5 Best Label Maker for Electrician in 2022

Some people may laugh hearing – a label maker can become a great addition to any electrician’s toolbox. But professional electricians would agree with me, and ask for suggestions. Even as an electrician when you don’t understand the need, we cannot blame you. Anyway, we can clear up the confusion once and for all and guide you with the best label maker for electricians

There are a lot of desktop label makers out there but electricians cannot afford that luxury. So, finding their best electrician label maker becomes hard. That’s why we are listing down 5 of the best label maker addition for an electrician toolbox. 

Why Electricians Need a Label Maker in the First Place?

A label maker can prove itself to be useful for various reasons. But that’s when you pick the right model for the right task. Suppose you have a label maker for a desktop that is not portable. Thus, working in a busy workplace is not possible for you if you need to walk around for work.

Electricians require labels for various reasons. The first and foremost of them is labeling their tools. Well, of course, that’s for one-time use, and after labeling once, they don’t need the device for a while. However, professional electricians need to create labels all the time.

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Electricians working with wires need to mark some wires and detect problems. When they do some regular checks on the electric system, a label can give them good support. Just think about it, an electrician working on any company or factory needs to maintain regular check-ups of the electric lines and devices. If he can label the checked lines and date, he can always stay updated about the progress. Maybe he can create separate codes or mark a line according to his maintenance. This way, he can guide others to understand the electric line environment.

But there’s more to than just that. Some electricians can put labels on a wire to indicate or record while working. Well, you cannot expect and electrician to bring his notebook while working. That would be wasteful and funny, and won’t provide any assistance.

On the other hand, a label maker gives the electricians a proper noting ability without using any pages. He can mark wires, cables, electric machines, tools, and even switches.

Label makers can even help in avoiding the risks of an electrician. Maybe not him but other people working around him. If he finds any wire or switch that is risky, he can put a label on it. Thus, people can stay alert before the electrician comes back and fix the problem later. Of course, electricians cannot solve every electric problem on-demand.

5 of the Best Label Maker for Electrician Review

One thing is clear – a suitable label maker can always improve an electrician’s job. However, only a few models can provide the facility for them. Yes, even though manufacturers didn’t even try to focus on electricians – the models were great for the task. So, here is our list of 5 of the best electricians’ label maker.

  1. Brady BMP-21 Label Maker
  2. Brother P-Touch-E550W Label Maker
  3. DYMO RhinoPRO 5200 Label Maker
  4. Brother PTE110 Label Maker
  5. Brother P-touch PTH110 Label Maker

That’s about is with our top 5 electrician label maker. Let’s move on with the review part for now.

Brady BMP-21 Label Maker

Surprisingly the Brady BMP-21 has earned a good reputation for being the best industrial label maker. With tons of positive reviews and durable features – we are also convinced that this is a good label maker. 

A picture of the label maker model when people search "Brady BMP-21 Label Maker Review"
Brady BMP-21 Label Maker

Image: Amazon

Brady is good when it comes to making labels, and this one is a good example. But why is this model a top-pick for our electrician label maker list? Let’s find out. 

Easy to use: As an industrial label maker, the BMP21 packs some great intuitive support. Well, the standard design of this label maker makes it a great experience to use for electric jobs. Installing the cartridge is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is slide the cartridge in, and you are done. Thanks to the display backlight, you can even work during the night times. There is almost every useful feature for an electrician. 

Handheld electrician label maker: As a handheld label maker, the BMP21 pack’s surprising features. Just like we said, the label maker is quite easy to use. From installing cartridge to making your custom label. For cutting the labels, there are two buttons that you need to squeeze. Of course, you can do these things using your hands, and this is the best part of it. Also, printing 100 labels a day is sure something you don’t find even in desktop label makers.

Durable Construction: The BMP21 is durable enough to withstand harsh working conditions. Especially when you are working in industrial conditions, the label maker can still work. Sometimes you may face difficulty, or the device may fall off from the hands. No need to worry as the durable construction has you covered. 

Customizable options: Customization includes fonts, style, and design. Of course, you won’t be able to receive desktop label printer support, but the font and size customization comes in handy. 

Stable Powering options: Use the Ac adapter or just the lithium-ion battery to operate the label maker. 

But the problem is

Some minor quirks: First of all, if the label maker rolls had a little more run, it would have been convenient. Also, they included the CAPS Lock button but didn’t include the shift key. 

Brother P-Touch E550W Label Maker

The Brother PT-550W is probably a flagship-level label maker for electricians. Actually, the high-end features and construction of this gadget make it a great choice for industrial purposes. 

The picture of the label maker model when people search for "Brother P-touch PT-550W Label Maker Review"
Brother P-Touch Pt-550W Label Maker

Image: Amazon

From top to bottom, the PT-550W can provide durable service. Especially if you need to create a lot of labels on the working space, this one is the better choice. 

Large LCD: Most of the time hand-handles label makers don’t equip a large display. But Brother came up with a concept of including a large display. For this reason, you can easily add symbols and enjoy large label making with ease. The backlit display on the PT-550W is bright and clear for creating labels. 

Automatic font and cutter: Even the automatic font feature on the PT-550W is impressive. Yes, you can enjoy font customization but if you’re in a hurry – that might waste your time. So, automatic font support can save you a lot of time in the workplace. Even the automatic tape cutter is accurate and doesn’t waste your tape too much. 

Fast label printing: Hand-handled label makers are neither fast nor slow. However, in a busy workplace, you cannot afford to waste time. That’s why the PT-550W comes with automatic font, auto tape cutter options. Added to these features, the label maker can also print faster for wires, circuit boards, and many more. 

Connectivity: This is not a necessary feature, but we think this is a dealbreaker. As you are purchasing this model for a portable electrician job, the connectivity doesn’t mean much. However, if you want to transfer any symbol or template from your Windows or Mac platform – connectivity can help you. 

The ability of networking presets: The PT-550W has the ability to save symbols or label templates. You can even save data or commonly used labels on the gadget. Some customers even like the networking preset on the smart gadget. 

But the problem is

Terrible software support: Some professional electricians want to use connectivity support for fast cable wrapping. But the software is poor and is not capable of handling such feats. 

DYMO RhinoPRO 5200 Label Maker

The Dymo Rhino 5200 is a great electrician label maker for on-site labeling. If the electrician is working under harsh conditions and the working elements are dangerous – this is a dealbreaker. 

The label maker image when people search "DYMO RhinoPro 5200 Label Maker"
DYMO RhinoPro 5200 Label Maker

Image: Amazon

Dymo Rhino 5200 simplifies label making and impresses the users with its label printing features. Any electrician would be pleased to get their grubby hands on this impressive label printer. 

Evolved and durable DYMO industrial label maker: The new Rhino 5200 just simplifies the cable labeling experience a lot. Yes, the DYMO Rhino models were a dream come true for any electricians. They even had a 500 model, and the 5200 is the evolved version of that. And thanks to the durable construction and handling – this label maker can pack durability. So, no need to worry about working on a harsh electric field or factory areas with this label printer. Even the rubber mold on the label maker is attached so that it can save the device from impact. 

Powerful Battery: On-site, label making is always painful if you don’t have enough power. No need to worry as the Rhino 5200 features a powerful lithium-ion battery. So, when you are labeling the cables it can pack power. Accessing the battery is also very easy if you want to change it. 

Easy Keyboard Layout and Hotkey: As a hand-handled label maker, Rhino 5200 was superb. Especially, the Hot Key feature gives the user the ability to choose label templates. You will get six different Hot-Key buttons and a cellphone type keyboard layout for making instant labels. 

Versatile Label Making: Just like we said, the Rhino 5200 always boasts simplicity. However, the versatile label making support gives the gadget a huge boost. It comes with a backlit display, entry-level vinyl or nylon tape, and barcode creation options. For a hand-handled product, the Rhino 5200 is seriously one of the best cable label maker for electricians. 

But the problem is

Heat Shrink Cartridge is expensive: The DYMO Rhino 5200 comes with a heat shrink cartridge. For this reason, labeling wires becomes easy and convenient. But the cartridge is expensive for people to purchase. 

Brother PTE110 Label Maker

To be honest, the Brother PTE110 Label Maker is an entry-level label maker for ay electricians. Some professionals do not need a label maker. However, having a label maker can improve their daily applications while working. 

Brother PTE110 Label Maker

Image: Amazon

Thus this label maker is the best model within a cheap budget. Yes, this label maker is simple and an entry-level gadget. However, PTE110 can always generate a professional finish. 

Entry-level label maker: First of all, the PTE110 is an entry-level label maker with great label making support. Of course, you are not getting any fancy label making experiences like barcodes or image printing. But still, for daily applications or some small labeling tasks – this one comes in handy for some electricians. 

Compact and Lightweight: Another great thing about the PTE110 is the compact size and weight. Within your hands, the product will feel more like a cell phone. Even the weight distribution on the label maker is even so it feels compact. They also included a case to carry the gadget. However, you can also walk with the gadget inside your pocket. 

Great for IT field electricians: IT field electricians are always working with cables and flags. So, a standard label width size of 12mm is more than enough. You can even create fewer width labels if you like. Not to mention, being lightweight, the label maker is also good to work with just one hand. Labeling cable wires is the sole purpose of this compact label maker. 

Compact keyboard: Most of the industrial label makers offer a stand-alone keyboard. But this label maker is different from others somehow. Just like a feature phone, the keyboard is very easy to understand. Create your labels with the utmost care and efficiency. Yes, you will miss some special key but considering the price – it’s Ok. 

AC adapter and battery option: Flexible powering option is another big benefit of this label maker. Whether you want to use the cable or go full mobile is up to you. 

Poor Display screen: This is obviously the biggest problem of this model. Well, the PTE110 is an older model from the Brother industrial label maker lineup. And now we are considering it as just an entry-level label maker. Still, the display should have been much better than usual. 

Brother P-Touch PTH110 Label Maker

Unlike the PTE110, the PTH110 is a great electrician label maker with simple labeling. Yes, the PTE110 is a cheaper option for some electricians. However, the PTH110 is an easy to use label maker with versatility. 

Image resut when people search for "Brother P-Touch PTH110 Label Maker"
Brother P-Touch PTH110 Label Maker

Image: Amazon

If you think that you are happy with labeling just cable wires, the PTE110 is always the best choice. On the other hand, the PTH110 has its own quirks to satisfy the needs of versatile labels in any electricians applications. 

Why should you purchase Brother P-Touch PTH110 Label Maker?

Easy to use: The PTH110 is very easy to use for its design and labeling options. You are getting a good keyboard, a bright and clear display, and a portability option. NOt just that, the PTH110 also offers different label-making features for the betterment of its users. Also, the label maker can equip some durable 12mm label tapes with ease. 

Portability: Just like the PTE110, this label maker is also a portable label maker. Yes, almost every industrial label makers are portable, and so does this one. So, what makes this one so special anyway? Because you can fit the label maker right in your pocket and use it for on-demand labels. 

A good display: For a simple and budget range label maker, the display is always important. But most of the time, the display is not good. Especially, electricians need a clear display to create labels. Well, the display on PTH110 is clear and crisp. You can review every label details before creating the print. 

Versatile label making: Another top feature of the PTH100 is the label making versatility. As you can create 12mm labels with ease, wrapping cables should not be a hassle. Furthermore, users have font and label template customization. Added to that, the extra memory lets you save up some custom labels for future usage. 

Problems with Brother P-Touch PTH110 Label Maker

No ac adapter included: Of course, this is a letdown for most people. Getting an AC adapter is a must for these sorts of label makers. Instead, you are getting 6AA batteries for the power options. Getting an AC adapter should have been better. 

Things to consider before purchasing the best label maker for electricians

In order for electricians to pick a label maker, they would have to look for industrial models. The task is a hefty one of course as electricians have to think about wire or cables the most. So, right before choosing a good electrician label printer model, they need to think about some important features. In this part, we are going to discuss them in brief succession.


Before choosing your label maker, consider the construction first. Electricians always work under harsh conditions and they cannot keep their gadgets safe. You never know when the device will drop from your hands to the ground. That’s why a sturdy build is necessary for the label maker. Otherwise, you will have to change the label maker too often.


Of course, electricians are always on the move and they need a label maker that offers portability. Portability is related to the flexible power option which we will discuss shortly. Well, look for a model that is easy to carry. Anyway, some label makers are quite large but still let you handle it with one hand. Weight puts a heavy impact on portability and we should also think about that.

Some models are great for carrying around inside your pocket. The only problem is that these models feature less labeling support. So, for portability, electricians should consider the size, weight, and handling features.


It may not look it, but the display is the most crucial part of any electrician label maker. The reason is simple electricians work under harsh conditions. So, they need a clear view of the labels’ information. Not to mention, reviewing the information on the display is equally important.

Professional electricians also require a backlit display for viewing under dark conditions. Furthermore, the display line or how many lines can the display help is also another thing to consider. Because what you see in the display will ultimately be the label you will get. Make sure the display is bright, crisp, and sharp for creating stunning labels.

Label Features

Electricians’ labels are only informative – not symbolic by any chance. This means the electrician is trying to mark any cable or indicate different switches or electric parts. However, just typing a different word is never going to organize their work. For cables, they can just add information or number code. But for a switch or electric devices, they can ask for different labels.

Checking out the font options, and label templates are necessary for any electrician. If they are professional and need to mark every piece of equipment, these features will always come in handy.

Flexible Power Option

Earlier we said the flexible power option is connected to portability. When your label maker generates long-lasting battery life, you can carry the gadget for a long time. Especially, if you are creating labels for longer periods, these will help.

AC adapter is common equipment for any label maker. So, this is not a big concern as long as the adapter is included. However, you might think about the battery a lot. Whether you are getting a lithium-ion battery or a standard 6AA battery is up to you to decide. We prefer the lithium-ion battery for long-lasting service.

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Final Verdict

Electricians are always getting introduced to new electric gadgets. Also, these gadgets are including a lot of cables or wires. So, professional electricians feel the urge to buy a label maker. An organized industrial platform can always set the tone for an electrician. However, finding a suitable model is hard enough let alone purchasing it. We tried to introduce you to the top 5 electrician label maker. Now, which one do you want to get on your grubby hands?

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