6 Best M&A Books for Lawyers

In your legal career, you will have to do M & A, a short form of merger and acquisition for your clients. For this reason, you need to read the best M & A books for lawyers. If you are studying law and this subject is in your syllabus – you are lucky enough to learn such an essential topic for corporate law life. Also, if you are researching this topic as an independent researcher or lawyer – you will find some best books that our research team has reviewed for your ease to buy the best m & a books 

When you are a lawyer, you will have to meet all sorts of clients. Not all are going to be high-paying clients. Your corporate clients are the ones that pay huge amounts as consultation fees. Often Big corporations and startups need consolidation of their underwing companies or combining assets through different types of monetary transactions, that includes M & A (mergers and acquisitions), reinforcement, tender bids, buying assets for the business, and core management acquisition processes. 

6 Best Books on Mergers and Acquisitions for Lawers

1. The Art of M&A, Fifth Edition: A Merger, Acquisition, and Buyout Guide

It is one of the finest books written for students and professionals in this field. This book is contemporary, easy-to-read and very well-researched. For law and business students, this book is a good book to start with. If you are an MBA student, this edition will help you a lot too. It’s a realistic book, written on facts and law rather than just academic theory.

Merger and acquisition is a vast subject area of study. This book comprises many different areas including valuation of a company, doing the due diligence, financing a startup or corporation, and adaptation of one company into another. This book also covers the bankruptcy of business and legal thoughts.

For lawyers or other professionals in the business world, this book has deep things to offer. You will be astonished by the number of reference footnotes and the correctness of the given information. The topics covered in this book will help you avoid expensive mistakes. 


1- Great Interpretation

2- Lots of Topics


1- Needs more example for online business 

2 – Middleman business examples are needed

2. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Other Restructuring Activities: An Integrated Approach to Process, Tools, Cases, and Solutions

This book will be the one source that you can rely on for merger and acquisition. Whether working on a board, serving with a board of the company, training your executives or counselling – this book has all the resources that you will need in the process.

It is possible for you to get a completely separate or specific book, which makes sense if you are professionally focused on this one area. It will be good for you if you get the summary of the acquisition or the selling process. You may and would not need another merger and acquisition book. 

If you have a passion for merger and acquisition as a subject, buying this book will be compulsory. There is a large number of fans of the book who have reviewed the content and delivered it in their real-world experience.


1 – Covers M & A Completely

2 – Written by Expert


1 – Costly 

2 – Heavy 

3. Mergers & Acquisitions For Dummies

Even if you are not a big fan of the Dummies series books, this book is highly recommended for you. Our researchers have read most of the merger and acquisition books available in the market and this book stands tall and high over them all. The writer is a merger and acquisition professional. He has tried to cover many essential topics that others don’t talk about. For example, how to contact potential buyers and gives scripts to overcome rejections, questions and objections. This book is an easy to read book which is loaded with examples. 

We have also found that this book is remarkably well written and does a wonderful job of leading the reader through the different aspects of merger and acquisition. While it does a fabulous job explaining the terms and core concepts, the writer also does an excellent job adding some advice and practical information along the way. This book is a must-read for people dealing with mergers and acquisitions.

You can see that other buyers of this book say this book is precious. We would say it is an amazing book because it is complete in content and detailed in key issues.


1- Easy to Understand & Follow

2 – Wide Range of Content


1- No Audiobook Included  

4. Make the Deal: Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions (Bloomberg Financial) 

You can use this book to obtain a basic perception of how mergers and acquisitions operate and what the common provisions of the contract are that companies use to turn risk into one another during the deal process. You will really like how the writer describes difficult transaction mechanics in simplistic language and explicitly lays out the reasons behind every major contract detail.

Furthermore, this is an excellent book for learning the fundamentals of mergers and acquisitions. The chapters are split down into small sections, which makes it effortless to understand the various moving components at each step of the deal process. If you need to read up on a special topic, the index does a fabulous job leading you to the relevant sections. The book is full of sample terms, war stories and tables, and the footnotes following each chapter are an excellent resource for further study.

Overall it is a very well written book for both primary level and high-level level knowledge on mergers and acquisitions transactions demonstrating both the methods in the market as well as the causes behind them. 


1 – Great for non lawyers 

2 – To the point


1 – Too much business side explanation 

5. Tax Accounting in Mergers and Acquisitions (2021)

This book is an enormous resource. Clear and to the point writing that breaks the merger and acquisition rules in the provision by provision and document by document. Essential sample provisions, market application statistics for specific provisions will guide both associates and partners towards closing a deal. The statistics of market practice are key in this book. It provides both market analysis and provision for the potential negotiating position. 

Furthermore, this is unquestionably a useful handbook for lawyers and law students who will become associates practising corporate law. The writer provided a comprehensive yet well organized and brief explanation of terms in merger and acquisition deals, which could be overwhelmingly complex for junior associates and new lawyers.

Nonetheless, this book would be a useful book to buy for a law student or new lawyer, but it is average to be of use to a legal practitioner in mergers and acquisitions for more than a year. The core concepts are described in basic detail – actually showing more sample agreement would give much exposure to the readers. 


1 – Easy to Understand & Follow

2 – Wide Range of Content


1 – No Audiobook Included  

2 – No Quiz Option

6. Mergers and Acquisitions from A to Z

You would simply love how uncomplicated and helpful this book is. It is just fine if you are not a seasoned corporate lawyer. In fact, this book is better for you if you are moving from litigation to corporate law. This book is beneficial in understanding the cores of corporate transactions, especially what goes on throughout the negotiation of merger and acquisition deals. The writer makes the book interesting as well as easy to grasp and retain.

Moreover, the book overviews the apparently difficult deals and describes all elements with admirably clear and plain language. All chapters comprise precise examples, sample provisions which are greatly helpful in learning the conceptual terms and the corporate language. It is a must-have book especially for new lawyers in the corporate area.

Anyway, you will enjoy the materials in this book. Information in this book is not presented with a lot of complex financial analysis or cost equations. This book will give you a good basic understanding of the merger and acquisition along with the process and all of the steps. 


1 – Important Topics Covered

2 – Easy to Understand


1 – No Audiobook 

Final Verdict 

At any stage of your career, you will need to get into a merger and acquisition deal. To learn more about mergers and acquisitions you will need to go through multiple books. The above-mentioned lists of best M & A books for lawyers have been prepared after good research and reader reviews were taken into consideration. In our view,  Mergers and Acquisitions from A to Z by Andrew Sherman along with Make the Deal: Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions by Christopher S. Harrison will be the best two. If you are confused, read this article again and make the best decision.

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