5 Best White Pens for art

Whether you need to highlight your artwork or make something cool on colored canvas white pens is essential. I can create contrast in your drawing to make it more delightful. But, there are plenty of white ink pens available in the market that claim to be the best white pens for art. That can create confusion in your mind.

In order to make it simple and easier, I have gathered the best white pens for the art list here. That will make sure you have the right pen for your artwork. I have selected these white pens based on price, ink quality, built materials, tips, and various other important factors.

1. Arteza White Gel Pen Set

Whenever you seek the best white pens for art these pen sets are always going to come first. This 12 pieces white gel pen set is perfect to enhance your art. Whether you need to highlight your artwork or cover an unusual part of the art it will do its job.  This set contains three different nib sizes. And, that shows how versatile it can perform. Also, it ensures a smoother drawing on the paper. If you need thick ink to mark something it will work as a marker as well.  For every aspect of your art or drawing Arteza white gel pen set is enough for you.  Of course, its opaque white inks are non-toxic to ensure your safety.

Moreover, this gel pen has a better grip on hand. You will never feel uncomfortable holding it in your hand. Thus, you can draw smooth lines to highlight your art.

Also, Arteza is one of the most popular brands in the market in this field. So, they have awesome customer service as well.  Every set of this white gel pen comes with a moneyback guarantee. Overall, this is my first choice on this list.

Key features

  • Comes with a 12 pack set.
  • It has different size nibs (0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.00 mm) to ensure you can use it everywhere required.
  • This white gel ink dries quickly and is also best for all colored paper including black paper too.
  • Also, its inks are totally safe for health.
  • They provide replacement if you accidentally got a damaged product.

2. TWIVE white marker paint pens

While the previous one was a gel pen this is a white marker pen. It is totally different from the first one. Although it also provides a better result in your artwork. But, mainly this pen is for marking something. And, it is one of the best white paint markers in the market right now. Well, it has water-based ink that can work on any surface and provides white acrylic paint. Also, these pigment inks are waterproof too. There are too many white marker paint pens in the market. But, the problem often contained toxic inks with a bad smell. Well, that is not going to happen in this pen. TWIVE ensures totally odorless and harmless ink to make it safe for kids to adults everyone.

Since it is a marker pen it comes with 0.7mm nibs only. Also, you need to shake the pen properly to achieve better ink and smooth drawing. Wherever you need bold ink to highlight your drawing this pen is perfect to use there. And, you will get a permanent waterproof drawing if you keep it dry for a day or more.

TWIVE also ensures a  full refund if you are not satisfied. Since there are a lot of customers satisfied with this market pen I am sure you will too.

Key features

  • 0.7 mm  nib white market pain pen
  • Waterproof ink to perform on any surface from wood to plastic.
  • 100% safe inks
  • It does not spread a bad smell at all.
  • Premium build quality with better grip
  • Smooth drawing every time.

3. Art-n-Fly white gel pen

If you are looking for something within budget then this is the option you get for a white gel pen. This is almost the same quality gel pen as the first one. But, the key difference is in the price and quantity. Also, this pen has only one type of nib. It has a  0.7mm medium tip with a  ballpoint. As you know, ballpoint nib provides smoother drawing and works best on paper. If I have to say something about the ink flow then I have seen no problem with it. Without any doubt, this is one of the best white gel pens.

Moreover, it provides quality ink that is totally harmless for humans. Also, it is waterproof as well. And, it works with every color paper along with black paper too. But, I think the finest work they have done is in its grip. Its rubber grip provides ultra comfort on the hand to ensure better drawing and writing every time.

However, it is missing a bold and thin tip. That may lead you to buy other gel pens to fulfill your drawing. But, I assume they keep it simple to do the price reduction. Otherwise, this is one of the finest white gel pens on the market that you can buy.

Key features

  • Waterproof ink is the main feature of this pen.
  • Ink dries quickly and stays forever.
  • Also, pen grip is the best so far I have ever experienced.
  • Smoother drawing every time with 0.7mm medium tip.
  • Better build quality with premium quality plastic.

4. Pentel Arts Milky Pop Pastel Gel Pen

Sometimes you need different types of colors for your drawing. In the middle of your art, you realized regular gel pen color is not enough if it was a bit more pastel that would be great. That is why I bring this piece of pen to this list. It’s quite different from a regular gel pen and provides a little bit of a yellowish-white color as it says in the name. However, this gel pen color pops up better than regular pens on paper.

This two-piece gel pen comes with a 0.8mm medium-size tip for fine drawing. Although it does not have variety in the nib size well enough for your drawing. Well, the pen is made from plastic and its thin barrel is comfortable to hold. Also, the grip is quite good, to be honest. That leads to fine drawing for sure.

When you are looking for a gel pen for art purposes I think pastel color looks more realistic than regular ink. However, you have to dry your art properly to get a better result. And, these inks are quite sensitive. So, keep the head cap off after each use.

Moreover, Pentel is quite a popular brand among all. And, it provides better customer service like other best quality brands. And, they ensure quality products every time. So, without any doubt, you can go for this gel pen.

Key features

  • Milky pop pastel color gel pen.
  • Realistic color for your drawing.
  • It has a 0.8mm medium nib for smoother use.
  • Better rubber grip for drawing and writing.
  • Best quality materials.

5. Flymax White Paint Pen

Although this is the second white paint marker on this list it is budget-friendly than the previous one. There is not too much distinction between quality for sure. Flymax white paint marker also has a 0.7 mm tip for performing smooth drawings. Also, you will get a smooth line every time. Well, this is a permanent marker so the ink stays forever if you dry it properly. And, inks are completely harmless and odorless. Although I have seen a bit of problem on the grip but not too much. Its acrylic paint color can work on any surface from wood, steel, plastic, etc. So, whenever you need something to highlight in your drawing this marker will provide the best result for sure.

Moreover, Flymax believes in complete customer satisfaction. So, if you think the pen is not good enough you can claim a refund. However, most of the customers provided a good review on this pen. So, you can believe in them and get one set for you. For your information, this set contains 6 pens.

Key features

  • Good quality acrylic paint ink.
  • Better build quality.
  • 0.7 mm medium nib for smooth drawing.
  • Works on almost every surface with permanent ink.
  • Full customer satisfaction guaranteed.


Q1. What are white pens used for?

Mostly, white ink pens are used as a marker or highlight something. In rare cases, it is used for writing on colored paper or black paper.

Q2. What are the best white pens for highlights?

For highlighting something white gel pen is a  perfect choice. For that reason, I would suggest you go for an Arteza white gel pen.

Q3. What is the best white pens for artists?

Well, artists use different kinds of white pens for different purposes. It can be a marker, gel pen, or pastel pen. But most of the time white gel pen is the best choice for artists. Because it dries quickly as well as inks are waterproof.

Q4. What can I use if I don’t have a white gel pen?

A white paint marker can be an alternative for the white gel pen. Make sure you get the medium tip marker for better drawing.

Q5. What is the cost of a white pen?

Between 5 to 10 dollars you will get the best quality white pen in the market.

Final Thoughts

So, that was the list of the 5 best white pens for art. I tried to cover every type of white pen to ensure fulfilling every purpose. But, most of the time white gel pen is enough. However, it is you and your drawing that knows better what kinds of white pen you need. Since I have included all the best quality white pens with different ink types I am sure this will help you find whatever you require.

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