6 Best Wide Format Laminators for commercial use

Wide-format laminators are vastly used for large amounts of laminating work for commercial use. No matter if it is your own project or commission work, you should invest in the best commercial, wise-format laminators, because it will be profitable in both ways. 

However, it is not easy for you to get a good product without knowing too much about it. So, I have done the hard part for you and came up with the 6 best wide format laminators that you can buy right now. Hope you will fulfill your expectation to buy the best one after reading this article.

VEVOR 51 Inch Cold Laminator Machine 10mm Manual Vinyl Photo Film Cold laminator Hand Crank Pressure Cold Roll laminator9.0View on Amazon
Qomolangma Large Format Laminator 55in Full-auto Wide Format Cold Laminator with Heat Assisted(with Trimmer)8.8View on Amazon
GBC HeatSeal Pinnacle 27 EZ Load Thermal Roll Laminator, 27″ Max. Width, 8-10 Min Warm-Up 8.8View on Amazon
Laminator Machine for A3/A4/A6, YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine for Home Office School Use with 50 Pouches, Paper Trimmer and Corner Rounder8.7View on Amazon
US Stock 60″ Full -auto Wide Format Large Cold Roll Laminator Machine Automatic Take Up Low Temp Roll Laminating Machine Heat Assistance 110V for Office School Use8.7View on Amazon
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Reviews of Best Wide Format Laminators

1. VEVOR 51 Inch Cold Laminator Machine

It is a perfect laminator machine for you if you want to save some money and seek the best performance. From the sturdy construction to a good quality rubber roller, adjustable roller position, and compactness everything has in it. And, this is a manual large format laminator machine. So, you can use it anywhere in your school project or professional printing service without electricity. 

Also, there are plenty of positive reviews from a large number of its users. However, it is a manual machine so it can not do the job faster like an electrical machine.


  • Affordable price
  • Strong and premium quality materials.
  • Solid laminating every time. 
  • Small in size.


  • Slower than auto machines
  • Side frames are plastic made. 

2. Qomolangma Large Format Laminator

If you have a printing shop or need a lot of work daily, I suggest this Qomolanga Large format laminator. This automatic laminator machine can laminate up to 6M per minute without doing any damage to the picture. So, it will definitely speed up your laminating job. 

This machine body is made out of a metal frame with silicon rubber on the top roller and natural rubber on the bottom roller. Also, it comes with a trimmer cutting function to resize your photo in a single machine. For any entry-level laminating production house this can be the perfect choice to enter the market. 


  • Quicker than manual
  • Comes with a cutting function.
  • Perfect laminating every time. 
  • Long lasting


  • Cost more than manual machines
  • Must need an electricity connection. 

3. GBC HeatSeal Pinnacle 27” EZ Load Thermal Roll Laminator

This is another machine on this list that is perfect for your school and office work. It is small in size and can laminate faster than usual. Well, this laminator machine can provide a maximum of 27” wide laminating. Although it seems smaller than others, for your school project it is reasonable without any doubt.

Also, this machine is known for its easy loading and user-friendly features. It has an auto shut-off feature that helps if you accidentally forgot to turn it off or busy with other work. So, if you are a teacher then this is the best option you got. Also, it is best for office work too. 


  • Small in size
  • Faster laminating
  • User-friendly features
  • Quality laminating every time


  • Small size laminating capability.
  • Few customers claimed its durability. 

4. YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine

This small and compact size laminating machine is also suitable for offices and schools. Since it is small in size, you can place it anywhere to do the job. From a wide variety of size options, you can laminate whatever you want. Like other best quality laminators, it comes with a trimming function to provide a perfect photo every time. 

Although it takes less time to heat, this laminator is quite slow. But for personal uses, time consuming it is not a huge matter of fact. However, it is easy to operate and has all the qualities to laminate a good quality image every time. 


  • Small in size and lower price range.
  • Best for school.
  • Comes with a trimming function.
  • Support different size papers.


  • Can not work quicker. 
  • Only for small size papers. 

5. US Stock 60″ Full-auto Wide Format Large Cold Roll Laminator Machine

This is the extra-large size laminator machine on this list. And, it will be the best option for print shops to produce mass amounts of photo laminating works. This automatic laminating machine is made out of good quality materials. Mostly, metal to be precise. And, it can laminate faster than any other machines in this list I have mentioned. 

Well, I have mentioned this is for a print shop for a couple of reasons. First, it is heavy and can not be used as a portable machine. Second, you have to spend a huge amount on this machine. If you want to try it for personal use, I think that would be a bad idea for all the circumstances. But, obviously the best option for mass production. 


  • Faster laminating.
  • Good build quality.
  • Best quality laminating.
  • Best for mass production. 


  • It is heavy.
  • Cost a bit more than usual. 


Q1. What is the best wide format laminator?

I think the VEVOR 51 Inch Cold Laminator Machine is the best wide format laminator from my personal review. However, from your personal preference, it may not be the best for you. That is why there are five different options for you. 

Q2. How wide are laminators?

From 8” to 80” there are different size laminating machines available in the market. 

Q3. What is the difference between cold laminating and hot laminating?

Hot lamination is done by a hot roller machine to activate the adhesive on the film paper. On the other hand, cold lamination is done by pressure. 

Q4. Should I use hot or cold lamination?

Most of the time hot lamination is good for every work. But, in some special cases such as old photos, special handwritten documents should be done in a cold laminator machine. 

Final Thoughts

So, we have seen a number of the best wide format laminators here. I hope it will help you to pick your own laminator easily. Since I have mentioned 5 different products based on different working areas you should not have a problem finding the best suitable one for you.

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