Best Label Maker for Small Business

When you have a small business, petty stuff can always improve your brand value. Of course, you don’t have a lot of products or facilities but with the small facilities – you have to make the business big. So, even though it seems odd, a label maker can be crucial for small businesses. That’s why finding the best label maker for small business tends to meet your thoughts. 

But why think about different label makers for any small business? Are there even any models available for small business out there? We are going to find that out right here in this content. 

Why do we need to purchase a label maker specifically for small business?

When you are doing a small business, you likely offer a lot of products. Rather, the business sticks with some of their popular products. Thanks to that, they have enough time to concentrate on customer support. Even if you are thinking about starting your business on the run – customer support and organization may seem easy. To tell you the truth, it’s really hard at the beginning of your business.

To ensure customer support, the business tends to document their product. Also, they try to save some money on packaging. In order to do that, they can use labels. Labels are great for giving the customers a better feeling after receiving the packages. Aside from labeling the service charge, or price, a label can be used for many things.

Depending on the situation, and your workplace – a label maker can prove to be useful. Because even though you are starting a small business – you cannot depend on writing everything down. A label maker is a simple tool to add momentum to your organized packaging.

But it’s not just about the packaging that makes a label maker useful. For instance, you can create a cash memo, or other labels to make an informative office. Not to mention, you won’t have to rely on handwritten notes or other lengthy processes and keep everything simple.

5 of the Best Label Maker for Small Business

Now, if you understand why you should consider buying a label maker, we need to ensure another thing. The way to select the perfect label maker for small business purposes. Of course, the process is not going to be easy as there are fewer models available. However, after understanding the common things of a small business, we tried to select some label makers. Here are 5 of the best small business label maker available in the market.

  1. Brother QL-810W Ultra-Fast Label Printer – Best shipping label maker for small business
  2. DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter – Best versatile label maker for small business
  3. Primera LX500 Color Label Printer – Best color label printer for small business
  4. Zebra GK420t Thermal Transfer Desktop PrinterBest basic label maker for small business
  5. ROLLO Label Maker Best affordable label maker for small business

That’s just about the list of our best label makers for any small business. Now let’s find out why we chose them as some of the best models in the market.

Brother QL-810W Ultra-Fast Label Printer

The growing competitive market forces the business holder to purchase different types of equipment. And for your small business, the Brother QL-810W label maker should become a mandatory piece. 

image result for "best label maker for small business
Brother QL-810W Ultra-Fast Label Printer

Brother is always impressive in making good label makers, and this one is no exception. As a matter of fact, this model offers great handling of your small business packaging, documentation, barcodes, and many more.

Why choose this label maker?

Small but versatile: Considering the size of this label maker, you won’t believe what the label maker can do for your small business. Thanks to it, you can create a cost-effective label, packages, envelopes, or file folders. Label makers can always replace any huge printers and also save paper. Especially, when you are into the shipping business, this label maker is an absolute beast. 

Easy and Peaceful printing: Business requires smooth sailing, and for making different shipping labels – we need a good label maker. Don’t worry as the Brother 810W packs the power to create effortless labels. You can also integrate the label maker using Brother online software. Even though it can create labels with speed, it still produces high-resolution labels. 

Offers full mobility: We talked about the size of this label maker is small. As a result, the device offers portability and full mobility. You can just use your AC adapter when you always work within a desktop environment. However, if your shipping business requires you to work in an area where you need to walk a lot – this label maker can deliver the goods. Just install a Lithium-ion battery and you are good to go. 

Wireless connectivity: You can just use the online management software from Brother. Thus, you can create labels wirelessly, and you don’t have to worry about staying with the label maker. This is another good reason to purchase the label maker. 

Thermal Label Maker: Being a thermal label maker, this model saves you from purchasing ink or toner all the time.


But the problem is

Set-up instructions are confusing: As far as we know, customers are quite happy with the Brother QL 810W label maker. But the set-up instructions are confusing at times, and that makes it hard for some users to create labels. 

DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter

When you run a self online selling a business, a small label printer is your only need. The reason why DYMO 1755120 is on our list is that it packs the power to organize your self business a lot. 

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DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter

Just like the previous label maker, this label printer from DYMO packs some versatile label making features. Especially, when you run an online business, most people like to work at the desk. Rather than relying on a powerful but bulky printer, this label printer should be the best replacement. 

Why should you choose this printer?

Small desk-sized label maker: When you don’t have too much of a workspace, conventional printers are not the best option. Not to mention, printers can often waste papers, and label makers don’t. However, this label maker offers facilities like a printer and doesn’t take too much space at all. 

Versatile and fast print: Small businesses don’t need a label maker for directing something. Rather, they need a barcode, address line, beautiful design, and much other information. Working with shipping and packaging is the main fact. The DYMO 1755120 offers versatility in making a label, and even the complex labels take a minute or less to print. 

60 Customizable label option: Certainly, the customization options make this label maker such a good one to have. When you have a ton of label templates, creating variety in the labels becomes easier. Also, there are other font and size features to make your labeling experience versatile and customizable. 

Supports different marketplace software: If you are doing e-bay business, this label maker is a charm for you. Because you can use the e-Bay software and connect with this label maker. Not just e-Bay, you can print labels using Amazon, UPS, USPS, FedEx software too. 

But the problem is

Wastes label paper: Dymo is facing this problem a lot from many other models. The label makers are not always functional and waste a lot of tape in the process. Well, this is technically a software problem – we believe as most users connected them using the software. 

Primera LX500 Color Label Printer

Primera LX500 is one of the cheapest but versatile label makers in the market. Some short-run business requires a color label maker to make their labels. 

the image result for "best label maker for small business
Primera LX500 Label Maker

Primera LX500 is a good example of a versatile color label maker. Certainly, it does share some negative sides but still, this one provides better value for the money. 

Why should you purchase this label maker?

High-resolution label making: Primera LX500 is great for creating high-resolution labels with ease. Create a 4800 dpi resolution color label within a minute or less. Yes, you can create on-demand color labels, and the three-color cartridge can help you create the best label for your business. User can even print photo-quality labels without any hitch.  

Test out different package styles: Primera is a powerful color label maker that helps you with experiments. Try out a different style or template for your packages labels. No matter what size label roll you use doesn’t matter. However, there is no built-in label trimmer, and to find that you will need to purchase the LX500c version. 

Great for short-run business: Short run business like the gourmet food industry, veterinary products need colorful labels on demand. Also, printing 1000 labels a month should add up to their business easily. So, this label maker should be the obvious choice for them. 

Easy to use and install: The manuals are quite straightforward, and you can set the label maker easily. Just need to connect it with a computer. After that, use your computer to create labels on demand. 

Affordable price point: Even though the LX500 is a versatile label maker, the price is relatively cheaper. We don’t often find a label maker featuring versatility in label making within this price range. 

But the problem is

No touch screen: To use the LX500, you will have to rely on your computer. As there is no touch screen, you cannot expect full mobility with the label maker. However, considering the price point, this is not a bad con after all. 

Zebra GK420t Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer

Some short-run business does not require color label making, and basic black and white labels do just fine. For them, the Zebra GK420d label is a great purchase. 

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Zebra GK420t Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer

The GK420D comes with a lot of features as well as small footprints. Not to mention, the label maker is a suitable choice for just about any short-run small business. 

Why should you purchase this label maker? 

Can withstand busy warehouses: The GK420t is a sturdy and compact label printer for any short business. Yes, the manufacturer has done quite a good job with the construction material. As you are always creating basic black and white labels, the label maker can easily withstand busy label making periods. 

Basic label making support: If your short-run business label requires logistical address or barcodes a lot, this one should do the job. Of course, you can create small and medium-sized labels anytime you want. Furthermore, add barcodes or address bar to make your labels more informative for customers. 

Thermal Transfer Label maker: Up until now, we were talking about direct thermal label maker. But this one is a thermal label maker, and this is a money-saving opportunity for you. Direct thermal label makers don’t offer printer ribbon facility. But the thermal transfer label maker comes with a printer ribbon facility. So, people aren’t limited using direct thermal materials and can use different printing materials if the like. You can even print on matt silver polyester or even on vinyl. 

Best for short-run business: Zebra GK420t is great for short-run business-like cosmetics, food, healthcare, takeaway delivery, etc.

Affordable price range: Well, the GK420t comes with an affordable price range, and can create black and white labels. Of course, if your product package is just for information – this label maker is the best. 

Better connectivity: Connectivity options give this label maker such an option for short-run business. Not to mention, the label maker is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms. 

But the problem is

Difficult to change ribbons: Zebra GK420t has flaws too. Changing the ribbons are difficult to understand. Also, in the end, you may waste up a lot of ribbons. 

ROLLO Label Maker

Small and moderate-sized business often requires owners to work within homeroom conditions. Not to mention, Rollo is currently the most affordable label maker on our list. 

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ROLLO Label Maker

When small entrepreneurs are looking for a direct thermal label maker, this is obviously the best choice. Don’t worry, even with a tight budget – anyone can afford this one. 

Why should you choose this label maker?

Great for different business platforms: Rollo may be on the cheaper side but it is a versatile label maker. Whether you are in the shipping business, online business, or just in courier business – Rollo can handle the label making. 

Easy to use: Using the Rollo label maker is very easy. Starting from the setup to the walkthrough connectivity – Rollo features simplicity. Of course, you won’t be able to use it with full mobility because this is a desktop label maker only. 

Compatible with major shipping platforms: When you are doing an online shipping business, the shipping platform compatibility makes it easy to create labels. Don’t worry as the label maker can help you with different online shipping platforms. 

Automatic label identification: This is really a useful feature and saves you tons of labels. Switching labels can be tough, and with Rollo, you just need to push and put. This means that Rollo is compatible with most label rolls without wasting rolls. 

No need for maintenance: Direct thermal label makers don’t need too much attention. Also, Rollo is a durable and sturdy label maker that requires no attention at all. Just place it on your desk, and it won’t consume too much of your space. 

Speedy printing: Rollo label maker does offer great label making speed. If you compare it with Dymo and Zebra label makers – Rollo packs more speed. Create 150mm labels within a second and don’t have to worry about the quality. 

But the problem is

Better resolution label making is slow: You can print 300dpi labels with the Rollo label printer. However, it may cause the printer to print much slower than you want. Of course, higher printing is not possible with this label maker. 

What should you consider before purchasing a label maker for small business?

We are not in the era of manual label maker anymore. Now, the label making experience is turning on the better part, and you can guess which design is suitable for your work. Depending on the work you will complete, label makers come in the different price ranges. 

However, when you are looking for a label maker for a small business, the price is always going to be high. Basically, people always think that the price is a little bit too expensive. 

Why are small business label makers so expensive? 

Before starting your small business, online shipping or entrepreneurship – label maker can always improve the quality of your packaging. But small business label makers are expensive, of course. The reason is simple as business label makers are not just for single-line labels. 

Just think about the features you might want for your small business labels. Colors, thermal printing, printing speed, printing capability, connectivity, and many other facilities. Consider such high-end features, the price is always going to be higher. 

Now, the main things to consider before purchasing a label maker for small business

Printing quality

Within your fixed budget, try to look for a label maker based on the print quality. This thing is the first thing to check as you need the labels to be clear and solid. Otherwise, the whole purpose of the label will be ruined thanks to bad printing quality. Check out the print resolution and other quality to get a good label maker.

Color printing

If your business needs the labels to be colorful, going for a color label printer should be the easy way out. As there are two types of label maker – basic label maker and color label maker. Basic label printers can print more and save you money. But color label printers are costly but great for trying out different packaging styles.

Printing speed

Printing speed is another important aspect of a small business label maker. If you were looking for a label maker for home, the printing speed is not a mandatory feature. However, depending on the workload, on-demand print can play a crucial role in your packaging. Generally, most label makers in the market offer 150mm/s printing speed right now. There are some models which even boasts 120mm/s printing speed. 

Label roll compatibility

Your label maker should be compatible with a lot of popular label rolls in the market. Not to mention, the label maker should be able to print on different types of materials including mat paper or thermal materials. Sometimes people change their label maker for the sake of label rolls. Because most of the time, they don’t find the specific label roll. So make sure you check that out. Not to mention, label roll waste is another concern for a lot of people. 

Software and connectivity

Small business label makers are essentially desktop label printers. That’s why the connectivity option is not much of a concern because most of them come with Mac and Windows device compatibility. However, the software and online shipping market compatibility are crucial for your business. Not to mention, this makes your job a lot easier and helps you to create labels with ease. 


Here’s the thing – every label maker comes with a price range. But that’s not what matters as you have additional cost after purchasing it. Think like this, you bought a label maker within 150 bucks. On the other hand, a good label maker model costs about 300 bucks. To the naked eye, the 150 bucks model is the better deal, and you may feel happy to purchase it. 

However, after purchasing it, the cost of labels, label roll availability, maintenance, the cartridge is important too. So, think about cost-effectiveness. Because, cheap models tend to waste rolls, and get slower within time. 

Final Verdict

So, these are the top 5 label makers for small businesses according to our research. Business opportunities are booming up, and manufacturers are focusing on making the best printer possible. When we pick a model, we always thought about what considerations can improve the small business packaging. Even you can choose the best model on your own now.

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