5 Best Spinning Pens

The spinning pen is always a compelling hobby for kids or adults. If you want to impress someone among your friends and co-workers, try a spinning pen. Also, it is a great weapon to grab the attention of the girls. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in pen spinning you need the best spinning pen that can provide leading performance. But, choosing that can be a hectic job for anyone. I have done that on behalf of all the spinning pen lovers and have come up with this article.

From the thousands of spinning pens in the market, I have narrowed it down to 5 pens.  No matter if you are an expert or beginner pen spinner you will get the best spinning pen according to your preferences.

Without further ado, let’s check out the pens

1. EXERT original Van Mod Buster spinning pen

The first of this list is a mod pen. If you are not familiar with the mod then I assume you are a beginner in this pen-spinning field. In order to achieve prime performance, spinners modified their pen in many ways. But, this pen already comes with the modification that everyone desires. In addition, the pen has a sophisticated design that will attract you the most.

This is a plastic made pen with a hollow inside. That means it is specifically made as a spinning pen, not for writing. But, the pen has perfect weight balance to have good control while spinning. On both sides has a metal ring to add some extra weight. Also, the pen is not too light or too heavy. As a result, it will be suitable for both kids and adults.

Well, that extra modification makes it easier to spin pens than regular pens. If you are new then starting with something like this pen would be a great choice. That makes it one of the best spinning pens for beginners.

Key features

  • Longer than usual pens to make it easy to spin
  • Perfect weight balance
  • Comes with a custom mod
  • Best rotating pen for beginners
  • Decent grip

2. The Original Fidget Pen

Although this is not a spinning pen I am sure it is worth including in this list. Are you feeling stressed during hard work? Then something like this pen will be a great relief for you. At first glance, it looks just like a regular pen that you can use to write. But, it has a few other features that will quickly grab your attention to get it for you.

As for the stress reliever, it has a click switch, disk spinning, rolling ball, etc features. It will relax your mind and let you stay calm and keep your focus on the work.

On top of that, a pen is good for writing. Also, the grip is perfect to hold on the hand. Moreover, it has a refilling system to never run out of ink. When you are getting a regular pen with stress relief features I think it would be the best option for your work.

Key features

  • Best build quality
  • Superb writing capability
  • You can refill the ink
  • Stress relief features
  • Click the switch, disk spin, and rotatable ball for keeping the mind calm.

3. SMOOTHERPRO Fidget Spinner Pen

If you are an adult but like to have a fidget spinner with you then this might be your choice. Whether you are busy with your work or spending leisure time spinning this pen could be a relaxing and stress-releasing thing to do.

Besides, you can use it as a regular pen to write. And if you run out of ink, you can refill that too. Well, the copper-made body shows how premium the pen is. And the design also looks great to me. It will last for a long time that is for sure. The most important feature is that it is smaller than a regular pen. That will be perfect to spin with one hand.

As a fidget spinner, this pen has a good-quality motor in the middle of the pen. Also, it has a neon light on the top of the pen. That light shows a beautiful color while spinning. Overall, it is a time-killing and stress-relief tool for adults. You can have one of these at your office desk or your home to stay relaxed.

Key features

  • Small size pen with the best build quality
  • Superb writing experience
  • Fidget spinner function
  • Neon light on the top of the pen

4. Cool Hand 5″ Retractable Pen 

Whether most people will suggest spinning pens just for showing skill, I am here to show you some pens that are really helpful for you. Along with that regular spinning pen too. This is a great quality pen that has a fidget spinner on top of that. Well, let’s talk about the pen.

The pen barrel is made of carbon fiber. If you have knowledge about carbon fiber material. It is a lightweight yet strong material. Also, it is more expensive than a regular metal body. All of these make this pen premium and good on hand. Also, the grip is quite good, and feels very comfortable while writing with this pen.

As a pen, it provides smooth writing without any doubt. Also, the pen has a refilling option. So, you never have to worry about this pen after a run of ink. Now talk about its fidget spinner feature.

On the top of the pen, there has a metal retractable fidget spinner. While you are writing, spinning will be good for your nerves. And it will keep you calm and focused on your writing.

Key features

  • Carbon fiber-made pens mean to last for a long time.
  • Lightweight body yet strong enough
  • refillable ink and a smoother writing experience
  • Comfortable metal grip
  • Fidget spinner on top of the pen.

5. Fengirl ZG-5096 V11 Non-Slip Coated 21cm Spinning Pen

Here is another spinning that is about to show your spinning skill and impress someone. If you are looking for a spinning pen at a low cost then this is the best option you can get in the market. Why? Because the pen has all the best quality features yet the price is comparatively low.

How well a pen can spin depends on its design. Let’s talk about that first. from the outlook, the pen looks super attractive to catch your attention. However, since it has a 21CM length, it will be easy to handle on the hand. On top of that, it has a good weight balance on both sides to show your astonishing skills to impress anyone around you. Both sides have the metal ball and extra weight to keep the balance point on the center yet gravity on both sides. It will ensure that you spin the pen for a long time.

Although a pen can be used as a writing pen it will be the worst experience to write with this pen. I suggest not using this pen for writing. Other than that, the build quality is solid. Plastic-made body material keeps the pen weight light yet perfectly balanced. Also, its fancy design and non-slip coated grip will allow you to spin the pen for a very long time.

Key features

  • 21CM long pen that is longer than usual.
  • Decent quality at an affordable price
  • The metal ball on both sides spins for a long time
  • Perfect weight balance
  • The non-slip coated grip on the middle lets you spin and show your skills.
  • Fancy outlook.


Usually, people look for the best spinning pen to show their spinning skills. I have made this list with a combination of spinning pens and fidget spinning pens.  While spinning pens are super fun for kids and young, a Fidget spinning pen could be a great toy for adults to relieve stress while working. However, I think I was able to cover the spinning pen with a stress relief pen that would be best for everyone. If you are striving to show your pen spinning skill I would suggest EXERT Van mod spinning pen. That would be the best choice for you. Since it has a custom mod it will let you do amazing skills with the pen. As a fidget spinner, the Smootherpro fidget spinner pen could be the best option for you to stay relaxed.

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