5 Best Field Notes Cover

Fieldnotes is not an ordinary notebook. Your entire fieldwork data is recorded on your field notes. So, any kind of damage would be an unbearable mistake that I am sure you do not want to do. It should be kept safe while you are carrying it during your fieldwork. That is why getting the best field notes cover will protect your valuable work safely and let you do your job without any panic at all. In this article, I am about to show you the 5 best field notes cover that you require.

1. Robrasim Handmade Vintage Leather Cover for 3.5″ x 5.5″ Notebooks

Leather provides maximum safety from any kind of weather conditions. That includes dirt, pollution, water, mud or anything else. This horse leather notebook cover has a vintage look with a good leathery smell. And, the thing you are most concerned about, it can protect your field notes properly. Because of its tough leather and hand stitch craftsmanship, it becomes user-friendly and durable at a time. This cover contains two inner pockets, one for your field notes and another for keeping some cash. Also, it contains two card slots for keeping your credit card and other stuff. Moreover, it has a pen holder too.

All of these combined make it a perfect choice to become the best field notes cover that you are seeking. However, make sure your field notes are not larger than 3.5″ X 5.5″. And, the best part is, most of the field notes are not larger than this size. That makes it specifically for field note cover.

Key Features

  • Handcrafted field note cover
  • Durable horse leather
  • Snug fit for field note
  • Has several pockets for cards and cash
  • It has a pen loop.

2. Jack’s point Leather field notes wallet cover

When you are getting the best field notes for the expedition, it is also necessary to keep your field note safe. And, Jack’s point leather cover ensures that precisely.

From the name, you already understood what the material is. Its genuine leather provides durability and extreme protection from any outdoor circumstances.

Also, having so many pockets allows you to keep not only a notebook but also other things that you used to carry every day. First of all, a pen loop. It is obvious that you need a pen with you. And, a pocket for keeping cash, several pockets for storing cards, and more.

Overall, it is the perfect alternative for your everyday wallet. And, the size is also very small to fit field notes well but not having gigantic things on your hand. That makes it handy, portable, and user-friendly.

Key Features
  • Genuine leather
  • 100% quality control
  • Comes with a pen loop and several pockets for keeping cash and cards.
  • Easy to carry all day long

3. Cordura Fabric Field note cover

Rather than having a leather cover, it is more of a military-grade field note cover. This 3X5 field note cover is flexible and can carry as many things as you can expect. It is made of 500D Cordura nylon. That ensures its durability and ability to adapt to outdoor conditions. Without having any damage, it will last more than a year.

Well, you can fit a pen, marker, cards, and many accessories on this cover. It has an adhesive hook to customize the cover as you want. And, you can use the inside part of the cover as well as the outside part. You can hold your phone on this cover too.

Since you are getting it as a field note cover. That part does perfectly. Without letting your field note be damaged or having a simple scratch. Although it does not seem waterproof at all.

Key Features
  • 500D cordura nylon made cover
  • Flexible
  • A lot of pockets and addon capability
  • Easy to carry
  • Last for a long time

4. Lifetime Leather Field notes cover

If you are looking for a customized cover for your field notes then this is the one that you should get right now. While they are ensuring the quality along with customizing the cover front design. It could be the perfect choice for you or to gift someone.

First of all, the cover is made of genuine leather with a burnishing finish to create a smooth outside. Yet it is durable and strong. Protects your field notes in any condition. Whether it is water, mud, or heat. There is enough space inside the cover/wallet to keep your field note on the right side. And, it has one cash sleeve along with three card sleeves where you can keep up to 15 cards.

As usual, it has a pen loop. Since it is a handmade cover. There is no doubt about the quality at all. Above all, you are getting customized front designs along with different color choices.

Key Features
  • Genuine leather with two different colors
  • One big cash sleeve and three-card sleeves
  • Also has a pen loop
  • Customizable front cover design

5. Elan Handcrafted leather field note cover

Some of us used to have something simple. And, seek a cover that is only for field notes. Not having any accessories along with that. In that case, Elan handcrafted and stitched is a perfect choice. It is specially made for field notes. It does not contain an extra sleeve or anything else, just a field note. Moreover, they provide 5 bonus field notes with the cover.

This leather-made and hand-stitched cover ensures the quality and protection of your field note precisely. And, it is also durable to last for a very long time. Moreover, it is available in two different sizes and colors for your different size field notes.

Above all, it is a famous company making leather products for the last 50 years. And, always ensure customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Available in two different sizes and colors
  • Handcrafted and 100% quality ensured
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Durable and flexible.

Buying Guide for Best field note covers


Without any doubt, leather is the best material for a field note cover. However, you must verify whether it is genuine leather or artificial. Also, some nylon-made covers are popular among hiking lovers. Because those are flexible and easy to use. But, in terms of durability and long-lasting, there is no one near leather. Among all the leather horse leather can provide prime strength.


The machine-made cover is quite good. But, often there are some quality issues. On the other hand, a handcrafted cover ensures quality control. Handcraft covers last longer than machine-made ones.


Having an extra pocket in your field note cover is always a good thing. It allows you to carry more stuff that you might need in your fieldwork. Having a pen loop is essential to have in the field note cover. Also, the credit card pocket and cash pocket is important but not necessary. However, having those extra features is always welcome. As long as you do not have to pay too much extra money for those features, you should go for that.


There are only two or three sizes of field notes available in the market. Make sure your field note gets snugly fitting in the cover. Before getting any notebook cover always ensure you are getting the right size.

Final Words

That was the list of the 5 best field note covers. Always make sure you are getting the right cover according to your field note size. It is you who is going to use the cover. So, it should be fulfilling all of your requirements along with the best quality. According to the quality and usability, I have included the top five covers above. I hope you will get one for you from the covers mentioned above. However, the buying guide will always help you find the best field note cover without too much hassle.

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