7 Best Pens for rock painting

If I could, I would paint the entire world to make it look different and interesting than ever. From that enthusiasm, I first started to paint rocks. 

Although rock painting is quite popular, I was the one who started later I guess. But, that never stopped me to do more and more rock painting and digging the best pens for rock painting.

However, that was the toughest job for me to find an identical pen for rock painting. From my personal experience, I know it must help you to do better painting if you get the best pen. That is why I have combined this list with the best pens for rock painting. From comfort to drawing ink brightness I considered everything to pull the best pens.

1. ARTISTO Paint Pens for Rock Painting

For the list, the Artisto paint pens set is my first and number one choice. And, there are a bunch of reasons to choose this. First of all, it’s not just a pen, a total set of pens with 12 different colors. Having multiple color options lets you go crazy on your canvas. 

In such a case, your canvas is mainly rock or other hard surfaces. For that reason, it has acrylic paint color to pop up your artwork. However, without fine tips and comfort on hand, it is quite tough to art. This super comfy pen feels good on hand and lets you draw smooth painting every time.

Moreover, these pens are not only for rock painting at all. You can paint any hard surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, fabric, paper, etc. 

Each time you will get permanent ink with vibrant color without any doubt yet in dark surfaces. Since thousands of customer provides positive review and remain happy with these pens I am sure it would be the best choice for you.

Key Features

·         Acrylic paint marker pen that allows to paint any hard surfaces to gain glossy and bright color.

·         Non-toxic and odorless ink is better for kids and adults.

·         Comes with a full set of different colors. That helps to save some money and remain with one kind of ink and tip.

·         Water-based ink dries quickly and provides a vivid color.

2. Alerie Acrylic Paint pens

For the shake for rock painting to perform best Alerie acrylic paint pens gone beyond expectations. The first thing that I have in my mind is Alerie knows what a rock painter wants. 

They have packed everything in one box to put a little smile on your face. How? It has 24 paint pens with 12 different rich colors and three different tips. Holding on hand feels comfortable for these pens that for sure. 

Then again, I must talk about the tip. For the writing and precision drawing, it has a 0.7 mm fine tip with 12 different colors options. Also, another pen has a reversible tip with 2mm-6mm size.

This wide variety of tip let you do anything and everything for rock painting. By the mean of rock painting, it is also quite the best choice for any hard and dark surfaces. As you know, acrylic markers have a water-based color that dries quickly and provides super vivid color every time.

Also, Alerie ensures your satisfaction. If you think these pens are not for you, then claim a refund for a valid reason I am sure you will get a refund. But, that is a rare case. Since more than ten thousand people saying this is good, it will give you satisfaction too.

Key features

·         Three different size tips. That gives you the choice to pick whatever you need in your painting.

·         Every color has two pens.

·         Non-toxic inks are quite preferable for kids.

·         Ink dries quickly to gain better and eye blushing color.

·         100% satisfaction guaranteed.

3. Uni-posca PC-5M Paint Marker Pen

Since acrylic paint markers use water-based color, it spills color if you hold it for long. For that reason, this pigment ink-based paint marker pen can be your first choice. 

It will let you do a precise painting without worrying about unusual ink spilling on the canvas. For the build quality, these pens come with premium quality materials. 

And, it has 15 different color pens on this set. Although pigment ink does not provide vivid color like acrylic paint it is quite subtle and creates a whole new vibe to the canvas.

And, when it comes to hard surfaces such as rock or metal these pens can pull out the finest painting for sure. With precision drawing, you can focus on the details of your artwork. Also, this ink is water-proof. So, your painted rocks are going to remain beautiful as long as you want.

Moreover, it comes from Posca which is a popular brand for being good customer service. Their pen always put a smile on customers’ faces. However, it has only medium-sized tips. That may cause you some shortest while you are drawing. Rather than that, posca paint pens always the best choice for drawing without any doubt.

Key features

·         It has pigment ink that does not bleed on canvas.

·         Subtle color for rock, wood, metal, and other hard surfaces.

·         Ink is waterproof and non-toxic.

·         Super comfortable on hand while drawing.

4. Niutop Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting

When you are seeking vibrant color in your artwork Niutop is one of the best choices you have got. Like other acrylic paint pens, this package also comes with a water-based color that going to dry faster than usual. Although it does not seem to be waterproof but the color is really vivid. 

And, that helps to gain vivid color on your artwork to enhance its beauty one step further. Well, this is a 24 piece pen with 24 different colors. This color variety allows you to go crazy on the hard surface to deploy the exact color that you desire. Since it has fine tips you can do precise painting with more detailed drawing every time.

Of course, it will work for all kinds of hard surfaces such as rock, wood, glass, metal wherever you need to paint. And the ink is non-toxic. So, you can let your kids do some artistic work with these pens. 

Also, the pen is quite slim to fit perfectly on the hand. That leads to comfortable holding to make sure better paints.

However, shake it properly before every use to ensure better ink on the canvas. And, Niutop provides a full customer satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like it just give it back to them and take your money. All of the facts cries to sit on this list of best pens for rock painting.

Key Features

·         Slim design perfect for holding on hand to paint comfortably.

·         Water-based acrylic paints dry quickly to gain vibrant color.

·         Extra fine tip let you do precise lines while painting rocks.

·         Comes with 24 different colors to go crazy on your canvas.

5. Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens

Paint mark paint pens hold different characteristics than usual paint markers available in the market. Instead of using water-based ink, it has oil-based ink that dries quicker than usual and provides long-lasting color on any surface. Also, this ink does not fade easily and waterproof for sure. 

The paint mark pen set has 15 pens with 15 different colors. Well, the build quality is quite premium and the pen feels good on hand while holding for painting. And, the medium tip allows brushing on any hard surfaces easily. Since this pen has weatherproof ink you can use it for decorating outdoor elements.

The ink from these pens doesn’t smell bad at all. However, they have never mentioned it is toxic or not. So, I would suggest keeping it away from kids and stay safe. Moreover, thousands of customers putting their trust in this product. Why not add another person to this list?

Key features

· Oil-based ink dries quickly and completely weatherproof. Also, last longer than usual paint marker inks.

·         Comes with 15 different colors variation.

·         It has a medium-sized tip for rock painting.

·         Provides vivid color on any hard surfaces such as ceramic, stones, wood, and so on.

6. NAWOD  Premium Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

If you want to less money and get more pens with a wide variety of color choosing options then this one can be the best suit for you. Yes, this is also an acrylic paint marker pen that has water-based ink. 

As you know, this ink dries quickly and provides a rich color. But, does not hold better on the weather. It can be washed up by water or fade away in bad weather. That is not the main point of that since you are doing rock painting your artwork mostly stays inside the house where you do not need weather protection at all. What matters most is the vivid color to make artwork fantastic.

I have included NAWOD marker pens for few reasons. The first one must be it comes with 35 pens! And two different types of tip size is another main reason for choosing it. So, this package has 20 pens with 20 different colors that come with a 0.7mm fine tip. And, another 15 pen has same 15 colors with medium-size tip. Having different tip sizes helps a lot in rock painting to do precise drawing.

Moreover, the pen feels super comfy on hand, and build quality is premium too. Also, the ink is odorless and non-toxic. They have safety standards passed for bother adults and kids.

Key features

·         Comes with 2 sets of pens with a total of 35 pens.

·         There are 20 pieces of pens with different colors and 0.7mm tip. Another 15 pens with different colors and a 2mm tip.

·         Acrylic paint with water-based ink that dries quickly and harmless for kids.

·         Consistence ink flow to ensure better painting.

7. Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint

This is the most premium paint pen on this list. Because you have to buy each for individual colors. That is going to cost a lot than the usual paint pen set. 

However, if you are willing to spend enough then this is the best choice for you for sure. From the build quality to ink everything is top-notch on this pen. This ink stays longer than any other acrylic paint inks. Even they claim it is dishwasher safe! Not to mention that it will provide you rich color along with weatherproof.

And, you can apply this paint on any possible surface from wood to stones wherever you want. Every time you will get a vivid color that for sure. However, the ink needs a minimum of one hour to dry. That is of course a drawback for this pen. Also, it has a larger tip size. So, detail painting is quite tough with these pens.

But, the ink is non-toxic and safe for kids. And, comes with 2 oz ink. All of these facts say it should be the best choice for you and one of the best rock painting supplies available in the market.

Key features

·         Premium build quality with better ink.

·         Ink last long even after several washes.

·         Also, ink quantity is quite large.

·         Large tip size.

Consider following things before buying pens for rock painting

If you have come this far then let me give you few tips before buying pens for rock painting. It will help you to find the best pens for rock painting that goes best with you.

Build quality

First, check the build quality. Although all of these pens are made of plastic but make sure it has premium quality plastic. That will give better comfort on hand while painting.

Choose ink

If your artwork mostly stays indoor, then you can go for simple water-based ink that dries quickly and provides a rich color. But, for outdoor and long-lasting you must choose an ink that is waterproof. Most of the acrylic paint markers are waterproof. But make sure it is odorless and non-toxic.

Tip size

A larger tip size is best for base coating. But, for precise drawing extra fine tip is the best choice. If you are willing to spend less money, then get a set of pens with a combination of a wide variety of tip sizes.

Pen size

For precise drawing, you must need a thinner pen that you can hold better. It will let you do detailing in your artwork. However, for large canvas sizes, thicker pens are quite better.

After sale service

All the famous manufacturer provides the best quality after-sale service. Before buying a pen, make sure they have a refund policy. In any case, if you get defect product or color is not right for you then you can return that to them and claim your money back


Q1. What pens write on rocks?

Acrylic paint marker pen writes on the rocks better. Specially if you get extra fine, tip it will give the best result.

Q2. Do you need to prime rocks before painting?

Of course, without prime coating, all the rock looks like sandpaper and does not allow you to draw precisely. Also, the prime coating helps to create long-lasting paint.

Q3. What to use to write on Painted Rocks?

Use a fine tip marker pen to write on painted rocks. In that case, acrylic paint marker pen is quite popular. And, make sure rock is already coated with prime color. Otherwise, you may not get precise writing.

Q4. How do you paint rocks with pens?

After choosing the right rock clean the rock. Then, apply prime coat for vivid color and precise painting. Also, keep it for half an hour for proper dry. Then choose the fine tip marker pen to do your painting. 

However, make sure to shake pens before using. And, dry paint properly to achieve better and long-lasting color. In that case, choosing the best quality pen is also important. If painting is for indoors, then waterproof ink is not mandatory at all.

Q5. How to permanently write on rocks?

For permanent painting on rocks, you have to make sure of few things. First of all, choosing better ink. Then, select a pen that says waterproof ink and weatherproof. In that case, Martha Stewart pens are the best choice. 

After that, clean the rock for prime coating. Then, choose a fine tip pen and writer on rocks. On the above list, you will find whatever you need to do permanently write on rocks. It is basically inks that decide how long it going to stay on the rocks.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of this best pens for rock painting list. I have tried to include all kinds of pens that you may seek for your painting. 

From budget option to premium quality high price piece list contains everything. Also, if you follow buying guide that I have added above I am sure you will find the best pens for painting rocks and other hard surfaces.

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