Can FedEx print a label for me?

If you don’t have a printer, you can always send your package to FedEx. Also, you can request FedEx to print a label for you if you have any trouble creating one. There are several ways to request a label, and some services even let you print it yourself.

Can FedEx Print a label for me? Yes, FedEx offers several shipping services. First, choose the service that suits your needs and submit a form after filling it with your information. You will then be given several alternatives for paying for shipping, such as prepaid labels (Print return label, Email return label, Express billable stamps, and Ground package return program). Once you’ve chosen an option, you’ll be given a printable electronic shipping label. Print the label at your home using your printer or go to any FedEx outlet.

Thus, here in this article will explore the simplest methods to print a FedEx label. Let’s get started then.

Can FedEx Print a Label For Me?

One can easily print a label with FedEx in two possible ways. One is with the help of the website (if you own a printer at home), and another is visiting the nearest FedEx office store.

Printing a label in any FedEx outlet can cost you around $0, as it’s totally free.

You can literally walk into any FedEx office and simply sign in to your FedEx account at the self-service rental computers for absolutely free of cost.

FedEx has a section for their customers called “Self Service Shipping Free to Access” that lets each individual print their label up to 2x for free.

If you are in a friendly term with your local FedEx office worker, you can send them your Email directly, and using the self-serve printer; your label will be ready for attaching.

How to Print a FedEx Prepaid Shipping Label

To print a prepaid shipping label with FedEx, follow the necessary instructions below:-

● Log in to your FedEx account.
● If you don’t have one already, create an account on the FedEx platform.
● Click on the “Ship tab.”
● Select the “Create Shipment” option.
● Next, go to the “FedEx Ship Manager.”
● Click on “Prepare Shipment.”
● Select the “Create Return Shipment” option.
● Provide the necessary information required for both the senders and recipients in the “Return Package” section.
● Select your desired return label type from Print return label, Email return label, Express billable stamps, or Ground package return program.
● Go to “Select Package Type” and pick your suitable return shipping method.
● Determine the package type—for example, envelope, box, etc.
● Check and confirm your billing information.
● Check and confirm your shipping information.
● Select the “Ship button.”
● Access the printable version of the label.
● Print the label using your printer.
● If you don’t own a printer, then go to the nearest FedEx office store or post office and print the label.
● Attach the label to your package.
● And you’re done. Your package is ready to be delivered.

Can FedEx Labels Be Reprinted?

Yes, FedEx Ship Manager lets you reprint shipping labels or documentation. FedEx documents and labels can be reprinted within 12 hours of processing or until midnight local time, whichever is first.

● Click on the “Ship History” tab.
● Select the “Shipment.”
● Then click on the “Reprint” button.
Related Questions

Does FedEx return labels expire?

You can print the FedEx return label from the website, and it will not have an expiration date. Plus, an email return label can be used for up to two years before it expires in the online form.

How to print a return shipping label at home?

A regular printer can be used to print the return shipping labels on standard 8.5X11 paper. Then, you can attach them to the box using a stapler. A thermal label printer will print the labels on traditional 8.5X11 paper. The adhesive can then be used to attach them to the parcel.

If you have no printer at home, you can go to the nearest post office, library, or any office accessories store to print your return shipping label.

How much is a FedEx prepaid return label?

The customer receives a prepaid return label at no cost. The merchant must order the labels via their chosen courier at the agreed rates.

How do I return a FedEx package without a printer?

You don’t require a printer for this option. A FedEx employee will print your return label for free if you show your barcode to them. allows you to create your label or ask for assistance at a retail location.

Final Verdict

As you can see, this article comprehensively guides you through can FedEx print a label for me and shows you that printing a label through FedEx is easy.

All in all, if you’ve got the package and the tracking number – everything is ready to print a label and send your item on its way.

The major positive of FedEx is that it costs us nothing to print a label, and if you have an automated shipping schedule set up with FedEx, it’s easier than ever.

Even if you don’t have a printer, you can quickly go to the nearest FedEx office store, log in to their FedEx account and show the QR code to the FedEx representative and they will generate the shipping label for you. After that, affix the label to the package and hand the courier over to the front desk.

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