Best Label Maker for Cables to Organize Messy Work-space

Getting a cable marker is always efficient and saves you a lot of money. However, best label maker for cables is much effective than any cable marker. On the other hand, finding the label maker for cables is really tough. A lot of handheld label makers can help you label cables. But for a dedicated cable label maker, you have to consider some important features.

So, today we are going to review 5 of the best cable label makers available out there. We are also going to guide you on how to choose a label maker for cables.

Why cable label maker is important?

We have a little bit of idea about any electricians label maker. However, a label maker for cables is another thing. The reason here is quite clear for several reasons. Any electrician is not just working with just cables. Yes, they also have to handle switch, buttons, electrical boards, etc. However, most of their work includes cable.

Anyway, an IT expert, computer engineer, and technician always work with cables. For instance, mobile network operators, network line technicians, IT engineers, or other cable-related jobs are always there. They require a cable label maker.

So, what is a cable label printer?

A cable label maker is just like any other label maker available in the market. The difference is in the label tapes size. Yes, the size of the labels is what makes them different. Of course, you won’t get a label maker solely for cables. But depending on the size, you can use them on cables.

Most of the time, a label maker within 25mm is the best-suited choice for cables. Because cables come in different sizes but getting a 25 mm label is more than enough.

But why label maker is better than the cable marker?

Cable markers are more affordable options than any label maker. However, I don’t think it’s a good choice for two reasons. Yes, you can mark anything with cable markers. But you cannot write down too much information. You are not getting the proper visibility like a label. So, information is the first facility with a label maker.

After that, we have another thing going for the label maker. You can easily detach the label maker when you want. But cable markers are permanent and you cannot wipe them. However, you can detach the labels anytime you want. This keeps your cables or wires intact and clean.

Top 5 of the Best Label Maker for cable review and discussion

Cable label makers are similar to what any electrician would want. However, for cable label makers, you seek for the size of the label. Yes, there is a lot of label maker that will fit right in for the cables. But most of them are not great in terms of durability and long-activity. So, we had to search a lot and finally, we have picked 5 reliable cable label maker models. Our picked label makers are:

DYMO Rhino 4200 Label Maker
DYMO 280 Rechargeable Portable Label Maker
DYMO Mobile Label Maker
DYMO LetraTag 100H Handheld Label Maker
Brady BMP21-LAB Handheld Label Printer

So, we are done with the top picks for now. Now let’s move on with the reviews.

DYMO Rhino 4200 Label Maker

The DYMO Rhino series has always fulfilled industrial label making facilities. And the Rhino 4200 model is a perfect example of the success of the series. 

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DYMO Rhino 4200 Label Maker

Rhino 4200 is an older version of the series but a great pick for labeling cables. If you are always working with cables – then just picking this model should be the best choice. 

Image: Amazon

So, why should you purchase this label maker?

Make labels for cables faster: Unlike other industrial work-spaces, labeling cables take a lot of time. Of course, the features of this label maker are simple compared to other bigger models. However, you can create labels much faster and easier for that simplicity. Marking cables doesn’t require special design or font supports. Still, this label maker offers various customization support and those are enough for making labels for your cables. 

Convenient Hot Keys: The Rhino 4200 is a complete handheld label maker. We have discussed the fast label making facility. Hot Keys on the other hand make the experience smoother. You have a QUERTY keyboard to back you up. And the “Hot key” or shortcuts help you make labels faster. 

Save any label template: While working with cables a lot – having memory support is great. Well, the DYMO Rhino 4200 comes with memory recall support to save any label you use most often. Certainly, the memory is not too much but enough for you to save data for multiple templates. This feature also enables you to create labels faster. You can also save custom templates if you want. 

Industrial Strength label: The Rhino 4200 is an industrial-grade label maker. So, the labels are going to be rough and tough. Users can easily put labels on various cable materials. Even there are color options available for each label tapes. So, this is a very important fact regarding your cables marking. Without strong labels, you cannot expect to label all the time. 

But the problem is

Problems regarding print: Just as we said, the Rhino 4200 is an older version. So, the basic model comes with some major drawbacks. One of them is the printing issue and lack of customization. However, labeling cables should not mess your whole experience. 

DYMO 280 Rechargeable Label Maker

Moving on with easier to use label maker on our list. DYMO 280 label maker is a portable solution for labeling IT section cables. If you are fond of customization and like to use creativity, this model is a perfect choice. 

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DYMO 280 Rechargable Label maker

Image: Amazon

The DYMO 280 comes with unique and useful features for labeling any cables with ease. And we are going to find them out. 

So, why should you purchase this label maker?

Ease of use: Marking cables is not an easy task because it takes a lot of time. So, you would want a label maker that is easy to use. Not to mention, the pace of label making facility should be noticed too. Well, no need to be scared because the DYMO 280 is a very easy to use label maker. Thanks to the QUERTY keyboard layout and short key facility- you can create labels faster. 

Lots of customization plus connectivity: For a lot of people, customization is not a strong zone. However, when you are working in IT sections and need to organize office cables a lot – customization can help. A label can prove to be versatile, and customization will help you in the long run. Easily customize the fonts and use more than 200 symbols. Also, you can connect the label maker with your desktop for powerful customization. 

Rechargeable battery: No matter where you go, the battery is always important. Most of the handheld label maker offers an AC adapter or AAA batteries. But when you have a rechargeable battery, that is more convenient. Because users won’t have to worry about purchasing batteries from the stores anymore. So, that’s a plus point for anybody. 

Better display: We often overlook the display, and that might cost you. Well, the DYMO 280 is an allrounder when it comes to features. You can view all the contents on the display, no sweat. 

But the problem is

Connectivity problem: DYMO 280 does ensure connectivity with windows or mac devices. However, the software is not as versatile as it should be. But users are not that into connecting when it comes to cables. So, this should not be a huge problem at all. 

DYMO Mobile Labeler

The DYMO mobile labeler is an everyday use label maker for home, files, or cables. Especially, you can mark cables inside your house, office, or school using this label maker. 

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DYMO Mobile Label Maker

Image: Amazon

Mainly, smartphone connectivity makes this a simple and suitable choice for labeling cables. And we know the reasons why. 

So, why should you purchase this label maker?

Make labels using your smartphone: People always like to cling to their phones. Instead of using the label makers’ keyboard, you can always use the smartphone. And you won’t need any network or data connectivity to create a label. Just connecting with your Bluetooth will do just fine. Create custom labels from your phone and just print them. Especially, for labeling cables, small customization will help you a lot. 

Rechargeable battery: Just like the previous one on our list, this label maker also equips a rechargeable battery unit. The rechargeable battery unit lets you create tons of labels without worrying about the battery draining down. It’s common sense, as you will need to use the label maker a lot when you are marking small cables. 

Comes as a complete package: Most label makers packages are not great. Some packages come without an AC adapter or label tapes. But when you are buying a label maker for cables, these things are a blessing. Don’t worry as the DYMO mobile labeler comes as a standard package with all the basic things you need for creating labels. 

Free mobile app: Of course, mobile software plays the most crucial role in making your labels. And with this model, the statement is much clear. A lot of software requires you to purchase a monthly or yearly package. However, with the free DYMO mobile app, you don’t have to purchase any subscription pack. 

But the problem is

Does not include any extra rolls: We have mentioned the standard package with this label maker. However, you are not getting full roll label maker tapes from this package. Obviously, that’s a bit downer for a lot of people. Anyway, as a starter pack, the package seems, OK. 

DYMO LetraTag 100H Handheld Label Maker

If you are marking cables in your office, you would want to find the best portable option available. DYMO LentraTag 100H is a suitable label maker for office cables. 

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DYMO LetraTag 100H Label Maker

Image: Amazon

Of course, the label maker is not just for creating cable labels. There are more things you can create with it. However, it boasts portability much better than any other model available. 

So, why should you purchase this label maker?

Best portable label maker: being handheld and being portable is completely separate things. A standard QUERTY keyboard is always a great option for typing. However, if you have used a feature phone, you have seen ABC keyboards. This label makes comes with an ABC keyboard and looks just like a feature phone. So, the size, weight is small and lets you move with it freely. 

Auto-Off functionality: Well, the 100H models do have some flaws, and AAA batteries are one of them. So, users should be thinking about saving battery power. No need to worry as the auto-off function will help you save battery power with ease. 

Better display and customization: It’s good to see DYMO doing everything simple with this label maker. Just as we are saying, labeling cables don’t need too fancy features. They have included a simple but clear display that supports 13 characters. Users will also have font, border, date stamp customization from the label maker. 

Memory option: Another great feature for labeling cables. The DYMO 100H has the power to store up to 9 labels. So, you can create custom labels and store them for later use. Also, you can save the labels that you want to use the most. 

2-Years Warranty: DYMO has thought about everything with this label maker model. They even provided a 2-years warranty. So, they are very confident about the quality of this product. 

But the problem is

Not fast: Well, the only downside is that you are not getting a fast label making experience. This is a great label maker for creating labels on home or office. You can slowly label your cables or electronic cables with ease. But not for heavy industrial cable work-spaces. 

Brady BMP21-LAB Handheld Label Printer

Brady BMP21 is a good label maker for electricians on its own. But it also has a LAB version that is suitable for cable labeling. 

Brady BMP21 Lab Label Maker

Image: Amazon

Similar to the regular BMP21 but the Lab version has some unique features to label any industrial or IT section cables with ease. 

So, why should you purchase this label maker?

Make a label with mathematical symbols: This may seem funny to a lot of people here but hear us out. The BMP21 Lab is solely made for the laboratory, and still, this is a good label maker for cables. Why do you ask? Well, adding a mathematical symbol and different scientific terms can always benefit you. Especially, working in the IT sector can be informative. Maybe you are working with electronics and computers a lot. So, this comes with all the informative label templates to back you up. 

Durable label tapes: This is another efficient facility for labeling cables. If you are using standard label tapes or rolls – it might not be fruitful for cables. When the cable occurs in an accident, your label will be ruined. However, the BMP21-Lab features durable label tapes that can stay safe in Lab conditions. 

Durable construction: Working in an industrial environment is always tiresome. But that’s not the main problem for a label maker. The Brady BMP-21 Lab version has a durable and ergonomic construction like its sibling BMP21. So, users should not worry about any risk of the label maker falling down or breaking in harsh conditions. 

Very easy to use: With the Brady BMP21, you can create ultra-thin labels, customize them, and print them faster. And complete everything even faster with an intuitive design. With the standard desktop-style keyboard and short keys, creating labels is easy. Also, instantly cut the labels from the cutter on the top. 

But the problem is

Problems with multi-line labels: Yes, you are getting ultra-thin labels from the BMP21 Lab version. However, it takes a while for you to print a multi-line label. But for marking your cables, people don’t use multi-line too often. So, this should not be a major concern.

How We Consider the Best Label Maker for Cables – Buyer Guideline

Cables are always a mess when you have a lot of them. Whether it’s an office or home, having a lot of cables can always ruin the workspace. So, when you mark the cables with a label, people can understand which one to pick. Rather than finding a cable at random, pick them according to the label. 

Well, you can complete your job using a cable marker. However, getting a label maker is always the best choice. Finding one is another huge task and just getting a label maker won’t do. 

To be honest, you can get a label maker for electrician tasks. But if you are marking only cables, then you have to think about some important features, Of course, these features are not like the best label maker for electricians at all. So, what are they? We have made our list considering all these considerations and hope you too can find one for yourself. 

Easy to use

The very first thing you should consider is how easy the label maker is for usage. Labeling cables take a lot of time, and you cannot afford to lose precious time. When you have different shortcut keys and a good keyboard layout – the label maker should be easy to use. Usage indicates a lot of things, and we are going to talk about them in different segments here.

Handheld and portability

Cable label makers are not suited for the desktop environment. Well, it’s not a universal rule that you cannot use a desktop label maker for cables. You can but portability is best for cables. When you are dealing with cables, the user might need to print them in front of the cables. Besides, there are other things you have to think about. Portability and handheld design is a must here.

Rechargeable battery

I am not claiming this one as a mandatory consideration. But think about the facility you will get. Rechargeable batteries tend to help you use the label maker longer. Not to mention, it helps you save money and time. Getting AAA batteries too often is always going to cost you money. Also, when you are marking cables, you are using the gadget for a long time. So, getting a rechargeable battery is always great.


Often we try to overlook the display and pay the price later. Without a good display, you won’t get a good print. Because users won’t have the slightest idea about the label they will get from the print. So, checking out the display is also another important consideration. 

Fast label making

For cable labels, you need fast printing speed. Yes, most of the time you are printing 28mm labels, and they don’t have much design. So, the print should be simple and fast from other label makers. So, checking out the print speed is another big concern for us. 

Customization option

The customization option is not the most crucial feature for a cable label maker. However, you might want to add symbols, data, characters, or numbers. Especially, when you want to add borders, design for making the experience far better.

Wrapping Up

If you are working within the IT sector or a place where you are working with cables – finding the best label maker cables can ease your job. Even people who run cable business can make samples, and mark their cables faster. Choosing a suitable label maker for cables is not that hard. You just have to follow some simple buying concepts to make it work out for you. Or if you are not that into smart purchasing, try any model from our review list.

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