5 Best Planners for Law School

A student planner keeps them organized in their schedule. Whether law school student or others, a planner book is essential to manage everything just in time. Especially if you are striving for your success, then you should spend your time correctly. A suitable planner for law school is one of the critical components that every law student should have. Whether you are studying or hanging out with friends if everything is tracked down. You would have a better idea of how you are spending your time. There I gathered a list of the 5 best planners for law school.

Reviews on Best Planners for law school

1. Law of Attraction Planner

If you are eager to achieve success, then this is the planner for you. This planning book includes a daily goal, quality pages, and everything that you can ask. 

Well, the first thing that attracts me the most is its detailed planning. It contains all the motivational elements that are going to enhance your working enthusiasm. It will bring a positive vibe to your life and hold you on the right track. 

Let’s talk ab0ut the quality and other stuff. This brown color (they named it rose gold Astro) leather cover feels premium and holds inner pages for a very long time. In the same way, internal pages are also the top-notch quality in the market. 

Moreover, you are about to get a total of 52 weeks of planning with 248 pages. And, I am sure B5 size paper is large enough for you. 

Since you are a law student, it will you layout your assignments and other events. Not only for the law school student, but this planner is also one of the best planners among all the available planners in the market. 

Key Features
  • Leather made the good design cover
  • Top-notch paper
  • Daily planner with monthly review
  • 248 B5 size pages
  • All the motivational activities included

2. Art fan 2021-2022 Planner

Art fan 2021-2022 Planner Another best quality planner in the market ideally suited for law students. Let’s break down every feature that I experienced.

First of all, the cover. Its saffiano leather-made cover is durable. If you do not know what Saffiano leather is, it is high-quality calf leather. As a result, this planner is durable and has extra texture on the top. That brings an excellent grip on the hand and feels premium to touch it. Also, it does its primary job of keeping inner pages safe perfectly. 

Speaking of inner pages, it has the cream color thick paper that will never fade your writings. Even if you keep it for years, it has weekly basis planning with ruled pages and monthly basis unruled pages. This planner calendar starts with June 2021 and ends after 16 months. Overall, it will assist by proving itself the best component for your daily life. 

One thing I almost forgot, it has an inner pocket for keeping notes. And this A4-size paper planner is quite an accurate size for carrying all the time in your bag or hand. 

Key Features
  • Premium Leather Cover that is durable and beautiful
  • Thicker pages that were never going to bleed
  • 16 months calendar starts with June 2021
  • A4 size paper

3. Panda Planner Pro

Apart from having a yearly planner, it would be better to have a semester-based planner. And I believe this six-month planner is the best choice for that. 

Although it does not have a leather cover, it seems like an artificial leather cover. Yet, the cover is soft and feels comfortable while you are going to grab it. And hardcover binding ensures long-time durability along with secure inner pages. 

Since this is a six-month planner, there are fewer pages than previously mentioned planners. However, page quality is similar among all the best-quality planners. These thicker pages will never fade your writing. Of course, it has a daily basis planning page. In addition, it has weekly and monthly review pages. So, you can review how productive you were in the last week or month. 

Moreover, the planner is available in different colors. And all the cover colors look elegant and premium. 

Overall, it is a perfect planner for your entire semester. And at the end of the semester, you can see what goal you achieved and how much improvement you acquired. 

Key Features
  • Artificial leather but durable enough
  • Good binding
  • Six-month planner
  • Best-quality pages 

4. Paper code Daily Planner 2021-2022

Another yearly planner on this list. Yet it is pretty different than any other mentioned above. It is from Paper code. One of the popular brands in the market. When they create a product meant to be the best in the market, similar things go with this daily planner.

If you want to reduce the price, then genuine leather is not possible on the cover. Instead of that, artificial leather, also called faux leather, will provide an almost similar experience. Although it is not that durable as genuine leather, it can last for years. And, it is softer than leather. So, the planner cover is made of faux leather with hard binding. That ensures it lasts for a very long time. Since it is a yearly planner, then it must have to. 

The 110GSM thick paper is used in this planner. So, I can assure you no bleeding in term uses. You’re writing your stay safe, that is for sure. Also, it has daily basis updated pages for adjusting daily planning. And, you can review your previous days weekly and monthly on the review pages. 

Moreover, the planner contains an elastic pen loop and three bookmarks. Everything that you can expect is available in this planner. So, there is no reason to ignore this planner at all. 

Key Features
  • 110GSM thick paper never bleeds after more than years of use.
  • Soft faux leather cover
  • Intact binding
  • Has pen loop and bookmarks

5. Boxclever Press Academic Planner 2021-2022

Women always want something fancy, whatever they want to use in their daily life. For that reason, I have included this academic planner that goes perfectly with women. 

Apart from having leather or faux leather cover, this is the first planner book with a denim cover. Above that, it has a floral design that emphasizes a girlish vibe. And the ring binding ensures to hold all the pages in the exact pages. Overall, it is a durable cover and long-lasting as well. 

Well, this is also a yearly planner. It has a calendar of June 2021 to June 2022. Pages are thicker and of high quality. And it never bleeds your writing. You can schedule your events, meetings, and everyday planning in this planner. Moreover, it has a daily planner and weekly, monthly analysis pages. 

Also, it can be used as a notebook. So in terms of use, it shows the versatility that you can expect. And planner also contains an elastic pen loop and bookmark. 

This planner will organize your work process and manage your schedule to achieve your destination as you are dreaming. Having a planner like this is all that is essential for every law school student—especially women. 

Key Features
  • Girlish cover design suitable for women
  • Faux leather cover that is durable and long-lasting
  • From June 21 to 22 one year planner
  • Thick and premium paper

Things to consider for buying the Best Planner for law school

You may think how hard it can be to choose a planner? Well, you have to look for a few important things before getting your planner. Because it should last for a year or more. So let’s take a look at what you need to consider. 

Cover and binding

The best quality cover provides an excellent outlook to show your personality. And it feels good to have a beautiful thing on hand. However, the cover protects your inner pages from all the harsh situations. Without a quality cover, your planner’s inner pages are not safe. Even if it falls from the hand, the cover should protect the inner page. In that circumstance, binding comes to help. 

Having a leather cover with hard binding is the best solution you can have. 


If your planner has thinner pages, it will bleed your writing. And I bet you do not want that at all. So that is why you should pick a planner with premium quality pages. In that case, 100GSM paper or above would be the best. 

Time Management

Whether a yearly planner or semester-based, you are about to write your upcoming meetings, assignments, and other events. So, there should be time management pages daily. And weekly, monthly review pages help a lot. 


For a planner, spending 20 dollars or something around this price is enough. No matter how good the planner quality is, a twenty dollars budget range is enough for the best quality planner. 


Also, if there is an extra pocket for keeping notes, it would be better. And, having additional bookmarks, a pen loop is mandatory but good to have in your planner. 

Final Words

That was all I have to say regarding your concern about the best planner for law school. It is not only for the law school student but also other students should keep track of their daily work. And, that must bring them the joy of goal, secured future and better time management skill in future careers. I have included all the best planners along with their features. So, you should not have a problem picking the best one that suits you.

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