How to Label a Package By Hand

Need to mail a parcel? Want your courier to catch attention instantly on the spot? Then it is highly recommended for one to learn about how to label a package by hand and accomplish a stress-free delivery.

Package labeling is a task that is very common in our daily lives. It is used to identify products and packages in the market. However, it should be done with care and with a clear purpose. The label should be placed on the package so that it can be easily identified.

Besides, when shipping parcels between businesses and individuals, labeling is a quick process since so many computerized tools can be used. However, an individual sending out parcels without the benefit of modern machinery may choose to handwrite the address directly onto the package with a pen, which takes more time.

That doesn’t mean you want your package mislabeled, though! With the help of our article, you can identify the key factors to consider when you are labeling a package by hand and flawlessly execute them.

What is the Best Way to Label the Package?

A label is a symbol that serves as a signal to the consumer. Labels are used for different purposes in different other industries.

The best way to label a package is not only about its efficiency but also its impact on the consumer’s perception of the entire process. From smooth courier delivery process till one receives it.

A label should be easy to read and understand so that the consumers can quickly identify it. This helps reduce wastage of time and money and reduces the risk of loss or damage caused by packaging leakage or damage from mishandling during transportation.

How to Label a Package By Hand with 10 Tips & Tricks

If you’re shipping a parcel, you’ll need to label it. Of course, there are a lot of ways to do this, but here are ten tips and tricks to get the courier sending job done fast with spectacular handwritten labels.

1. Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Get the right kind of packing tape or labels for your needs. For example, if you need a waterproof label that can hold up to the elements, there’s a specific type of label for that. On the other hand, if you’re just trying to ship something around town (like a care courier for your friend who’s sick), another different packing tape type will work perfectly for the delivery.

2. Clean the Package’s Surface

Make sure to clean the bottom surface of the package or box as there can be water or dust on the surface part.

3. Cut the Label Carefully

Carefully cut the area around the label part via your hand so that you don’t cut uneven or unwanted parts. 

4. Center the Label on the Package

The most crucial part of the entire process is finding the parcel’s center part on any side of the four and marking it for the writing stage.

5. Use a felt-tip pen

If you use a new or used felt-tip pen to write on the box and then put tape over the label, it will prevent people from being able to read what you wrote underneath the tape. This helps protect your privacy and your information.

6. Use a black marker

Black is ideal for labeling, mainly when you write by hand because it shows up against all cardboard colors, but a few other dark colors are also acceptable as long as they show up against whatever color box you’re writing on.

7. Don’t write too small or too darkly

The focal part of writing by hand is that the label should be easy to read, even if someone has bad eyesight or if the lighting isn’t great—a vital point sweetening the courier and delivery stage.

8. Write in all caps

This makes your label easier to read, especially if whoever handles it has trouble seeing clearly.

However, don’t use all caps for your name and address while writing by hand because that can look unprofessional ( Unless you’re new ) or a few others, like you’re yelling at someone when you just want them to know where to deliver your parcel!

9. Spell everything correctly

Spelling everything correctly is an ironclad rule in any labeling juncture. You don’t want to send your package to the wrong party or cause severe problems for those receiving it because the customs and service transportation industry is stringent on that department.

So, if you’re new to labeling via hand, a few mandatory rules are to precisely pay close attention to spelling.

10. Ask someone else to double-check

To err is human. Hence, there is always a possibility that there can be a few unforeseen optical illusions in play even though you checked it (Especially if you wrote it yourself by hand).

That’s a reason it’s always wise to double-check the information from a third party.

Final Verdict

Bottom line, labeling a package by hand is a perfect solution for large orders or when the item being shipped is too small to justify the cost of labels. It’s also compelling for customers who like to customize brand-new labels since they can write in special instructions instead of relying on checkboxes, drop-down menus, or others.

Therefore, master the art of how to label a package by hand and start labeling yourself. Avoid the label makers to save efficient costs and add a touch of flair with the unique calligraphy skill you’re leaving on into the package.

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