
  • Available in blue, black, and red ink.
  • Best pen for note-taking.

6. Sharpie Fine Point Pens

Sharpie, with their class marker, now produces a pen. And the pen’s most satisfying part is that the ink won’t budge or fade. The pen also challenges that the ink of this pen will not flow through thin papers. It possesses a fine point for a better work experience. The upshots of this pen are dark and fresh. According to surveys, this is rated the most solid marker pen.

  • Its quality ink won’t bleed through thin papers.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Two black Sharpie fine point pens
  • Water and fade resistance.
  • The pen has the following colors black, blue, red, green, orange, and violet.

7. PILOT G2 

If you love quiet and neat writing, then this is the best pen you can take. It has a convenient grip and can be practiced for both sketching and writing. G2 is the most desirable for its huge ink volume. Making it the longest writing gel ink pen. The set of 12 costs $1 per piece, which offers it as the most suitable rollerball pen.

  • Good ink volume.
  • Good price.
  • Quick and neat writing.
  • Fine point.
  • Trusted quality.

8. uni-ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen

This pen appears with a promise of neat writing and lasting ink life. It writes similarly to a gel pen and also dries fast. This brand confirms your smudge-free report and says even left-handers won’t have problems with smearing. It is considered the best ballpoint pen.

  • Fast and clean writings.
  • Quick-drying ink helps reduce smudging, perfect for left-handers.
  • Water, fading, and fraud resistance
  • One black ballpoint pen.
  • 1.0mm bold point.

9. Zebra Pen F-301 Ballpoint pen

Are you seeking the most suitable pen for the exam? You won’t be sorry about this one. This pen ink dries quickly and won’t leak. Which also gives a luxury feel in hand. The pen holds a non-slide grip for fast notes and rushing for an exam. 

  • 0.7mm fine point black.
  • Retractable ballpoint pen.
  • Stylish and world-class quality.
  • Nonslip grip for writing comfort and satisfaction

10. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens

If you are a calligraphy professional, then you wish for this pen. According to discussions, you can design extra-fine or mediocre strokes with like slight pressure. And the ink delivers a black output. This pen ink will never fade, even coming in touch with liquids.

  • The set includes both soft and hard tip Brush Pens.
  • Flexible brush tip.
  • Perfect for calligraphy and art drawings.
  • The pen has Pigmented black ink.

6 Best Wide Format Laminators for commercial use

Wide-format laminators are vastly used for large amounts of laminating work for commercial use. No matter if it is your own project or commission work, you should invest in the best commercial, wise-format laminators, because it will be profitable in both ways. 

However, it is not easy for you to get a good product without knowing too much about it. So, I have done the hard part for you and came up with the 6 best wide format laminators that you can buy right now. Hope you will fulfill your expectation to buy the best one after reading this article.

VEVOR 51 Inch Cold Laminator Machine 10mm Manual Vinyl Photo Film Cold laminator Hand Crank Pressure Cold Roll laminator9.0View on Amazon
Qomolangma Large Format Laminator 55in Full-auto Wide Format Cold Laminator with Heat Assisted(with Trimmer)8.8View on Amazon
GBC HeatSeal Pinnacle 27 EZ Load Thermal Roll Laminator, 27″ Max. Width, 8-10 Min Warm-Up 8.8View on Amazon
Laminator Machine for A3/A4/A6, YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine for Home Office School Use with 50 Pouches, Paper Trimmer and Corner Rounder8.7View on Amazon
US Stock 60″ Full -auto Wide Format Large Cold Roll Laminator Machine Automatic Take Up Low Temp Roll Laminating Machine Heat Assistance 110V for Office School Use8.7View on Amazon
Hot Cold Roll Laminator,17″ Roll Laminator Single and Dual Sided Thermal Laminating Machine for School Office Commercial Use 110V8.5View on Amazon

Reviews of Best Wide Format Laminators

1. VEVOR 51 Inch Cold Laminator Machine

It is a perfect laminator machine for you if you want to save some money and seek the best performance. From the sturdy construction to a good quality rubber roller, adjustable roller position, and compactness everything has in it. And, this is a manual large format laminator machine. So, you can use it anywhere in your school project or professional printing service without electricity. 

Also, there are plenty of positive reviews from a large number of its users. However, it is a manual machine so it can not do the job faster like an electrical machine.


  • Affordable price
  • Strong and premium quality materials.
  • Solid laminating every time. 
  • Small in size.


  • Slower than auto machines
  • Side frames are plastic made. 

2. Qomolangma Large Format Laminator

If you have a printing shop or need a lot of work daily, I suggest this Qomolanga Large format laminator. This automatic laminator machine can laminate up to 6M per minute without doing any damage to the picture. So, it will definitely speed up your laminating job. 

This machine body is made out of a metal frame with silicon rubber on the top roller and natural rubber on the bottom roller. Also, it comes with a trimmer cutting function to resize your photo in a single machine. For any entry-level laminating production house this can be the perfect choice to enter the market. 


  • Quicker than manual
  • Comes with a cutting function.
  • Perfect laminating every time. 
  • Long lasting


  • Cost more than manual machines
  • Must need an electricity connection. 

3. GBC HeatSeal Pinnacle 27” EZ Load Thermal Roll Laminator

This is another machine on this list that is perfect for your school and office work. It is small in size and can laminate faster than usual. Well, this laminator machine can provide a maximum of 27” wide laminating. Although it seems smaller than others, for your school project it is reasonable without any doubt.

Also, this machine is known for its easy loading and user-friendly features. It has an auto shut-off feature that helps if you accidentally forgot to turn it off or busy with other work. So, if you are a teacher then this is the best option you got. Also, it is best for office work too. 


  • Small in size
  • Faster laminating
  • User-friendly features
  • Quality laminating every time


  • Small size laminating capability.
  • Few customers claimed its durability. 

4. YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine

This small and compact size laminating machine is also suitable for offices and schools. Since it is small in size, you can place it anywhere to do the job. From a wide variety of size options, you can laminate whatever you want. Like other best quality laminators, it comes with a trimming function to provide a perfect photo every time. 

Although it takes less time to heat, this laminator is quite slow. But for personal uses, time consuming it is not a huge matter of fact. However, it is easy to operate and has all the qualities to laminate a good quality image every time. 


  • Small in size and lower price range.
  • Best for school.
  • Comes with a trimming function.
  • Support different size papers.


  • Can not work quicker. 
  • Only for small size papers. 

5. US Stock 60″ Full-auto Wide Format Large Cold Roll Laminator Machine

This is the extra-large size laminator machine on this list. And, it will be the best option for print shops to produce mass amounts of photo laminating works. This automatic laminating machine is made out of good quality materials. Mostly, metal to be precise. And, it can laminate faster than any other machines in this list I have mentioned. 

Well, I have mentioned this is for a print shop for a couple of reasons. First, it is heavy and can not be used as a portable machine. Second, you have to spend a huge amount on this machine. If you want to try it for personal use, I think that would be a bad idea for all the circumstances. But, obviously the best option for mass production. 


  • Faster laminating.
  • Good build quality.
  • Best quality laminating.
  • Best for mass production. 


  • It is heavy.
  • Cost a bit more than usual. 


Q1. What is the best wide format laminator?

I think the VEVOR 51 Inch Cold Laminator Machine is the best wide format laminator from my personal review. However, from your personal preference, it may not be the best for you. That is why there are five different options for you. 

Q2. How wide are laminators?

From 8” to 80” there are different size laminating machines available in the market. 

Q3. What is the difference between cold laminating and hot laminating?

Hot lamination is done by a hot roller machine to activate the adhesive on the film paper. On the other hand, cold lamination is done by pressure. 

Q4. Should I use hot or cold lamination?

Most of the time hot lamination is good for every work. But, in some special cases such as old photos, special handwritten documents should be done in a cold laminator machine. 

Final Thoughts

So, we have seen a number of the best wide format laminators here. I hope it will help you to pick your own laminator easily. Since I have mentioned 5 different products based on different working areas you should not have a problem finding the best suitable one for you.

7 Best Book for Law of torts

Tort law is all about living a happy life without disturbing other civilians. Sometimes you may victim of having a bad neighbor who’s intentionally damaging your property or threatening you and so on. It is actually a crime according to the tort law. As a law student or practitioner, you must have good knowledge about torts. It is one of the basic studies of laws. In this article, I am going to show you the 7 best books for the law of torts that will help you understand torts better.

7 Best book for law of torts

Book TitleAuthorImageRatingPrice
Tort Law: Responsibilities and Redress [Connected Casebook] (Aspen Casebook) 4th EditionJohn C. P. Goldberg,
Anthony J. Sebok,
Benjamin C. Zipursky
9.0View on Amazon
Prosser, Wade and Schwartz’s Torts, Cases and Materials (University Casebook Series) 14th EditionVictor E. Schwartz,
Kathryn Kelly,
David F. Partlett
8.7View on Amazon
Examples & Explanations for The Law of Torts (Examples & Explanations Series) 6th EditionJoseph W. Glannon8.5View on Amazon
TortsInc. BarCharts8.2View on Amazon
Cases and Materials on Torts (American Casebook Series) 5th EditionDavid Robertson,
William Powers Jr.,
David Anderson,
Olin Wellborn III
8.0View on Amazon
Basic Tort Law: Cases, Statutes, and ProblemsArthur Best,
David W. Barnes,
Nicholas Kahn-fogel
7.5View on Amazon
Tort Law for Paralegals (Aspen College Series) 5th EditionNeal R. Bevans7.2View on Amazon

1. Tort Law: Responsibilities and Redress [Connected Casebook] (Aspen Casebook) 4th Edition

4th edition of this popular tort law book comes with updated rules and regulations with a wide range of accessibility for law students. I did not found any missing pages or printing mistakes in the book. Since it is a hardcover book the binding seems pretty strong too. This book started with basic principles of tort law from an advanced level for law students. Also has connected casebook for further study. Moreover, they offer an online eBook along with free access to practice questions online. you can rent this book from Amazon instead of buying it. Overall, this is heaven for learning tort law and of course, my first choice for you.

2. Prosser, Wade and Schwartz’s Torts, Cases and Materials (University Casebook Series) 14th Edition

This is the best quality book through its ease of use. Instead of putting laws after the law, it combines with a case story that helps to think deeply about tort laws. Also, they have added all the latest laws that you have to know. Casebook studies help to understand real-life experience and examples of these laws to acquire your own perception. In the future, it will help you to debate fluently to stand your strong opinion.

The authors of this book combined their knowledge perfectly with retaining individual talents. Overall, the book came top-notch quality that is easy to understand along with all the necessary rules and regulations.

Moreover, its 14th edition says a lot about its popularity. Also, this is a bestseller book on this field. This hardcover book has been well printed without missing any pages that I have seen or known.

3. Examples & Explanations for The Law of Torts (Examples & Explanations Series) 6th Edition

Another favorite book among students and professors. Most of the professors often recommend this book to the students. This book helps you to understand the law by giving examples and explanations. Also, it will let you understand the hypothetical theories presented in the classroom. Throughout the semester you will need this book to acquire good knowledge. Moreover, its alternative perspective is better for creating own opinion.

The book already came in the 6th edition by adding the latest laws with better quality. You can buy a paperback version from Amazon or rent it from them.

4. Torts

From first year students to bar exams, this book is very helpful for all. Having this book is a must for understanding torts. Instead of putting examples, it has details about the law. Even after completing your study, you should have to keep it for future studies. You can say, this is a basic book for learning tort laws. The book is available in both paper and loose leaf. However, a loose leaf costs higher than a paperback.

5. Cases and Materials on Torts (American Casebook Series) 5th Edition

The book is organized chapter wised. Where you will find intentional torts in a section and negligence in another. If you are a teacher you can start with either intentional torts or negligence without bothering students. Also, the book covers basic rules and regulations of torts to the complex diversity of laws. Moreover, the cases in this book are detailed and easy to understand. However, it will let you put your perception of debate better. And, of course, it is a best seller and recommended book for you.

6. Basic Tort Law: Cases, Statutes, and Problems

If you want to study further without consuming complex laws at the beginning, then you should get this one first. It contains basic tort laws along with case studies and stories. All of this combination will help a student to achieve strong knowledge on torts and move further. Its easy writing helps to quickly understand and memorable. However, this book is written both for students and teachers. The book contains case studies and class-tested problems. You can buy either hardcover or ring-bound book. Also, if you have a budget shortage you can rent it too.

7. Tort Law for Paralegals

While most of the book provides complex writing that is hard to understand, this book is presented in a different way. Instead of putting laws after laws to make it more complex authors have presented it in a funny way. As a result, the book is entertaining to read and easy to digest. That does not mean it is a less valuable book for learning torts. On the contrary, the student gets a better understanding of this law due to its ease of writing. Author Neal R. Bevans has done an excellent job on this book. The book is available in paperback on Amazon. Also, you can rent it if you run out of money.


Although there are plenty of books available in the market about torts I found these 7 books better than others. I have included 7 best books for the law of torts that is essential for both law students and teachers. Moreover, it will help you in real-life cases too. Having good knowledge about torts and reading real-life case studies will give you wide knowledge to stand your own opinion on this topic or winning the case. Whatever book you purchase I suggest going with the basic laws then dive into the complex. In this circumstance, reading stories and case studies is the best option for further knowledge.

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