best mechanical pencils for math

6 Best Mechanical Pencil for math

You should use the best mechanical pencil for math for good reasons. Today, we will be discussing this.

Have you ever felt disturbance while solving math because of the broken pencil tip? From my personal experience, I bet this is the most annoying thing that can happen to you. Solving complex math requires pure concentration without any disturbance at all. For this reason, choosing a mechanical pencil over a standard pencil is the better choice for you. Mechanical pencil ensures fluent writing with comfort and mostly, the lead is not going to break at all.

However, choosing the best mechanical pencil that is specifically made for math is not an easy task. You need to consider certain factors while choosing the pencil. I have done the research and narrowed it down to the 6 best mechanical pencils for math. I am sure it will reduce your hard work in order to find the perfect one. Also, I have added a buying guide for better understanding.

1. rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

rOtring mechanical pencil is my first choice for doing math. From design perspective to smooth writing everything has top-notch in this pencil. First of all, I must admire the black finish body. And then, its hexagonal barrel. Oh man! that is really classy design. Moreover, the pencil shape is perfect for holding on hand with comfort. Also, its adequate weight balance helps a lot. That leads to writing with this pencil for a longer period smoothly with comfort. It’s hexagonal-shaped not only feels comfortable on hand but also doesn’t slide down while you lay it down on the table.

But, the pencil’s extra precision and durable lead is the key point for smooth writing that I must admit. Most importantly, it will not break while you in the flaw of solving math. Even more, a .5 mm tip provides precise writing just like a ball pen.

The pencil has a total metal body. Therefore, you may find it heavy. Although that does not bother me at all.

Undoubtedly this is one of the best mechanical pencils for math yet it could be the best choice for drawing too. All of these facts convinced me to put it in the first place on this list.

Key Features

  • Superb build quality with metal body
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable grip
  • 0.5 mm strong lead
  • Great outer look.

2. uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil

While rOtring deserves to be in the first place uni Core barely misses the first place to become the best mechanical pencil for math. As a result, I put it on the second number of this list. This pencil is also made of metal. And, it is gun metallic color looks pretty amazing! As usual, it has a 0.5 mm lead that helps to write smoothly.

However, its lead rotating technology makes it better rOtring. Also, the pencil feels good on hand while holding it. And, the weight balance is not that bad too.

Although, the pencil is quite pricy it is justifiable according to its looks and performance. You never have to worry about the broken tip or shaggy writing at all. As tough as the lead is it provides fine writing too.

And, this one pencil can last for a very long time. You can use it for more than a year that is for sure. Overall, the pencil is quite good except for that price tag.

Key Features

  • Metal body with good design
  • 0.5mm strong lead
  • Comfortable grip for a long time writing
  • Lead rotating technology

3. Parker Mechanical Pencil

So far this is the most premium pencil on this list I have included. As you know, parker is a premium and popular brand for these types of accessories. So in this pencil, they have done an amazing job without any doubt.

First, I just have to talk about the box. The box looks pretty amazing! And, if you want to gift this to someone, He/She will love it. Well, that does not mean the pencil is bad.

The pencil has stainless steel barrel that seems similar to a regular pen. And, pretty solid too. Holding this pencil feels comfortable which leads to smooth writing for a long time.

While you are doing the math you need precise writing without breaking tips. That is why this pencil has a 0.5mm strong lead. It will give you precise writing along with never breakable lead. Also, they have added an eraser under the cap.

Overall, this pencil is for your own or to gift someone who loves to do the math.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel barrel.
  • Unbreakable 0.5mm lead
  • Comfortable grip for longer writing period.
  • Comes with a gift box.

4. Pentel Graphgear 1000

Pentel is another big name for making pens, pencils, and other school accessories. I have included their Graphgear 1000 mechanical pencil in this list. Well, the pencil has superb build quality with a metal barrel. But, they have used a rubber grip that feels better on the hand. And, the barrel is thin enough for a hand. This combination provides comfort on the hand to write for a long time.

Moreover, the 0.5mm lead is super strong that is almost unbreakable. Also, it will last for a very long time. This pencil is also called a drafting pencil. You can use this for doing math along with technical drawings and other regular works as well.

Although it is a sharp lead it does not feel uncomfortable to write on paper. Every time you will enjoy smooth writing with this pencil.

Key Features

  • Superb build quality with metal barrel
  • Sharp 0.5 mm strong lead
  • Rubber grip for comfort.
  • Multipurpose mechanical pencil.

5. rOtring 600 Series Mechanical Pencil

rOtring 600 is another cool mechanical pencil from rOtring. This company is known for its best mechanical pencils in every way. From the build quality to strongest lead everything presents in their pencil. Well. rOtring 600 is also made of a metal body with a cool black finish. Its hexagonal shape allows the pencil to stick on the table and does not let it slip.

Although it has a metallic grip instead of rubber still feels comfortable on the hand. However, if you have a sweaty hand that may cause a slipping problem with the rubber grip. For that circumstance, having a metallic grip can be the best alternatives.

Well, the lead in this pencil is thicker than all the above-mentioned pencils. It has 0.7mm lead that still provides smoother writing for a long time. Yet, the lead is strong enough to write with it for a very long time.

Key Features

  • Best build quality
  • Ergonomic design and perfect weight balance
  • Better grip on hand
  • 0.7mm strong lead

6. BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencil

If you are looking for something within budget then this pencil could be your choice. With the same writing quality as the pencils, I mentioned above it reduced price by the build quality. Instead of a metal body, it has a plastic body that costs way less than metal. However, it still feels good on hand. And, its rubber grip ensures a comfy feeling that leads to a long time writing or doing math in your circumstance.

Although they have compromised in barrel but not in lead quality. You are still getting a super strong 0.7mm lead that lasts for a long time and provides smooth writing. Whether you are an artist or student you need this pack of pencils for a couple of reasons.

First, this is a budget-friendly pencil pack that costs the same amount for one premium quality pencil while you are getting 40 pencils in this pack.

Second, It has 2.5 times better lead than regular pencils that helps to write smoother with smudging.

Key Features

  • Plastic body with a thin barrel
  • Rubber grip
  • Comes with 40 pencils pack
  • Extremely budget friendly

Buying Guide on the Best mechanical pencils for math

Although I have mentioned the best mechanical pencils for math above you need to what is the perfect one for you. Also, you can select any other mechanical pencils for doing math by following these criteria.

Design and build quality

For any good quality mechanical pencils, you must go for their design and build quality. The metal barrel provides long lasting than plastic. However, the grip should be comfortable enough for a long time writing. The best quality pencil has an ergonomic design with perfect weight balance.

Barrel thickness

Since you are using a mechanical pencil for writing barrel should be thin enough to hold it for a long time. A thicker barrel is better for drawing and art purposes. And the thinner barrel is for writing. So, you need something thin just like a regular pen.

Lead thickness

Thinner lead provides precise writing. However, you have to choose lead thickness between 0.5mm to 0.7mm. These are the best choice for writing. Thinner or thicker than these sizes will give you the worst writing quality. Also, the thinnest lead such as 0.3mm has a chance to break during writing.


The best mechanical pencils cost something above 10 dollars. Most sophisticated and luxurious versions may cost more than 50 dollars to 200 dollars. If you spend more than that you will get better quality for sure. But 10-15$ is enough for buying the best quality mechanical pencils. However, if you are looking for something within budget, go for combo packs with multiple pencils to cut the price.

After sale service

When you are buying any products online it should have a good return policy. That is why you have to pick a pencil from popular brands that allow a free return if you do not like their pencil or receive a defective product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What are the best pencils for math?

For doing the math you need a pencil that can write fluently without breaking tip. In that case, a mechanical pencil obviously the best option. And, you have to choose the finest lead for smooth writing. In my research, I would suggest rOtring 800 Mechanical Pencil. Because it is comfortable to hold and it has 0.5 mm lead for smooth and fluent writing. Also, you can use this pencil for drawing and sketching too.

Q2. Is 0.5 or 0.7 lead better?

0.5 mm lead can provide smoother and fluent writing than 0.7 mm lead. Since you are looking for a mechanical pencil to do the math then go for a 0.5 mm lead. It will provide you smooth and fluent writing with a better comfort on the hand. On the other hand, a 0.7 mm lead should be the best pick for drawing and sketching work.

Q3. Which mechanical pencil is the best?

It depends on what is your purpose. If it is for drawing and sketching thicker lead would be the best option. But for writing, the finest lead is the best option that is for sure. And, I picked rOtring 800 mechanical pencils as my number one choice. From its metal, black finish body to strong 0.5mm lead everything seems suitable for writing. In your case, doing the math to be precise.

Final Words

So, we have covered reviews on the best mechanical pencil for math. We’ve tried to include all the possible pencils that you may seek. Mechanical pencil does not need sharpening or you have to worry about the broken nib. As a result, you can do the math for a long time without losing your concentration. Well, for every aspect, rOtring 800 is the best choice for you. However, I have added five more best quality pencils for choosing the best one. Also, the buying guide will help you to pick a pencil that precisely suits you.

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