Best Label Makers in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

There was a time label maker was nothing serious. It was more of a plain-looking gadget with normal printing support for marking boring documents. But things have changed, and people are thinking of purchasing the best label makers for their specific work-space.

Yes, we can make a certain label maker model to work for certain tasks. Whether you want to use it for home, office, crafts, electric tasks, and other workspaces – there are lots of models to pick from.

However, we like to make the experience more fluid. That’s why today we are introducing you to some important label makers. These label maker models are listed according to their usage and not their quality. Of course, we are not introducing any sort of buyer guideline as this is more of an overall expression in the label maker world.

8 best label maker model reviews

Just like we said, this is more of an overview of the label maker world. We are picking out some label makers for different tasks. Yes, the manufacturers were not keen about making them suitable for just one task. But considering their features, listing them makes more sense.

So, here is a list of the 8-models we have picked for our best list of label makers.

Brother P-Touch PTD600 Label Maker – Best customization option for home, office, and school use
DYMO Label Manager 160 Label Maker – Best portable label maker
ROLLO Label Maker – Best for small business
Brother P-Touch PT-D215e Crafting Label Maker – Best for crafting and fabrics
Xyron Creative station lite label maker – Best all-purpose label maker
Brady BMP-21 Label Maker – Best industrial and electrician label maker
Brother p_Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker – Best for using with your smartphone
DYMO Embossing Label Maker – Best manual label maker

So, that’s about it for our listing, and now let’s just jump onto the review section.

Brother P-Touch PTD600 Label Maker

Brother P-Touch PTD600 is an all-purpose label maker with some great features. But the main attraction of the label maker is always going to be the color display. 

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Brother P-Touch PTD600 Label Maker

Image: Amazon

Yes, this label maker made our list for plenty of reasons. Within a stable price point, the label maker is proved to be versatile and powerful. 

So, why is this one of the best? 

Comes with all the modern features: The very first thing about the Brother PTD600 is the modern features. Well, the label maker comes with a backlit display, connectivity, different fonts, design, quirky keyboard, and other features. All these features are quite common but still has a sleek and modern feel to them. 

Best for home and office usage: The PTD600 is best suited for home or any official usage. Obviously, this model is not an industrial label maker. Rather it’s a desktop label maker or two handheld label maker. With other features, the label maker is great for an office and home label making. 

High-resolution color display: Well, this is another thing that makes the PTD600 stand out. The full-color backlit display makes the label maker convenient anytime. No need to worry about the light condition and the design of the label. A high-resolution display like this one can give you a crisp and bright image of the printed result. 

Very easy to use: Starting from the display to the customization – using the PTD600 is fun. Just claiming this label maker to be simple to use is not enough. We like to say – using this one is fun. 

Connectivity: Earlier we said, the PTD600 is actually a desktop label maker. So, desktop or computer connectivity should be happening with this label maker, right? Well, of course, you will get these facilities from the PTD600 model. 

However, the problem remains on

Wastes tape: Even with all the modern features, the PTD600 wastes tape a lot. Yes, label printing tapes are costly. Not to mention, finding a suitable tape is hard enough as it is. But this label maker model wastes tape a lot and that can be a problem for a lot of people. 

DYMO Label Manager 160 Label Maker

When you are looking for the best portable option – Labelmanager 160 is the right choice. Certainly, other label makers provide portability but this one has some great features. 

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DYMO LM160 Label Maker

Image: Amazon

To be honest, the DYMO 160 offers every facility of a desktop label printer. On the other hand, the price tag is surprisingly affordable. 

So, why is this one of the best?

The best affordable option with portability: While purchasing a label maker, the price tag is always a huge problem. Well, industrial label makers are packed with features but pricey. But if you want a portable option with tons of features – this model is a suitable choice for sure. 

Fast and easy label making experience: Having a fast label making experience is great. Yes, some people just want ready-made labels. That’s why they rely on the label makers in-built templates. But having one hand-handled design and quick-key button is helpful too. Yes, the DYMO 160 is a tactful and easy to use label maker. Even with a cheap price tag, you are able to create professional labels anytime. 

Custom label making facility: Label makers come with some custom templates. But symbols and font style can bring a lot of variations. The DYMO 160 does have 20 different text formatting options. Not to mention, it offers more than 200 clips and symbols to make labels making a fun thing to do. 

Battery saving surprise: Portable label makers do need the battery life to be extended. Surely you won’t get a rechargeable battery with this price point. But the auto-off feature from DYMO 160 sure is handy. Not too much, but it can save you some juice. 

Large display and memory function: We should have said this at the beginning but the display is surprisingly large. You can view all the label templates perfectly clear. Also, the memory function lets you save the templates you use frequently. 

However, the problem remains on

Issues with label quality: One thing for sure, the DYMO 160 does everything you want to do with labels. However, the label quality will definitely disappoint you. Yes, the labels peel off easily and don’t adhere to too long. 

ROLLO Label Maker

Starting a small business is tough without a label maker. Surprisingly, the Rollo label maker did bring about some change in the small business world. 

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Rollo Label Maker

Image: Amazon

Well, the Rollo label maker is an affordable all-purpose label maker. There are better label makers out there but this one is still a popular choice. 

So, why is this one of the best?

Very Easy to use: The Rollo Label maker is a complete desktop solution for small businesses. Yes, you won’t get the full mobility from this label maker. However, from setting up to using the label maker – everything is simple. 

Major shipping platform compatibility: A lot of people act as a third party seller in some popular online shipping platform. Rollo is compatible with platforms like eBay, Amazon, and many more. So, you won’t have to worry about wasting time on making a good label on the shipping platform. 

Compatible with most label rolls: Most label maker is not compatible with every label rolls or tapes. You have to use the tape model the label maker can use. However, the Rollo label maker comes with an automatic label identification. This means you just have to put the label roll, and it will identify the label roll. Of course, this is a great facility too. 

Prints label faster: One thing for sure, small business label makers should be fast. Well, you have to create a lot of color labels and large labels. So, when you make labels faster, it’s a big help. Create 150mm label within a few seconds, 

No need for maintenance: The Rollo label maker is a complete desktop label maker. This means you can use this label maker with your computer all the time. That’s why you don’t have to worry about taking care of the gadget. It does have a strong and durable build. So, just keep the label maker at a corner of your desktop and just wipe the dust from it. 

However, the problem remains on

The color print is a little slow: Rollo is a fast label maker and can create a lot of labels within a minute. But when you are going for full color – the label maker won’t feel that fast at all. 

Brother P-Touch PT-D215e Crafting Label Maker

Brother is famous for its versatile label models. They even have a model that can make crafters really happy. 

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Brother PTD215E Label Maker

Image: Amazon

Well, if anyone is very obsessive about their crafting works, this label maker is sure to pick a choice. Getting a label maker that can print on ribbons can sure come in handy. And the PTD215e does more than that. 

So, why is this one of the best?

Meet your obsessive crafting needs: When you are making crafts like a bouquet, gift card, paperwork, and stuff, boring labels won’t work out for you. The PT-D215e comes with both ribbon and border tapes to make your crafts attractive. So, decorative ribbons and tape accents make this label maker a perfect suit for DIY craft jobs. 

The personal touch on every label you make: Boring old labels are just for organizing things around you. However, for DIY or craft projects, you will need to add a personal touch to the thing you are making. No need to worry, this label maker has more than 90 decorative borders and 20 continuous frames. You can even add more than 400 symbols and emojis to personalize the labels the way you want. Creating craft labels become very easy with the PT-D215e. 

Very easy to make labels: Well, the PTD215e sure has a beautiful design. But the looks are not the main aspect of this label maker. Thanks to the design and QUERTY style keyboards – you can easily make any labels with ease. And with the personal touch – making labels will be fun. 

Better than the PTD210 model: The PTD215e is a much more sophisticated label maker. You can create satin or fabric ribbons with this gadget. But this model has more features than the 210 model from brother. 

Stable power output: It would have been much better if it were a rechargeable battery. However, the PTD215e is powered by 6 AAA batteries. So, it’s stable power output. You can even use an AC adapter when the gadget is being used on a desktop. 

However, the problem remains on

Doesn’t include an AC adapter: If Brother had included an AC adapter, we could have declared this is a good value for money. Well, getting AAA batteries won’t help if you need more power. 

Xyron Creative station lite label maker

Xyron creative station lite is not a dedicated label maker. However, this label maker is still a great all-purpose label maker. There are plenty of features that make this label maker worth the purchase. 

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Xyron Creative Lite Label Maker

Image: Amazon

Yes, we know there is a lot of all-purpose label maker out there. But just hear us out and understand why this is a great label maker for just about any task.

So, why is this one of the best?

A versatile label making option: The best thing about the Xyron creative lite is that this gadget can make both stickers and labels. Whether you want laminated, magnet, or adhesive labels – this gadget can help you. Users can create continuous labels without wasting any tape. Also, this gadget can hold two different sized label tapes with ease. Maybe this is not so impressive to you – but you will understand once you use it. 

A healthier option for home: Nowadays, people are using thermal printing. Still, it can harm or affect your body with adhesive or other things. However, Xyron creative lite offers harmless adhesive and laminated materials for your labels. So, no need to worry about health issues with your labels. 

Very easy to use: Being a versatile label maker, it sure is easy to use. Thanks to the strong adhesive, the label maker lets the crafter use their labels on anything they want. Of course, you won’t get standard customization options but just make the customization on your computer. 

Provides great value for money: Surprisingly, the Xyron creative lite offers an affordable price point. Creating custom and beautiful labels of two different sizes is a big bonus. Not to mention, this product can always help you with different crafting tasks and labels for business. Also, the gadget will create less waste because of the two different sized cartridges. 

However, the problem remains on

Cartridge price is costly: Xyron creative lite is a good all in one label maker – no doubt about it. But the cartridge price is a bit too much. They just included a 5-inch cartridge as pre-loaded. But the amount is not enough for your versatile tasks. 

Brady BMP-21 Label Maker

DYMO is great in making industrial label makers. However, Brady BMP-21 is an absolute choice when it comes to industrial chores. 

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Brady BMP-21 Label Maker

Image: Amazon

No matter how many reviews you look – the BMP21 will always have a good spot. From our point of view, the Brady BMP-21 is great for electricians, cables, and industrial tasks. Not to mention, this label maker has a durable and tough built too. 

So, why is this one of the best?

Easy to use: The first thing for an industrial label maker is handheld support. Brady BMP21 is a label maker that is great on one-hand. Everything is organized nicely so that you can create labels faster. Installing the cartridge is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is slide the cartridge in, and you are done. 

Backlit display: A backlit display is pretty uncommon these days. BMP21 has a large and bright display. You will get a crisp and clear outlook of the label you will make. Also, the backlit display lets you print labels on the lower light area. 

Easy customization option: Industrial labels are pretty straightforward. Of course, you cannot expect customization like a desktop label printer. Well, the Brady BMP-21 has a customization option for fonts, texts, and borders. Even add symbols when necessary and there’s plenty to choose from. 

Continuous label tape: The best thing about the BMP-21 is the continuous label width facility. This means you can make labels of any width you want. And no need to worry about wasting any tape at all. 

Stable power option: Now, the stable power output is a great thing about this model. Getting a Li-ion battery will always help you with a long tie power support. But purchasers have to buy the Li-ion battery separately. Otherwise, you will have to use the AA alkaline battery with the box. Yes, there’s an AC adapter with the label too. 

However, the problem remains on

Expensive price tag: Considering the price tag, we cannot declare this label maker a value for the money. Because you won’t get the Li-ion battery and the tapes are costly too. Otherwise, this is a good label maker in our point of view. 

Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker

People do love their smartphones a lot. Even smartphones are getting smarter and can connect with a lot of gadgets. Brother took that idea and made a great label maker for smartphones. 

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Brother P-Touch Cube Label Maker

The Brother P-Touch cube label maker is a simple gadget. Yes, there is a similar smartphone label maker from Brother. However, this one comes within a stable price point and better features. 

So, why is this one of the best?

Great for smartphone users: Yes, this is completely made for smartphone users. The gadget works just like any desktop-only label maker. And the difference is that this one works with a smartphone. Not to mention, the software will help you design and print labels with ease. 

Bluetooth connectivity makes it simple: No, to connect with this gadget, you won’t need mobile data. Just connect with your Bluetooth and you are set. So, this is completely an offline label making experience. 

Plenty of beautiful label making options: The Brother PT Cube is solely for marking documents, important files, jars, and things around the house. Of course, you won’t get large labels from this gadget. Don’t worry as it prints on durable laminated tape alongside a good print. Even you can get different color tape options that make your marking easier. Even though the label maker is good for making small labels – you can even get some customization options. 

Create labels faster: Just like we said, this cute label maker offers convenient labels. As you are getting small labels from the gadget – it works surprisingly fast. Users can print 20mm labels within a second. Now, that’s really fast for a label maker. 

Pocket-sized label maker: The Brother PT Cube will fit right in your pocket. Yes, this is really something helpful for the users. As you are using your smartphone, just bring the gadget out when you need labels. Otherwise, roam around with it inside your pocket. 

However, the problem remains on

Poor Construction quality: If we consider the construction quality – the price point is sure to disappoint us. This label maker is not suitable for heavy tasks at all. 

DYMO Embossing Label Maker

Who said that the days of a manual label maker is long gone? You are sure to change your mind after checking out the DYMO embossing label maker. 

this is the image result when people search for "best manual label maker"
DYMO Embossing Label Maker

Image: Amazon

Yes, this label maker is really great when it comes to manual label making. A lot of people might think going for a digital label maker would be a smart choice. Even we thought that once. But now we had a big change of mind after checking out the facilities this gadget has to offer. 

So, why is this one of the best?

Surprisingly easy to use: Even though this is a manual label maker, you can still work faster. Of course, we have to give credit to the unique design of this gadget. The top dial shaped design is the buttons you will work with. 

Customization option is not missing: Yes, any digital label maker will gain a huge advantage over this label maker. But still, this one is not missing out on customization. It comes with a 49-character wheel. Thus you don’t need to worry about clicking buttons slowly. Rather, turn and click on the wheel to make your label. Yes, you have fewer label-making options but still, it’s plenty. 

No need for the battery: You knew this was coming with the DYMO embossing. To use this label maker, no battery is required. And that’s a huge bonus if you ask me. It’s better if you don’t even have to worry about recharging or changing the battery over and over again. 

Cheap price point but great for the support: Getting a label maker within 10 bucks is great. Yes, yes, we know this is a manual label maker. That’s why the price is on the lower end. However, if you are making a lot of labels and cannot waste money on batteries and other things – a manual label maker is a great choice. Even if this label maker is a manual gadget, still, this gadget can compete with digital ones. 

However, the problem remains on

It takes a lot of time to print: As a manual label maker, this gadget will take a lot of time to print. So, you have to be patient with this gadget. 

Wrapping Up

So, that’s about it for our Best label makers review. Label makers have evolved over the years. Now, they can be used in various places and for various tasks. We know this much and want you to understand this is not a simple gadget anymore.

We tried to give you a simple glimpse of different types of label makers. Manufacturers are trying to make versatile label makers and slowly these gadgets are becoming powerful. Now, it’s up to you to decide which model will suit your need. Maybe you can decide that on your own or trust our research for once.

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