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5 Best Engineering Notebooks in 2023

Why just another general notebook isn’t enough for an engineer or engineering student – we will discuss it here. And, we will have a great list of the best engineering notebooks.

Whether you need to point out a client’s requirements or quickly evaluate an idea you need a notebook to write that down. You can track your progression, and your upcoming tasks through a notebook that you always have with you. From the great engineers to mathematicians and scientists everyone had a notebook for never forgetting a tiny idea. And, you know a simple glance at a creative idea can be an outcome of your biggest success. As for the engineering field, keeping a notebook has been compulsory to ensure everything you are doing right on the plan and achieve your ultimate goal. And, I am sure you must need the best engineering notebooks that suit you the best.

However, finding the best quality notebook for engineers is not an easy task at all. It will take a lot of time to test the notebooks to pull out the best ones from them. Why should you waste your valuable time seeking a notebook? In this article, I have gathered the 6 best notebooks for engineers. All the notebooks here contain different specifications that are going to help you to choose the special one for yourself.

So, without further ado let’s get started and dig deep into the topic.

1. BookFactory Engineering Notebook

BookFactory is the most popular brand in this field for a very long time. And, I am happy to say that our first product is from the book factory. Whether it is about quality or durability, BookFactory notebooks always perform the best.

This Black imitation leather cover notebook contains a simple and minimalist design. And, there is an Engineering Notebook stumped on the top of the cover. Other than that, the cover looks clean and minimalist in every aspect. Then again the cover is durable to last for years.

For any notebook, paper quality is equally important as the good quality cover. Paper is the important place where you are going to write your valuable notes. Although BookFactory claims they have the best quality paper on the market I can not argue or talk too much about that. Because I am not an expert on paper materials. But one thing is for sure, the paper seems thick and it is never going to turn yellow for long time use.

Also, it has a total of 96 pages with quad-ruled. I am sure as an engineer or engineering student you can understand how important these quad-ruled pages are. Especially scale your drawing and sketching. Overall, this is the best notebook for putting all of your ideas and planning to achieve a great outcome in the near future.

Key features

  • Minimal design cover
  • Hard and long-lasting leather cover
  • Thick and best quality paper
  • Perfect dimension for engineers
  • 96 pages with quad-ruled for scaling your drafting and drawing.

2. RayLineDo Engineering Notebook

RaylineDo engineering notebook is the second choice for this list. If you like minimalist and simple design notebooks then this one could be the best one for you. Instead of focusing on the fancy cover, they have done a very good job on the paper quality. Yet, the cover is soft and durable to ensure it lasts for a long time. And, protects inner pages from weather and other harsh circumstances.

Speaking of paper, RayLineDo also put the best quality paper on the market in this notebook. They use 80GSM Kraft paper. And, this paper is durable and thick ivory-white color. Again, each is got 0.5mm X 0.5mm grids for making it special for engineers.
Even though this notebook has 76 pages while most of engineering notebook has 84 pages or more. The covers that have fewer pages issue by giving large size pages(A5). But, they kept paper quality intact with the best quality binding cover.

If you do not feel uncomfortable with some missing pages then it should be the best choice for you. Otherwise, there are other notebooks waiting for you on this list. Indeed, this notebook has the best qualities to choose for your everyday use. Except for that fewer pages than regular engineering notebooks.

Key features

  • Durable and softcover
  • Clean and professional cover design
  • 80GSM kraft paper which is thicker than usual papers.
  • The notebook contains 76 pages with a 0.5mm square grid
  • Large dimension notebook.

3. National Brand Computation Notebook

If you don’t feel good about the previously mentioned notebook. Especially for that shortest of pages then, this one might be the one for you. It has almost doubled up the pages than the RayLineDo engineering notebook. But, the quantity of pages is not the only reason to choose this notebook.

The first thing you have to look at in a notebook is its binding and cover quality. Happy to say that, this notebook has a premium-quality cover with good binding. Instead of glossy it has a matt finish on the cover that feels comfortable on the hand. Surely feels premium to the touch.

Although the paper quality does not match the previous two still it is better than many papers on the market. Also, they have filled that gap by enlarging the paper quantity. Do you know, how much paper is wasted every year? And, what does that cause to the environment? Because paper is usually made of wood. As a result, a lot of trees are cut down every year to make paper for your writing. For this crucial matter, This notebook paper is made from 100% recycled paper.

Furthermore, each page contains a 4X4 quad-ruled graph. Where every inch has 4 squares. That is definitely essential for engineers or engineering students.

While you are getting all the criteria you need in your engineering notebook yet you are helping the environment by using recycled paper. I think you should do some contribution to nature.

Key features

  • Premium quality binding with hardcover
  • Clean and professional look
  • Made from recycled paper
  • 4X4 quad ruled pages
  • The notebook contains 200 pages

4. B5 Square Grid Spiral Notebook by SHININGSOUL

As a person, we always expect some extra in everything. And, this notebook offers all the necessary features with some extra benefits too. You should stop searching for the best engineering notebooks and grab this one. Why? Let me explain further.

Every best-quality notebook comparison starts with a cover. In the same way, this notebook has a hardcover that will protect notebook pages for a very long time. Also, it has a ring binder for keeping pages in place. Overall, the cover prevents inner pages from getting yellow or ink smearing. You can record your important research data and store that for a long time. And, that is what engineering professionals do. They record the necessary information in their notebook to store and use it when required.

Well, the notebook has 320 pages putting detailed research all in one notebook. Although they have used recycled paper, the quality is still intact, and one of the best papers on the market. Obviously, the paper has a grid rule. But the green line grids and it is barely visible. That makes this notebook used as a journal or drawing purpose whatever you want. In addition, the paper has a kangaroo pocket for keeping extra pages attached to the notebook.

Besides, the manufacturer provides a 10% commission from every purchase for donating to young engineers. This notebook has everything from good-quality paper to user-friendly and high-quality binding. Not only the quality is good but also you are helping nature by using recycled material. Of course, that will be possible if you are getting this notebook.

Key features

  • Ring bind clean and minimalist cover
  • Acid-free thick paper
  • Total 200 pages in the notebook with grid line
  • Made from recycled material to save the nature
  • Best for both engineering students and engineers.

5. BookFactory Professional Engineering Notebook

When you are talking and notebook BookFactory comes the first name. They have so many best quality notebooks that convinced me to include the second notebook from the book factory for this list. You already know how good BookFactory notebooks are. People use and suggest this notebook for its super quality and design.

Speaking of design, it almost goes for minimalist design. But not that far from fancy design at all. for a professional field, this is the fanciest you can go. You have to keep in mind, you are not a 13-year-old kid to buy a fancy coloring notebook. From that perspective, the notebook looks professional, clean, and optimistic. Although the design is the less valuable quality in a professional notebook. It is the page and covers quality that matters more.

For this reason, the notebook comes with a hardcover that protects the inner pages for a long time. Also, the covers feel good on the hand and do not weigh that much at all.

As usual, the paper in this notebook is top-notch quality among other notebooks available in the market. I feel these acid-free pages are going to keep your valuable knowledge for more than decades. And, it will never get yellow or cause ink smears. The notebook has 96 pages and every page has ruled with engineering grids.
Page dimension is also important for a notebook. This notebook dimension is the perfect size for carrying it all the time with you.

Key features

  • Minimal cover design
  • Super high-quality cover with a clean look
  • Best quality acid-free thicker paper on the market
  • Engineering grid on every page
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in 5 colors

6. AdirPro Professional Engineers Field Surveying Book

If you are looking for an all-in-one notebook then this one could be the one you are looking around. From the name, it is considered an afield surveying book. In reality, it can be used for many other purposes that an engineer needs. The manufacturer made this journal in an efficient way to make it the perfect choice for every engineer.

Do you need super high-quality binding and cover in your notebook? Well, this notebook has a leather cover to create a premium feeling on the hand. Also, this waterproof cover gives it a professional outlook with long-term sustainability. And, keeping the inner page intact and safe.

Sometimes you do not want a grid on all the pages. To take some important notes grid may give you a hiccup. That is why this notebook has a combination of normal line pages with graph papers. Among 150 writable pages on this notebook, 50 pages contain graphs and others for writing journals. Moreover, they have added various grid sizes for making you comfortable to go for what you need according to the situation.

Also, the paper quality is good enough to ensure the note has ink bleeding and gets yellow over time. And, the notebook dimension is equally perfect for daily uses. Since it comes with 6,12,24 packs it will cost you less than buying a single notebook.

Key features

  • Premium leather cover that is waterproof
  • Best quality binding for keeping inner pages on the places
  • 150 pages including grid or regular line
  • Premium quality papers
  • Comes in standard dimension
  • Available in 6-pack to 24 packs


Here are some answers to the most asked questions about engineering notebooks.

Q1. What are the best engineering notebooks?

From this perspective view, it is an arguable question. However, the BookFactory engineering notebook is the best one in the market. I am not only the person claiming that but also by its thousands of users and experts say that. Because of its premium quality cover and thick paper. That ensures keeping your data safe for years.

Q2. Do engineers use notebooks?

Of course, engineers use notebooks for writing important notes. Quickly note down ideas and drawings. Also, they use it to take instruction while with a client meeting. From surveying to drafting everywhere engineers use a notebook. That helps them to achieve success without making any mistakes.

Q3. Why do engineers keep a notebook?

Engineers keep a notebook for various reasons. First of all, note down the tiniest point to prevent mistakes. Because a small mistake in engineering can cause catastrophic failure. Also, when you are doing something creative you do not when you will get an idea. By keeping a notebook you can write down your ideas to evaluate that in the future. That is why engineers keep a notebook.

Final Thoughts

That was the list of the 6 best engineering notebooks. I hope you were able to find the perfect one for yourself. If you are striving to gain success then keeping a notebook is very much essential for you. It will help you to avoid small mistakes and work with efficiency. As a result, you will reach your final goal with great success. But one more thing, there is no such thing called best. You should get a notebook with your personal preference. But in general, those are the best and most recommended by engineers.

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