5 Best Wireless Label Makers in 2022

Having a wireless label maker is like having a mini portable Bluetooth speaker with you. Most of the products these days are getting equipped with stable power options. So, finding the best wireless label makers won’t be a hard nut to crack.

We are always working with label makers. And this time it’s all about portable options and wireless options. Of course, there are some important facts one should learn about wireless label makers. We shall discuss every detail today, and show you the best wireless options available in the market right now.

Benefits of Owning a Wireless Label Maker

Owning a wireless label maker is great for several things. Yes, we will discuss them later on this content. However, wireless options are always better. People need equipment for their own ease of work. Wireless label maker operates using a battery. But where should you use a wireless label maker?

Where to Use Wireless Label Makers?

Using a wireless label maker is nothing problematic. However, this sort of label maker is for office and home usage. There is a term called an industrial label maker. They are also wireless label makers. But the term “wireless” is not just for hand-handled label makers. Rather, it’s about how you can create labels without staying connected via wire.

Now, for the Benefits of Wireless Label Maker

Wireless technology is great in many ways. Nanotechnology allowed people to make versatile equipment. And these days, the battery unit is getting more and more compact. That’s why wireless products are offering portable options for people. Just think about this – usually, a label maker is somehow chubby. When you work with wires, it can always hamper your workstation. 

A desktop label maker will help you create custom labels with ease. However, you cannot move around with the label maker. Also, you have to worry about keeping the wires safe. On the other hand, wireless label maker doesn’t come with such lackings. 

Of course, wireless label printers are sometimes lacking in terms of features. But new techs are coming for us. So, we can assume there will be an upgrade in the future. No need to worry about the cons. Because people often don’t need a lot of customization options anyway. 

If you are working inside your office or need labels for crafting projects, cables, and small businesses – a wireless label maker is a must choice. Well, almost every label maker offers wireless portability. But when we say wireless, we mean rechargeable models. AA batteries won’t help you sustain prolonged battery life.

That’s why it’s important to understand which model to pick. And no matter how we tell you to pick one – if anyone works he knows when to pick a wireless model.

5 of the Best Wireless Label Printers Review

Well, there is a lot of wireless label printers available out there. But saying printer is not the right word. It’s actually about picking a good model that can create labels. Of course, going for a manual label maker should be the best wireless option. But here we are including models that have a rechargeable battery options.

In recent times, there is a lot of label makers that doesn’t require any adapter at all. Yes, these models are still receiving updates and we still have to wait for them to be perfect. But nothing is perfect in this world and the following 5 wireless models are too. Still, they are a suitable wireless label-making option for you.

Brother P-touch PTP750W Label Maker

DYMO LabelWriter Wireless Label Printer

Phomemo D30 Mini Bluetooth Label Maker

Brother P-Touch PT- P910BT Cube Xp Label Maker 

Brother PT-P710BT P-Touch Cube Plus

After days of extensive research, these are the top wireless label maker we have managed to pick. So, without any further delay, let’s see why these are the best models.

DYMO LabelWriter Wireless Label Printer

If you are into laminated labels, then the Brother P-touch PTP750W Label Maker is a great choice. It can satisfy institutional, home, and even business label makings with ease. 

image search result for "best wireless label maker
Brother PTP750W Label Maker

Image: Amazon

However, the best thing about this label maker is the wireless connectivity. The PTP750W is a modern wireless label maker with some useful extras. Maybe this one can be a great pick for you this time. 

What makes this one a great wireless label printer?

Create Robust Plastic Labels: The PTP750W prints plastic laminated labels, and it can create a wide variety of labels. Of course, wireless label makers do offer a wide range of labels. Surprisingly, it can print labels up to inches wide. And the automatic cutter on the label maker saves you from creating any waste. 

Small and Beautiful Label Maker: Just like we said, the PTP750W is a modern looking label maker. Even though it can create a lot of labels of wider size, the design of this gadget is compact. Even the design is modern and easy to use. 

WiFi, USB, and NFC Facility: The main focus of this label maker is obviously wireless connectivity. And the PTP750W comes with WiFi, USB, and NFC support. NFC is great for connecting with your mobile easily. So, you can easily print over WiFi or WiFi direct with your smartphone. 

Versatile Software Customization: Brother App lets you have full control over the customization. Yes, the app is quite buggy, and setting it up on mobile is kinda hard. But once you get the hang of it, the experience is much smoother. 

Stable Power Option: Well, you can use 6 AAA batteries to run this gadget. But we recommend you get the standard lithium-ion battery. Of course, the company is not giving it to you with the shipment. Users have to purchase the battery separately. 

Now, What’s the Letdown?

WiFi Problems: Printing over a USB connection is smoother but you cannot say that for wireless label makers. Well, connecting using WiFi is a big problem with this label maker. Probably it’s because of poor documentation of the user manual. You’ll have to sort it out for yourself. 

DYMO LabelWriter Wireless Label Printer

The best thing about the DYMO LabelWriter Wireless Label Printer is that it can create labels of different shapes and sizes. Not to mention, this is reasonably a faster wireless label printer out there. 

Image search result for "best wireless label maker"
DYMO Labelwriter Wireless Label Maker

Well, it can stand out for a lot of convenient features. Not to mention, the label costs are presumably lower than you think. 

What makes this one a great wireless label printer?

Sleek and Simple: Simplicity is best for wireless label maker. Despite getting just two color options available (black and white), the label maker looks stylish. It also comes with an automatic cutter but the cutter is not up to the mark. Overall, it’s a compact and lightweight label maker. 

Built-in WiFi: A lot of wireless label maker doesn’t have WiFi connectivity. Well, a lot of them do offer Bluetooth connectivity. However, built-in WiFi can always improve wireless printing facilities. And thanks to this facility, you can just connect multiple devices one at a time.

Saves Cost on Printing: First of all, you are getting a thermal printer. So, you won’t have to waste a lot of money on ink or toner. Not to mention, there are options for creating labels of different sizes and shapes. 

Easy to Use: To be honest, this label doesn’t have a stable control panel. Use your PC, smartphone, or tablet – whatever you want. There are three buttons o the label maker and two status LEDs for convenience. Setting up the label maker is a breeze. Simply use a USB cable for setting up the device. Or use WPS (Wifi Protection Setup. However, we recommend the USB setup as it’s easy. 

Quick printing: Surprisingly, this label maker can print 71 labels per minute. Considering a lot of powerful label makers out there, this wireless label maker is really impressive. 

Now, What’s the Letdown?

The software could have been better: The biggest problem with wireless label makers have always been the software. DYMO did gave us free software. However, the app could have been more intuitive. Anyway, this is not a huge problem for users. Yes, this is a simple gadget but often works as the best. 

Phomemo D30 Mini Bluetooth Label Maker

Who could ever think of a pocket-sized multipurpose label maker? Well, the Phomemo D30 Mini did surprise us with its specs and at first, it looked like another cheap wireless label maker. 

Phomemo D30 Mini Bluetooth Label Maker

Image: Amazon

However, the Phomemo D30 mini is a versatile wireless label maker that can be used anywhere. Not to mention, users can easily carry it anywhere they want. 

What Makes this One a Great Label Printer?

Multipurpose Label Maker: Just looking at the design, nobody will believe this one can provide beautiful labels. A pocket-sized label maker that can print 6 mm to 15 mm labels with ease. So, it’s a good option for offices, schools, cables and other small printing tasks. Not to mention the label maker is lightweight and portable. 

Quick Thermal Printer: The Phomemo D30 is a thermal printer. You don’t need any ink or toner to print labels. Just print more than 52 rolls with this label maker. Trust me, this is a fast label maker within the price range. You can print different labels but it will be fast. 

Versatile Label Customization: Phomemo surprised us with the labels they are offering us. You can choose transparently, color, white color, circle, address bar papers for your labels. Also, there’s text customization and symbols to give your labels a personal touch. Even the label papers are water, abrasion, and BPA free. So, that’s a good deal for you. 

Good Battery Life: This label maker is just like a small feature phone. And the gadget packs a 1200 mah lithium-ion battery inside. For a portable option like this one, 1200 mah is more than enough. So, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery for 2 to 3 hours straight. 

Bluetooth Connectivity: Within a small price point, you won’t get WiFi connectivity. However, this one comes with Bluetooth connectivity. There is a smart app that lets you connect with the gadget easily. 

Now, what’s the letdown?

Not for harsh tasks: Having a portable label maker option would want one to become harsh with label making. However, the Phomemo D30 is not compatible with harsh conditions. Of course, this is a new model and slowly starting to reach people and we don’t have many cons to share. But still, this is a good gadget to work with. 

Brother P-Touch PT- P910BT Cube XP Label Maker 

Brother P-touch cube series is very popular for its wireless label printing facility. And the Cube XP is their flagship model. Despite the high price, the SDK support really makes it a great and reliable wireless label maker. 

image search result for "best wireless label maker"
Brother P-Touch Cube XP Label Maker

Image: Amazon

So, why should you purchase this wireless model? Because within this price range, you can think of other better things. Yes, that’s really a thing to investigate. 

What makes this one a great wireless label printer?

Print Laminated custom labels: The Brother XP cube does have the authority to print beautiful looking labels. As a flagship model in the P-touch cube series, this label maker can print 360 dpi high-resolution labels with ease. It’s sibling models cannot assure you such high-quality labels. Also, you have tons of customization options to create stunning labels. 

Easy to use: Using the XP cube is another thing to consider here. Yes, the label maker can print barcodes, crisp texts, and even stunning graphics. All you need is, install the free software. Once you start using the app, it’s really easy to print labels. 

Connectivity and Compatibility:  Many will say it would have been better if they had built-in WiFi in this model. Of course, we can understand why you should whine. But the Bluetooth connectivity is not half bad with the XP cube. Not to mention, the label maker is compatible with most operating systems and devices. 

SDK compatibility: Now, this is a real gamechanger. Brother just turned things around with SDK compatibility. They just showed a new direction for the traditional label makers in the market. You are getting three free software from Brother. So, all your labels are going to be distinctive according to your brand. Create custom and stunning label templates and bring out creativity. 

Built-in lithium-ion battery: With the XP cube, you will get a built-in lithium-ion battery. And that makes your wireless connectivity sweet. 

Now, what’s the letdown?

The Price: Of course, the major drawback of this label maker is going to be the price. A lot of people would prefer built-in WiFi rather than Bluetooth connectivity. Hope, Brother would reduce the price later on. 

Brother PT-P710BT P-Touch Cube Plus Label Maker

If you are looking for a cheaper model than the Cube XP then we have the Cube Plus for you. Yes, this is also one of the siblings of the P-Touch Cube series and it is just like the Cube XP model. 

Brother P-Touch Cube Plus Label Maker

Image: Amazon

Well, you won’t get the same SDK compatibility and high-resolution printing with this label maker. However, the Cube Plus s really a great wireless label maker with versatility. 

What makes this one a great wireless label maker? 

Easy to use: Using the Cube Plus is easy. Well, the P-Touch Cube series is famous for its easy handling and label printing support. Not to mention, this label maker is stylish and portable. You can carry the gadget just about anywhere you want. 

Customization with labels: Just like we said, the Cube Plus cannot offer high-resolution label printing like the Cube XP. However, it can sure help you print 168 dpi labels. Not just that, it can print labels up to 1 inch wide. So, that’s a big bonus if you ask me. 

Flexible software: Use Brother free software to use custom labels whenever you want. Brother is trying to improve the software a lot. And they have fixed some major problems with their app. Just use the software ad start creating beautiful labels for just about any task. 

Bluetooth Connectivity: Just like the XP cube, the Cube Plus also has a built-in Bluetooth facility. And the Bluetooth connectivity sure helps a lot. WiFi connectivity is sometimes hard to set up and the Cube series is great for their Bluetooth connectivity. 

One Year limited warranty: So Brother decided to give a one-year limited warranty. Because a lot of people don’t trust wireless label printers for their cheap construction. Good to see Brother is confident about their own product. 

Rechargeable battery: Just like the Cube XP, this one also has a built-in lithium-ion battery. So, the rechargeable option is always great for a wireless label maker. 

So, what’s the letdown?

The charger is not included: Funny thing is, they didn’t include the charger in the box. Obviously, it’s a small problem but they should have included the charger inside the box. 

Be Smart – Just Pick the Best Wireless Label Maker This Way

Picking a wireless label maker is not a huge burden. Yes, label makers are evolving day by day. That’s why it’s important to think before purchasing a good wireless label maker. A lot of wireless models are just gimmicky. So, you have to think about the features the gadget will give you. So, when you are picking a wireless label maker, follow our suggestions and pick the right model. 

The Quality

Wireless label printers are often misread as a cheap label maker option. Of course, it’s a misconception. Wireless label printers offer you a wireless printing facility. This way, you don’t have to roam around with the label maker itself. Just create the labels anytime without staying with the label maker. 

So, it’s important to check the design and other constructions before purchasing the label maker. Yes, there are cheaper label makers out there. So, ensuring quality is obviously important. 

What is your purpose?

Rather than deciding the budget, you should fix what is your purpose. Wireless label printers have different form factors. Whether it’s for office, school, small business, or crafting a purpose, you have to fix the purpose first. Without knowing the purpose, it’s a mistake even to think about purchasing a label maker.


A wireless label maker is about software. However, you have to think about what type of connectivity you would prefer. Recently, NFC, Bluetooth, and WiFi are popular. Also, you have to consider the device you will use. Depending on your connective usage, choose a good label maker. 

Software support

Software support is another landscape for your wireless label maker. It’s crucial to have flexible software support to create your labels. The software can help you with label customization and other things in general. 

Check if the software is free or not. Because a lot of software these days have premium subscriptions. So, you don’t want to waste your money on premium subscriptions. 

Rechargeable Battery

We often forget about the battery. Perhaps the companies try to make the confusion much more stable for us. For your wireless label printer, you should look for a model with a rechargeable battery. Having a lithium-ion battery is the best of the bunch. Avoiding AA batteries will help you save a lot of costs. 

Wrapping Up

So, wireless label makers are evolving, and we are being introduced to new and fascinating models. Anyway, we still don’t have a lot of reliable models yet. Most of the wireless labels are pricey and often used for big business companies. However, we tried to bring some of the more down to Earth label maker models for you. 

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