5 Best Label Maker for Crafters in 2022

Crafting or DIY projects need special kinds of labels for the piece. Most of the time, they require fabric labels or ribbon labels for making the craft piece much more attractive. That’s why choosing the best label maker for crafter can become important sometimes. But how can you be sure about the model being a perfect match for crafters? We are going to find that out here.

Today, we are going to review 5 crafter label maker available on Amazon. Also, we will give you a buyer guideline to choose a good crafter label maker.

Why a label maker for crafters is so important?

A label maker is still just a label maker. So, what’s the fuss about a label maker for a crafter? Yes, we know that manufacturers are not trying to create different label maker gadgets for different purposes. Rather, they create label makers for specific types of tasks. My point is, there is nothing called a crafter label maker.

So, what are crafters label maker?

Nothing special about the crafter label maker actually. Mainly, it’s about the type of label you will print from the gadget. Each manufacturer manufacture label makers on different designs. Most of the time, they make the label maker depending on the place the user will use it. Whether you want to use it in an industrial place, your desktop, or even home environment is up to you.

However, crafting is a hard task to pull off. So, you cannot use any sort of normal labels on the project. That’s why you need to be picky about the labels. Ribbons or fabrics are the best types of label tapes for crafting tasks. So, when any label maker offers ribbons, fabrics, or matt label tapes – you can say they are perfect for crafting projects.

Why should you need a label maker for crafting projects?

The answer is pretty simple actually. Crafter label makers can always improve the overall impression of your crafting projects. Especially, obsessive organizing geeks can choose a label maker for crafting projects. There are many benefits to choosing a crafter label maker.

Not to mention, the special and beautiful ribbon or fabric labels can always improve the outlook of any craft project. Especially, people wanting to do DIY projects can use a crafter label maker. That’s why it’s important to get a label maker for a crafting job. Normal or home label makers are not good all the time. You have to consider the label quality and template design. Also, the type of labeling tape you are using plays a crucial role here. These are the basic things about a crafter label maker. So, I think you can understand the main point here.

Top 5 Best Label Maker for Crafters Reviews

Earlier, we said, finding a label maker for crafting tasks can be hard. Because users have to consider the facts and features of the label maker. After that, they can decide to choose a model for them. However, nobody has the time to look intensely on the web for a crafting label maker. That’s where we come in researching for you. In our view, the top 5 label maker suited for crafting tasks are listed below:

Well, that’s about it for the best label makers for crafting tasks list. Now, let’s review our top choice list.

1. Brother P-Touch PT-D215e Crafting Label Maker

We are always impressed by the variety of label makers Brother P-Touch series has introduced us. But the PT-D215e is generally a label maker solely for crafters in mind. 

Whether you want to create stylish normal ribbons or just ribbon labels, the PT-D215e can do it for you. Mainly, the different bordered ribbon tapes of this label maker bring great joy and creativity to the details of your craft. 

So, why should you purchase this label maker?

Solely made for crafting projects: When you are making crafts like a bouquet, gift card, paperwork, and stuff, boring labels won’t work out for you. The PT-D215e comes with both ribbon and border tapes to make your crafts attractive. So, decorative ribbons and tape accents make this label maker a perfect suit for DIY craft jobs. 

The personal touch on label decoration: Boring old labels are just for organizing things around you. However, for DIY or craft projects, you will need to add a personal touch to the thing you are making. No need to worry, this label maker has more than 90 decorative borders and 20 continuous frames. You can even add more than 400 symbols and emojis to personalize the labels the way you want. Creating craft labels become very easy with the PT-D215e. 

Easy to use: Another great thing about the PT-D215e is the ease of use. You have the standard keyboard here on the label maker with is clicky and responsive. Thanks to the elegant design, the label maker looks beautiful in hands. From the outlook, it showcases the crafting label printing capability. Not to mention, the label maker is lightweight and portable too. 

Stable Power output: We won’t say that power connectivity is the most important feature for crafting label makers. But the label maker requires 6 AAA batteries and you can also use the AC adapter. 

But the problem is

Doesn’t include an AC adapter: We said that the PT-D215e offers stable power output. However, you can still use the AC adapter which you will have to purchase separately. If they had included the AC adapter, we could have claimed that this is a good value for the money label maker. 

2. DYMO ColorPop Label Maker

Creative people like to work with fun tools or gadgets. The DYMO colopop is a fun and great piece of label maker for crafting jobs. 

Crafting jobs that need small but decorative labels, Colorpop is surely the best choice. Yes, this label maker is not the toughest label maker out there. However, it sure is a great choice for crafters within the budget segment. 

So, why should you purchase this label maker?

Simple Decorative labels: The DYMO Colorpop is not just about the beautiful purple design. Alongside 20 different font styles and 150 emojis, this label maker is a perfect suit for crafters that want a personal touch. What’s more, it offers 5 different color labels to make the label’s fun and attractive. These labels have a glittery glossy finish so that you can make your crafts attractive. 

Handheld Label Maker: Handheld label makers are best for making small labels. The DYMO colorpop lets you create up to 12 mm labels with perfection. But thanks to the handheld design, crafters can enjoy making DIY projects or gifts much easier. Thanks to the design, you can even carry it within your pockets. When you need to create labels, just take it out of your pocket. 

Computer style keyboard and better display: Most of the time, we overlook the display and keyboard. Well, the keyboard may not be so overlooked anyway. On the other hand, we always overlook the display. The DYMO colorpop has a good, bright, and crisp display to show you every design. It’s large and simple but does a good job of handling all the templates and font styles. Alongside that, the computer-style keyboard gives you fast typing and label creating facilities. 

Great for kids: Kids always work with scrapbooks and different art projects. So, the DYMO colorpop is always the best-suited label maker for them to be organized. 

But the problem is

You might want to use the adapter: Even though the label maker runs on 6 AAA batteries, you might want to use the AC adapter. Because the power option is not very flexible. 

3. Xyron Creative Station Lite Label Maker

Xyron creative station lite is a great gadget for any type of crafter. Whether you require labels for DIY, homemade, or even die-cut crafts – it can deliver the goods. 

Probably, the Xyron creative studio is the most versatile label maker on our list. There are many reasons behind that, as you can even make stickers and other things. 

This is the image result when people search "Xyron Creative station lite Review"
Xyron Creative Station Lite [source: Amazon.com]
So, why should you purchase this label maker?

Versatile label maker: The Xyron creative station lite is a versatile crafting label maker. It’s versatile because it can create labels, stickers with ease. Whether you want laminated, magnet, or adhesive labels – this gadget can help you. Users can create continuous labels without wasting any tape. And that’s why this is such a good label maker. Aside from that, the label maker accepts two different sized cartridge refills. This is a great feature as you don’t have to think about the size anymore. For the most part, this machine is for creating stickers but the label making support is also great.

Harmless label materials: Another thing you won’t find in most popular label makers. Beautiful things should boast safety and harmless ingredients. The Xyron lite comes with acid-free permanent adhesive. Even the cartridges are acid-free, and won’t cause any harm. 

Great value for money: Xyron creative station lite is obviously a must-have for crafters out there. And this is also a better value for money deal. The price of the gadget is not too much and you will also receive a free cartridge. Insert materials about 125 inches without any problem. Thanks to the continuous label making facility, it creates less waste. 

Easy to use: Being a versatile label maker, it sure is easy to use. Thanks to the strong adhesive, the label maker lets the crafter use their labels on anything they want. Of course, you won’t get standard customization options but just make the customization on your computer. 

But the problem is

Price of the refills: The price of the refills of Xyron creative station lite has just skyrocketed. Yes, their adhesive paper or tapes price is always the best. But the price is surely not economical. 

4. Brother P-Touch PTD-600 Label Maker

The Brother P-Touch PTD-600 is a great label maker for any color labels. It’s a pretty simple label maker but delivers good labels for scrapbooks, DIY craft, or any homemade crafting projects. 

Maybe, the PTD600 is not a fancy product in the market. However, it does have some great features for making any crafter happy. 

So, why should you purchase this label maker?

A smart and compact design: Crafting projects need compact gadgets or equipment. And the PTD600 has a great compact design to make your crafting projects successful. The large keyboard is there for convenient typing. All the buttons are tacky and well organized. Everything is placed right in place for a better label making experience. Furthermore, the top-loading tape design makes this label maker very convenient to use. This label maker is for simple labels but simplicity will be at its best. 

Full-color display: Now, this is something you don’t find in every label maker. The PTD600 comes with a full-color backlit display. And this is a great thing because it helps the user to create colorful labels, and they can get accurate pictures of each label. 

Large label designing library: Yes, the PTD600 only makes simple labels. However, the number of options you will get from the label maker is really great. Personalize labels up to 24 mm without any problem. To make the labels attractive, the PTD600 comes with 11 font style, 99 frames, 600 symbols, and many more. So, no doubt about the label designing there. 

Connectivity: It’s great when you can connect with your desktop with the label maker. Crafters can even come up with their own frame or design for the desktop. The PTD600 offers the luxury of connecting with your desktop. Yes, Brother Software lets you connect with your computer and create beautiful crafting labels with ease. 

But the problem is

Not the best construction quality: Out of all the Brother P-Touch label maker, this one has poor construction. Many customers claim that this product is not the potential to even last 6 months. Anyway, I don’t think any crafter would go in a harsh environment. Also, considering the price, they had to make some cost-cutting. 

5. Circuit Joy Label Maker Machine

Circuit Joy may not be a solid label maker machine but for crafters – it is a blessing. For people who like to create crafts for home or kids, this is a smart and fun gadget to work with. 

Considering the price, many people would think this is a high-end product. However, there are lots of organizing crafting projects you can do with it. Not to mention, making stunning o decorative labels become easier with this product. 

The image result when people search for "Circuit Joy Smart Label Maker"
Circuit Joy Smart Label Maker [source: Amazon]

So, why should you purchase this label maker? 

Create smart labels: The first thing about circuit joy is that it can create vinyl labels. Also, they feature a Circuit joy smartpen with the label maker. With this smartpen, you can write over the vinyl paper for hand-drawn labels. So, there are no custom frames, borders, or font settings. You can create any type of label and Circuit joy will just print and cut it. 

Easy to use: Using this label maker is the sweetest thing we have ever come up with. Thanks to the custom label designing facility, you can create labels of any size. The label maker can cut vinyl paper up to 20 feet and you don’t even need a cutting mat. So, crafters don’t have to worry about making labels of any size. 

Versatile software support: Thanks to the smart materials from circuit joy, you require less time to create craftworks. Yes, they have a powerful and easy to use an app for your smartphone. Just install the app and create your custom labels without any hindrance. 

Comes with smart materials: Just like I said, Circuit Joy label maker is a smart gadget that comes with smart materials. You have the adapter, cutting machine, and premium software to work with. The whole box features a smart setup for making DIY crafts fun, exciting, and creative. 

But the problem is

Expensive parts with the machine: The big problem is purchasing vinyl or monthly software support for image and fonts. Yes, the machine itself is pricey and alongside that – it is costly. You can spend money on software on a monthly basis. Not to mention, buying vinyl paper would cost you more. 

Smart things to consider before purchasing your best-crafting label maker

Of course, crafting label makers are not anything special. You just need to check what sort of labels the machine will provide you. Alongside that, the type of labels and their design you can pick is a good consideration. We have given you a smart list of our crafting label makers. But if you are willing to look at one for yourself, here’s how you can pick one.

Consider the label maker

First of all, you need to check what type of label the gadget will print for you. What sort of tape the label maker can equip is also a part of the matter. When you are working with DIY projects, crafts, or home decorations – anyone can understand what they want.

Normal label tapes are not suited for crafts. Unless they want to organize their tools and stuff. However, when you are working with a scrapbook, bouquet, gift items – you require ribbons, vinyl, or matt paper. Color options on the tape is also another important factor here. So, you have to check whether the label maker machine can equip these types of tapes or not.

To be honest, few models can print on fabrics or vinyl. So, you really need to search the market really hard. Even we had a hard time finding these features on our 5 label maker list.

Label Customization support should be important too

After checking out the hardware, you must think about the customization option. Crafters do need a lot of customization support for their projects. Such as font size, font style, frames, label borders, label templates, and many other things. The more you get this feature, the more you can customize your labels. Even some label makers provide smart support for creating craft labels. Circuit joy label maker was a good example of that.

Don’t ignore the display

Crafters especially need to work with a good display. A proper display would let the user get a good idea about the design of the label. To be straight, the display foreshadows how the label will look after print. Getting a good and crisp display is a good facility. For crafters, a color display is always the best. Such as the Brother P-Touch PTD600 model we reviewed today. But you won’t find the color display on most label makers. But a backlit should be available and consider choosing a good display.

Software and Connectivity

Getting solid software support and a stable connectivity option is good. Well, it’s true most of the time you won’t get the best software. But connectivity can increase your custom design support. Not to mention, it saves you tons of time.

Final Verdict

Day by day, label makers are becoming more and more versatile. Even crafters can enjoy smart label making facility. Especially, a label can create so much difference in the outlook of your crafting projects. But you still have to find a solid label maker. Finding a crafting label maker is always pretty hard.

Considering all these problems, we need to think about choosing a good crafting label maker. The job was hard for us. Because there are not too many models that suit crafting projects. However, thanks to the smart considerations, we were able to pick some of the best label maker models with ease.

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