6 Best Mechanical Pencils for engineers

Whether you are an architect or mechanical engineer you must rely on a good pencil for your drawing or drafting. Not only in almost every engineering field, but you also need to do drawing and sketching. Wooden pencil is not suitable for these works since its lead breaks and loses easily. Sharpening your pencil again and again while you are drawing is very hectic for sure. So, having a mechanical pencil obviously saves time and energy as well as makes your job easier. But, Finding the best mechanical pencils for engineers is not an easy job at all. In this article, I am about to help you to find the best mechanical pencils for engineers.

Top 6 Best Mechanical Pencils for Engineers

There are a few criteria pencil must meet in order to perform well in the engineering field. Also, among thousands of mechanical pencils in the market, you need to spend a lot of time and energy to find the best one that suits you. By keeping all the factors in mind, I have picked the 6 best mechanical pencils for engineers below.

1. rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

Whether you use your mechanical pencil for drawing, sketching, or writing it should have to perform well in build quality along with smooth writing capability. And, you will find every criterion in this rOtring 800 retractable mechanical pencils. When you are talking about build quality, I bet there are no other pencils in the market that can compete with it. It has a metal body with a black finish. And, a hexagonal thin barrel with perfect weight balance. Having a hexagonal barrel withstands pencils slipping from the table. Also, its metal grip feels good on the hand.

However, the best quality lead can only achieve precise and smooth drawings. For this reason, it has a 0.5mm super strong lead that never breaks during your work and lets you do precise drawing and writing. Also, you can erase any unusual part of your drawing easily with an eraser.

Overall, the pencil feels premium on the hand and performs as it looks. Moreover, rOtring provides two years of warranty with the pencil. And, all of these factors make this pencil number one choice for a mechanical pencil.

Key features

  • Best build quality with perfect weight balance.
  • Metal body with black finish pencil an outstanding outlook!
  • The metal grip feels comfortable on the hand while writing or drawing.
  • 0.7mm strong lead for precise and smooth drawing.
  • Two years of warranty for defective products.

2. Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil

Pentel is a popular brand for a mechanical pencil that has no doubt. But, I picked it for second place just because of its build quality. I feel rOtring 800 has better build quality than Pentel. Rather than that, Pentel twist-erase III has everything that you can expect. This is also a metal barrel mechanical pencil. Although the barrel is thicker than the rOtring 800. It has a latex-free grip that provides a comfortable feeling while writing or drawing. Also, weight balance seems pretty okay.

It has a 0.9mm strong lead for smooth and precise drawing. And, it is the perfect fit for drawing and sketching instead of writing. Every time it provides a clear dark line. Also, it has a built-in eraser with it. You have to twist it upward to use it.

Moreover, it comes with 12-pack pencils that reduce the price for sure.

Key features

  • Metal body with better weight balance.
  • The latex-free rubber grip is good for comfortable writing and drawing.
  • Thicker barrel.
  • 0.9mm strong lead that is specially used for drawing.
  • It has a built-in eraser.
  • Comes with a 12-pack for reducing your cost and lasts for a very long time.

3. Scriveiner Silver Chrome Mechanical Pencil 

If you are looking for a luxurious mechanical pencil then this might be the best choice for you. Either you can gift this to your engineer friend or keep it for yourself. Everything that considers a pencil a luxury item has all of it. Including gold plating on the silver barrel. Moreover, it has a brass-made body. It has a perfect combination of silver chrome and brass metal on the outside. That makes the pencil an astonishing design. However, the barrel is a bit thicker than usual. So you may find it quite uncomfortable in regular use.

Well, the lead is obviously of superb quality. Along with strength, it has a 0.7mm thickness. That is totally perfect for engineers. Also, the manufacturer provides a full money-back guarantee if you feel unsatisfied with their pencil.

But, the pencil costs more than usual. Although there is no significant difference in writing or drawing. So, this pencil is all about to show off and I will consider it as a gift item. Since it comes with a nice box too.

Key features

  • Luxury build quality
  • Brass and silver made barrel
  • Good to hold on the hand
  • Perfect weight balance.
  • Super strong lead with the perfect 0.7mm thickness that ensures smooth writing and drawing.
  • Comes in a fancy box

4. Pilot Mechanical Pencil S20

If you have a fascination for retro design then this is the perfect pencil for you. The body of this pencil is made of birch. And, the barrel is thin enough to provide comfort on the hand. Also, its wooden grip is way better than a rubber or metal grip. With click-and-write technology, it has a good lead protector too.

Speaking of lead, it has super high-quality lead that lasts for a long time. Also, 0.5mm thickness ensures precise writing or drawing every time. Moreover, refilling is not that hectic at all.

However, few customers complained about the tip. The tip got bent and was not as strong as I mentioned. But as for the retro looks, this pencil deserves ten out of ten. Also, smooth writing is another big advantage for this pencil. If you buy this, it will be worth a lot of money that has no doubt.

Key features

  • The birch-made barrel that provides a retro outlook.
  • The barrel is thin enough to hold comfortably which leads to a long time drawing or writing.
  • 0.5mm super strong lead
  • Smooth writing and drawing experience every time.

5. Pentel Graphgear 1000

Most of the customers consider Pentel products as the best quality products in the market. And, I totally agree with that. Not only these Graphgear 1000 mechanical pencils they have other best quality mechanical pencils too. But, this model is the perfect choice for engineers.

Well, it has a metal barrel that is thin enough to hold with comfort while drawing or writing. Also, the latex-free rubber grip is quite good. As with the barrel, lead is also strong and of superb quality. And, 0.5mm thickness lead always ensures smooth and precise drawing.

If you need a pencil for precise and detailed drawing then I would suggest this one. Other than that, you can choose the Pentel Twist-erase III model. Because this one is missing that eraser. Moreover, it is a drafting pencil.

Key features

  • Metal body with a thinner barrel that suits best the hand.
  • The rubber grip feels comfortable on the hand while writing or drawing
  • Super high quality and strong lead
  • 0.5mm thin lead ensures precise and smooth writing every time.

6. rOtring 1904444 600

Here is another rOtring mechanical pencil on this best mechanical pencils for engineers list. Although this one is cheaper than the first one. However. it has similar build quality. With a black finish metal body that ensures perfect weight balance and is good on the hand. And, the metal grip provides comfort for the hand while drawing. Moreover, it has the same hexagonal design that prevents pencils from falling out of the table.

Instead of 0.5mm lead thickness, this pencil has 0.7mm thickness lead. But, lead quality is still the same top of the market that you seek. That ensures precise and smooth drawing without any doubt. Also, you can use it for hours after hours without feeling any discomfort.

Moreover, rOtring provides two years of guarantees if you receive defective pencils. That says all why I picked this.

  • Best quality weight balance
  • Professional outlook with metal body
  • A metal grip that feels good on the hand.
  • Super strong 0.5 mm lead for smooth writing for a very long time.

Buying Guide on Best Mechanical Pencils for Engineers

Before buying a mechanical pencil for your engineering work you need to check the following criteria to ensure getting the best one.

Build quality

It always matters whether you are buying mechanical pencils or other products. It is very common to slip a pencil from your hands. A good mechanical pencil must have a metal barrel. So, it can handle regular drops. Also, it has to be thin enough for holding with comfort on the hand.


Either a latex-free rubber grip or a metal grip should be comfortable on the hand. However, metal grips are less recommended for sweaty hands. You can use a rubber grip instead.


This is the most important thing for doing a smooth drawing. I would suggest picking medium size lead. But you have to select on your own to get something that suits you the best for you. In general, 0.7mm lead is the best choice for engineers. It allows precise drawing every time.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1. Do engineers use mechanical pencils?

Of course, they use mechanical pencils. For their everyday drawing and sketching pencil is an essential component for them. But, a wooden pencil needs sharpening and is not easy to carry always in a pocket. On the other hand, mechanical pencils always provide smooth writing and drawing and it is easy to carry like a regular pen. That is why engineers use mechanical pencils.

Q2. Why do engineers use mechanical pencils?

As I said, mechanical pencils are easy to carry. And, you never need to sharpen or worry about broken lead. Also, mechanical pencils provide a clear dark line every time. Moreover, it is easier to draw with a mechanical pencil than with a regular wooden pencil.

Q3. Which pencil do architects use?

Of course, mechanical pencil. But architects must choose a pencil that can provide a precise drawing. In that case, the lead must be medium size and the pencil’s grip has better comfort on the hand.

Q4. What mechanical pencils do engineers use?

It depends on personal preference. But, I prefer to use a thin barrel and medium-tip mechanical pencils. Also, pencils must have a better weight balance. And, if it has an eraser attached to the pencil that would be the best.

Q5. Is 0.5 or 0.7 lead better?

For drawing, I would suggest 0.7 mm lead. But for writing and drawing for both purposes 0.5mm performs outstanding

Q6. Why are rotring pencils so expensive?

Because of their premium build quality with good weight balance and better comfort on the hand. Also, they use quality lead that is nearly unbreakable during your drawing or writing.

Final Words

The best mechanical pencil for engineers is not what I would pick for myself. This list combined all the possible choices that an engineer can seek in their mechanical pencil. Also, if you have confusion you can read the buying guide to pick the right one for you. Since I have added six different mechanical pencils to this list I am sure you will find the best one that suits you the most.

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