How to use blender marker

The use of blender markers may seem like a bit of a mystery for most artists. But do you know, it is one of the best tools at your disposal for making great artwork? The ability to use the blender marker is what distinguishes between an amateur artist and a professional artist. Also, the professional artist who uses the blender marker properly can make better artwork. Because the ability to use blender markers can give your artwork some extra edges. So looking forward to learning about How to use blender markers? You are in the right place as we are going to cover exactly this.

What is a blender marker?

The blender marker is a type of alcohol-based marker. But what distinguishes between a blender marker and a regular alcohol-based marker? The blender marker does not contain any sort of color pigment. it doesn’t have any color, so what does it do? Well, lots of different things!

If you are serious about your artwork and want to elevate it to the level you are intending to, a blender marker can be a very handy tool for you. Because not only does it enable you to blend two different shades or make better textures, blender markers can be used for Making highlights or Mixing your colors. There is more, you can use the blender marker for making textures and doing some retouching and Recoloring as well. 

How to use blender marker

What is the use of a blender marker? Although it’s called a blender marker, this is a versatile marker pen that can be used for doing a multitude of things. Most people think its only use is to blend colors but blender markers are capable of doing much more than that. 

Blending light and dark shades

One of the best uses of blender markers is to make an excellent blending of the two different shades of the same color. You will be blown away by how effortlessly it can blend lighter and darker shades and creates a perfect and eye-soothing harmony in your artwork. But do keep in mind that when blending two different shades of the same color, you have to do it while the ink is still wet. Otherwise, it won’t get you the desired blend. Here is how to do it 

Add a layer of blender marker on the paper as a base

Use the lighter shade first and then paint with the darker shade

Now to make them blend well, put another layer of blender marker on top of them

Making highlights

Using a blender marker is one of the easiest ways to add some great highlights to your artwork! If you want to add some highlights to your art, simply add a layer of blender marker over the color. It will create an excellent highlight. get your blender marker and start pushing away the ink from the center to the outwards and you will get the desired highlight!

Also, do you think you have got an area that is way too darker than you have intended it to be? Well, simply draw over the darker area with the blender marker and it will push out the dark ink and make it lighter. 

Applying Lighting techniques

Blender markers are a great tool for adding some great details about the lighting in your artwork. You can use it to illustrate some reflection or the source of the light as well. The way it lets you illustrate excellent lighting details to the artwork is quite extraordinary.

Create your colors

One of the excellent ways you can use the blender marker is to create your own color! If you want to create your own shade or color, blender markers let you mix colors and make your own palette.

All you need is a piece of transparent plastic sheet and the colors you want to mix. You will be using the plastic sheet as the mixing palette for your colors. Now simply add both of the colors you want to mix. Once you have added the colors you want to mix, now you can simply mix the two colors using the blender marker as a paintbrush! 

Fixing mistakes and errors

One of the best things about blender markers is that it is very handy to clear out coloring mistakes. It is quite common for beginners to color outside the edges or the area they have intended. It may seem like a fatal and irreversible mistake but with a blender marker, it can be easily corrected. Blender markers will help you to push those colors outside to the inside edge and give it a smoother look. But do wait until the ink dries out otherwise you may only get a slightly faded strain which is worse than a drawing that has color outside its edge.  

Retouching and Recoloring

Another great thing about the blender marker is that it lets you retouch the colors you have added to your project. This is quite a game-changer for an artist. because most of the time our biggest ideas come when we finish working on a project. You may feel like toning down a color a bit too dark or maybe you want to add some highlight to it. So if you have to make some necessary changes, the blender marker is here to save your day!

Making textures and patterns

Blender markers are quite handy for making textures and patterns out of alcohol markers. It can help you make a wide range of patterns and textures, from dots to bricks and fur-like textures to even creating texture on fabrics as well. 

Creating dots with a blender marker

Creating a dot-like pattern is a great way to add some texture and depth to your artwork. All you need to do is to press the blender marker tip against a paper that is already colored. Press the tip for longer than 2 to 3 seconds for deeper-looking dots. If you want it to look less prominent, don’t press the blender marker tip for more than 2 seconds. 

Creating fur-like texture with a blender marker

Creating a fur-like texture with a blender marker is quite easy. All you need is a towel or washcloth made from terry cloth and a spray bottle. First, color the piece of paper or the area you want to add the texture. Now get the blender marker solvent into the bottle and spray the washcloth. Make sure not to soak it completely, just dampening it well will be enough. Now simply press the washcloth against the area you want to create your pattern and the patterns should be visible right before your eye.  

Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure to use flat paper

One of the most important things about doing any art project is the quality of the paper you are using. Not all the papers may yield the same kind of results or be suitable for your project. Likewise, not all paper is good enough to be used for blending. So if you want to use a blender marker smoothly for your project, do remember to get a flat paper. Because textured papers won’t be producing your intended output.

Keep scrap papers handy

Whenever you are doing any type of art project that includes coloring, you have to keep enough scrap paper nearby you. Because if you don’t apply it before or experiment, you are essentially setting yourself up for failure. 

Be patient

It’s easier to become frustrated especially when it comes to creative works. When you are just starting with blending, shading, and highlighting It may or may not come out as you have intended. But you need to be patient. Because it will become effortless for you once you get used to it. 

How to clean a blender marker

Is it necessary to clean the blender marker? Well, if you use it frequently then absolutely yes. You need to regularly clean it to prevent colors from drying on your blender marker tip and getting permanent on it. If you don’t clean it regularly It will ruin your artwork. So what do you need to clean your blender marker? Well, just a piece of scratch paper! Rub off any color the blender marker tip may have and you are good to go. 


No matter If you are just starting with the use of a blender marker or somewhat used to it, it is a very versatile tool. Not only does the blender marker provide you the ability to highlight, shade, or retouch and fix your colors, it makes you a better artist overall. We have provided a detailed overview of How to use blender markers here. Now it’s up to you whether you put that knowledge into use or not! 

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