7 Best Physics Books For Beginners

Physics is one of the most exciting subjects in science. If you are interested in going deeper into the ocean of physics, start with some books that are easy to learn. For example, quantum physics is one of the hardest ones to get. Therefore, I have come up with the best physics books for beginners. All of these books are going to aid you in understanding the complex terms of physics and ease your study. And as a beginner, you will find these books easier without complicating things to a deeper level. 

7 Best Physics Books For Beginners

1. College Physics: A Strategic Approach

There are few books available in the market that has a similar approach to teaching physics. You can relate physics with real life and learn it with fun. Everything you are about to learn here comes with an example that makes it easy to understand. 

And it will help you to know the real reason for a particular course. Also, you get exercises at all the chapters’ end. That makes this book popular among novice students. Moreover, it is written by three physics Ph.D. to make it easier for the student to learn physics. Instead of putting the complex theories, you will get everything from the basics.

On top of that, the book is available in text version, hard copy, and loose leaf. Indeed the price varies on the paper quality. Overall, it is a perfect physics book for college students to enter the diverse world of physics without juggling minds. 

2. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Physics

Rather than discussing the more profound things of physics, it covers all the essential physics to make the study enjoyable. It will start with kinematics and end with atomic and nuclear structures.

If you want to know the basic fundamentals of physics, this is the book that you should collect. Moreover, you will learn all the common formulas and physics conversions at the end with examples. And whatever you have thought about the physics and questions have you in mind, this book has the answer. 

This book is available in both paperback and Kindle versions. And a relatably reasonable price compared to the other books of this height. As a college student, you should have this book to find the common answers regarding everyday physics. 

3. Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide

As you can guess from the name, it comes with all the basic physics and is suitable for everyone who is not even a physics student. Compared to the previous book, this one focused on more basic and easy topics such as Newton’s laws with a more elaborative form. And that makes it easy to understand and learn physics. 

However, this is not a course curriculum, but if you want to learn physics without getting help from others, it will be a perfect companion. Also, it has questions and answers about what to need to know about daily-life physics. It’s been the third edition with more refines topics with research-based methods to make physics easier for everyone. 

4. BASIC PHYSICS FOR BEGINNERS: A Comprehensive Study Guide and Activity Book for the Self-Taught Scientist

It is an excellent book for physics students and everyone that keeps enthusiasm for physics. This book is the perfect solution to your everyday home experiment on various objects. It will teach you the basics of physics to understand what is happening and why it is happening. 

Indeed you have heard about Newton’s laws about motion. But, do you know the proper explanation for it? Someone who is eager to learn the basics of physics is the appropriate audience for this book. Here everything is simplified for easy understanding and knowing the principles with fun. 

Also, you can do experiments to make it one step further. 

And the book is available in Kindle, audiobook, Hardcover, and paperback. In addition, you can get it free for Kindle to start your science journey without spending money. 

5. Engineering for Teens: A Beginner’s Book for Aspiring Engineers

A great teacher knows what students seek. Pamela McCauley has been teaching teenagers for a long time about engineering. Therefore, she has come up with the perfect book to grow enthusiasm for engineering in young fellows. 

As you can guess, it is not about physics, perhaps more about the science stuff that can easily be understandable for teens. All the great things and inventions have happened so far and what you do in engineering is the prime motto of this book. 

Moreover, it has all the basic fundamentals of the engineering section to make it easier for teens. As an industrial engineering researcher, Pamela made a perfect book for your kids to start the engineering journey before college. And this book is free on Kindle. Also, you can get the paperback version of it. 

6. The Physics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

Have you ever thought about how electricity works? It is one of the most popular physics that we all use in our everyday life. You may be plenty of questions that match with the common physics terms. 

Not to mention the groundbreaking ideas that physics has.  Probably you know those but do not have a proper explanation of them. This book will cover those topics to give the most simplified explanations that are easy to understand.

Moreover, the book contains charts, illustrations, and graphics with examples to clarify everything easily.  Therefore, it is the perfect book for college students as a beginner-level book to focus on the basics and then promote the in-depth stuff. 

7. Quantum Physics for Beginners

According to most physics students, quantum physics is the hardest to understand. And it is also an essential physics topic that can explain many things in this universe. 

Since learning is not easy, you may not get the teacher’s lectures without proper help. And this book is the perfect companion to learning quantum physics in the easiest way. Here you will learn what quantum physics is and its real-world use. 

However, instead of making everything complicated, you will learn it with ease. And that makes it one of the most popular books on quantum physics for students. As a college student, you must have a copy of it to learn quantum physics and mechanics easily. 


Who is the father of physics?

There is no individual called a father of physics. Usually, three names come regarding the father of physics. Isaac Newton is the most popular and essential name and is called the father of physics for his uncountable contribution to physics. And Galileo Galilei is called the father of modern physics for his astronomical works. Lastly, Albert Einstein is the father of classical physics. However, you can say Isaac Newton for his motion laws.

What book should I read for physics?

Read a book on basic physics to get started on your physics journey, and then move to the complex subject. For example, start with this book, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Physics.” Also, you can check the best physics books for beginners to find the perfect book for yourself and then continue studying and developing your physics knowledge. 

Which book is known as the Bible of Physics?

The Feynman Lecture is known as the Bible of physics for its in-depth discussion of physics. This book is written by Richard Feynman, who is the legend of modern science. And this is one of his best works to understand physics better. And this book is one of the most popular books for physics students to master. 

How can I enjoy physics?

Let’s learn it with experimental things. Rather than learning the complicated terms, relate physics to your daily life. And that will help you to understand physics better. Also, you will see the true meaning of every principle and learn everything better. Also, start with the basic things that you see every day and solve the questions of the curious mind. Therefore, you will find physics an interesting and exciting subject. And it will ease your reading. 

Why is physics so hard?

Physics is the explanation of everything happening around you. It is a diverse field that requires a wide concept of the universe. And the explanation of the terms is not clarified so that everyone can understand. Therefore, you will need time to get it on your mind to find the answer. And it is abstract and easily goes into another concept that goes deeper and deeper and makes everything complex to come to a proper conclusion. And everything here has the experimental result, which varies time by time. Also, it consists of maths and other science stuff. Overall, you have to learn everything to understand physics, making it hard for the student. 

Final Words

As student finds physics a hard subject, getting started with the best physics books for beginners is the perfect solution to understanding it correctly. And the books mentioned above are the popular and easiest books on physics that you can learn as a beginner to dive deep into the universe of complicated physics. Once you master the basics, it will be easier for you to understand the rest. 

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