7 Best Dry Erase Boards for students

Whether you call it a dry erase board or whiteboard if it is large that can not be carried around. You need something portable and small for students. For this reason, choosing the best dry erase boards for students is different than usual. Since there are a ton of options available in the market, it becomes hectic to get the suitable one for you.

So, I have come to show you the best dry erase boards that are perfectly suitable for students. And, I picked specifically these boards by judging quality, durability, portability, price, and after-sale service. 

1. VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase Board

VIZ-pro is usually popular for its large size boards. But this one I included is quite small in size and is best for students. It has a 24 inch X 18 inch size with an aluminum frame around it for better durability. Obviously, it comes with a smooth writing surface. And you can easily wipe out dry erase markers without leaving any mark which is common in low-quality boards. Also, it is a magnetic dry erase board. Thus the magnetic feature helps to write smoothly every time.

However, it does not come with double-sided writing capability. That is to reduce the price I guess. Although it has wall mounting capability, I don’t think it is necessary for this small dry erase board. Yet, a pen tray may be helpful for you.

Overall, this VIZ-PRO magnetic dry erase board can be the one to start with. Especially, if you are getting a dry erase board for the first time.

Key features

  • Aluminum frame for better durability.
  • Magnetic board for smooth writing.
  • Comes with a pen tray and wall mounting kits.

2. Uho Foldable Double Sided Portable Whiteboard

This is a double sided foldable whiteboard with a lot of versatility. If you are a student then it will work for you well. As well as, you can use it for official purposes, kitchen, etc. Since this is double sided you can write both sides for sure. But, self standing capability makes it extraordinary from other dry erase boards available in the market.

As usual, this is also a magnetic board. And, that helps to do smooth writing and erase marks. Board is quite strong and covered with an aluminum frame around it. Moreover, it has a carrying handle to carry it. Also, the weight is not that high. Thus, it is easy to carry all day long.

However, if you are a student then I suggest keeping it in your reading table to take quick notes. Since it can stand freely it will help you a lot.

Key features

  • Better build quality with aluminum frame.
  • Magnetic board.
  • Comes with an aluminum alloy stand.

3. Amazon Basics Dry Erase Board

Amazon basics dry erase board is quite popular on Amazon for a few reasons. It is a product from Amazon itself. And, they always ensure the best quality products. This 23X17 inch board is easy to carry for your classroom and other places. And, the build quality is quite solid and premium. With a regular melamine whiteboard and a thin aluminum frame around it. All together made it stronger and lightweight for better usability. Although it is non-magnetic, writing with markers is quite smooth and wipes easily as well.

Moreover, It comes with a marker which costs a few bucks. Overall it seems budget friendly. Also, more than ten thousand people use it with full satisfaction. I would say it will be a great choice for you.

Key features

  • Premium build quality with aluminum frame
  • Non-magnetic board
  • Small size and lightweight.

4. Quartet Glass Whiteboard

Are you looking for a better quality dry erase board than a regular melamine board? The Glass boards are the best solution for you. For this circumstance, Quartet glass whiteboard is the suitable option I have got for you. Glass provides better writing with an easy wipeout. Although it is not portable at all. As a student, you can hand it in front of your reading table.

Moreover, it has an aluminum point to attach to the wall. And the board has a magnetic field to attach any metal made important material on the board. Also, the glass is durable and of premium quality. But, they have shown their versatility by adding white, black, frost, and a few other colors. If you want a blackboard that is no problem at all.

Overall, it is a very good option for a glass dry erase board.

Key features

  • Made with premium quality glass
  • Comes with few color options.
  • Aluminum mount for easy to attach on the wall
  • Magnetic board.

5. XBoard Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard

Some of you always seek a smaller and budget friendly whiteboard. But, losing quality and features is not expectable for anyone at all. If you are one of them, this could be the best dry erase board for you. First of all, it is a double sided board. For making it a strong and durable board framed with aluminum. Overall, it is a quite sturdy board.

Moreover, this is a magnetic board that comes with 3 dry erase markers and 4 magnetic pins. Yet, they have added a detachable pen tray with it. All of this makes it the best choice for you as a student as well as a teacher too.

Key features

  • Double sided magnetic board
  • Smooth writing and easy to wipe.
  • Comes with additional accessories such as marker pens, magnetic pin, pen tray.
  • Small and durable.

6. GreenKe Small Dry Erase White Board

Greenke dry erase board is the smallest board I have ever found on the market that has all the qualities to take the place in this list. This is a 10X10 inch tiny board specifically made for students and teachers for taking quick notes. Of course, it is portable. As well, it has an aluminum stand too. Also, you can write on both sides of this board. As usual, it has an aluminum frame around it. Since it is small in size it has better strength than the above mentioned whiteboards.

Moreover, it is a magnetic board. Always ensure smooth writing. And, its 360 degree stand lets you keep it standing on your desk. Overall, it could be the best dry erase board for you if you are a student or teacher who needs to take quick notes often.

Key features

  • Small in size and Sturdy.
  • Double sided board with the magnetic field.
  • Also, it has a 360 degree stand.

7. Lockways Magnetic Dry Erase White Board

This is the largest size board of this best dry erase board list. It is not for portable use that is for sure. Either you can hang it in front of your desk or keep it in your classroom or any other suitable place. Not only for taking notes or attaching memos, but it will also be a great tool for group study and office meetings too. Specially for the teachers, this large size board is quite useful.

Well, the board is made of melamine with an aluminum frame. Also, it is magnetic as well. The manufacturer included a magnetic pin and dry erase marker with the package.  This could be the best choice for school, office, or home.

Key features

  • Large size board
  • Easy to clean and write
  • Aluminum frame for a strong body
  • Included dry erase marker and magnetic pin with it.

How to pick the best dry erase boards for students?

There are a ton of dry erase boards in the market. But, when you are looking for student compatibility dry erase boards then you have to consider the following things.


A student must take out the board to the class or somewhere else. It should be small enough to carry it through a bag or hand. 2X3′ is the largest size board for students. But, 18 inches X 24 inches is the ideal size.

Build material and quality

Glass boards are high quality and work best. But melamine boards are lightweight. If you are a student and looking for something portable then melamine boards are perfect for you. If you want to attach a board in front of your desk then you can go for a glass board.


You can attach a quick note/ memo to the board if it is magnetic. But non-magnetic boards are a bit cheaper than magnetic boards. However, the price difference is not that much. So, I suggest going for magnetic boards.


A thick aluminum frame provides maximum strength to the board. But, it takes a lot of space. One more thing, make sure corner edges are covered with plastic or rubber. Otherwise, it will be sharp to cut your hand or it can injure others.

Double sided

Double sided boards are better for saving money along with time too. But, make sure it has stood to make it more useful.


Q1. Which whiteboard is best for students?

A smaller and portable whiteboard is the best option for students. Also, make sure it is double sided and magnetic as well. The 18″X24″ melamine whiteboard is the ideal choice for students.

Q2. What is the best dry erase board material?

There are too many perceptions of picking the best. If it is based on quality, then I must say glass boards. But, melamine boards are lightweight and durable. Although writing and wiping are better in the glass door melamine dry erase board is popular.

Q3. Are whiteboards good for studying?

Of course, if you need to take a quick note or attach task memos it is easy to manage on a whiteboard. Also, it saves paper as well. Moreover, before executing any ideas, you can write that on the whiteboard for better reminders.

Q4. Which size whiteboard is best for online teaching?

I would say medium size boards are the best for online teaching. For such cases, 3’x4’boards are quite user-friendly. Since it is not big for the camera, it is also not so small for clear text.

Final Words

Finally, I have come to the end of the 7 best dry erase boards for students list. By including all types of boards, it will be easy for you to pick the correct one. If you have any confusion, follow the buying guides above. I am sure it will help you a lot. Again, always choose a small size board for students with better durability and portability. However, that does not mean you have to pick the tiniest board. It should be according to your comfortability for sure.

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