Best Color Label Makers / printers for small business in 2022

Label makers are pretty much essential everywhere. Whether you need it for professional work or personal, you need the best label makers in the market to ensure quality and performance. But the color label makers are the one step further deal for labeling everything colorful. Moreover, it is a crucial choice for some moments to stand out from typical black and white labels. However, getting the best one from the market is not easy. Therefore, I am with the 5 best color label makers with an extensive buying guide to find the perfect one for yourself. 

Best Color Label Printer for small business

Here we will describe the features and pros-cons of

1. DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer

Although it is not able to print color labels, there is no comparison with any other label maker with it. I know you are looking for a color label printer, and this one is a worthy recommendation, that is for sure. The first thing that blows my mind is its label size. You can print 4” X6” size labels which are enough for online or offline sales. And it has over 60 different templates to create a custom label design for your shop. 

This thermal label printer does not have too many fancy features in it. Instead, it is focused on quality. The printing quality is so good that you can’t even imagine an ordinary label printer. On top of that, this printer uses recycled material for the paper, and surely you do not need any ink that can cost you extra money. 

However, this is a wired label printer. So, you can not take it out for doing the job. It fits perfectly for the online or offline store to sit on the desk and use a computer to print labels immediately. And the printing speed is quite fast to handle the immense workload.  


  • Fast and accurate printing
  • Larger size
  • Use recycled material
  • Multiple templates to choose the best one for yourself


  • Do not print color labels

Brother VC-500W Versatile Compact Color Label and Photo Printer

Brother is indeed one of the best printer manufacturers in the world. And this is their versatile printer that suits best for printing labels. It is a solid and small-sized printer that can work with smartphones and computers. Since it has a wireless printing service, you can set this anywhere to get the job done. But the most interesting part of this printer is indeed its awesome color printing capability. A decent label size provides the best possible quality in a color label printer. Also, it comes with a free label editing app to design your label and then print it when needed. 

Moreover, it has a one-year warranty and an excellent customer support system. That ensures superb quality along with good after-sale service to state the maximum user experience from it. 

So, this could be an awesome printer for your home or office to print a label whenever you need it. 


  • Wireless printing
  • Easy to use
  • Superb quality
  • Excellent customer support


  • Does not work with Mac

Brother P-touch PTD600VP

It is another versatile printer from Brother, with a small label size. Also, it stands out for its standalone printing capability without adding any other devices such as a computer or smartphone. Yet, you can add it to a computer or Mac to do a better design. But the printing label size is 1”, which is better for labeling products, not for making any receipts. You can use it in your home or office to label your necessary things to keep everything organized. 

Well, it has different styles of fonts and frames to make your labeling unique. But, it is quite big of a machine and does fit as a portable label maker. Anyway, you can put it on your desk and print your label. Moreover, it is quite an affordable and low-cost printing device. Indeed you get a one-year warranty along with excellent customer service from Brother. 


  • High-quality label maker
  • Affordable price
  • Versatile machine
  • Amazing customer support


  • Not portable

DYMO COLORPOP Handheld Color Label Maker

It is a truly portable and compact size label maker from Dymo. You can get color label tape with monochrome print on it. Mostly it is included in this list because of its portability. This small device you can carry with you everywhere and label your stuff by typing the label name and decorating with various fonts and styles. 

Instead of AC current, it uses 2AA batteries to run the machine. Therefore you have no problem carrying it with you as long as the batteries are charged. Surprisingly, the batteries last for a decent time to ensure enough print before they run out of power. Also, the design of this label maker is interesting too. This purpose color design with the size of a smartphone really pops out. Overall, this is an amazing piece of product for label color label printing. 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Runs on batteries
  • Quality printing
  • Easy to use


  • Small printing tape

Primera LX900 Color Label Printer

Although Primera is not as popular as Dymo or Brother printers, it is doing great right now. And this color label printer is one of the best solutions for a store to print custom color labels for the products as well as make receipts. This is not a handheld device that you can carry with you; it suits you better for sitting at the desk and doing the job properly. And it uses CMYK ink cartridges to print the label. However, that makes it an expensive printer than others in terms of printing cost. But you get the best quality printing as you regularly get from a normal printer with excellent color accuracy. Also, the printing speed is better than most of the label makers. And it can print a maximum of 8” width paper to give you a choice of a larger label or receipt. 

Moreover, you can use USB or wireless to connect the printer with a device to operate it. Wireless printing technology makes it easy to use. 


  • Large color label printing
  • Wireless printing
  • High-speed printer
  • Custom design


  • Expensive

Buying guide on the best color label makers

Let’s have it in mind that even if it is the best color label maker, it may not suit the best for you. Therefore, you have to choose a color label maker that goes with your preferences. Yet you have to stick to some common requirements that you need to check in your label maker. Here is how you can get the best color label maker for yourself. 

Printer size

If you use your printer just to label your store product, you do not need a portable printer at all. If you get a bigger size, that will not create any problem at all. However, it should not be that big to acquire maximum space for your desk. 

And if you want quick printing, handheld devices are a better option. 

Paper Size

Usually, label tapes are around 1” wide for labeling anything. And you can cover anything on it when it comes to the labeling. However, sometimes you need to label bigger boxes with more information. For example, if you want to ship a product with all the shipping information, you indeed need a larger paper size to print the label. That is when you choose the 4” or 6” wide printing paper instead of a label tape. And make sure your label maker is able to print that size. 


Usually, you get quality printing from the label maker that pops out easily. You should check the output color since you are getting a color label printer. Although most of the label makers do not require inks, you can have an ink-based printer to ensure better quality printing if you need it. 


There are two factors where you should consider the price, one is for the printer, and another is for the paper. Label makers that do not require ink use pricey paper but end up with low costs for not using any ink. And you can get a color label maker within $100-$150 without compromising the quality. 


What is the best color label printer?

It depends on your preference. However, Brothers VC-500W seems the best one for color label printing. Also, this list consists of other color label printers that are the best in the market right now. 

Can you print labels in color?

Yes, you can print labels in color. There are many label printers available in the market right now. And I reviewed the best color label makers here; you can check them. 

What is the most versatile label maker?

Brother VC-500W is the most versatile label maker here. It can do everything whether you need to print something in color or monochrome. Also, it has wireless printing technology to work with smartphones as well as computers. 

Is Dymo or Brother better?

There is no definitive answer because these are the most popular and best manufacturers for printing or printing-related products. However, Brother is one step ahead of Dymo in terms of printing products. However, Dymo label makers are better. 


So, that was the list of the 5 best color makers in the market right now. If you want a versatile printer, you can go for Brother VC-500W for better color accuracy with larger paper size, or get Dymo for affordable yet small size labels.  

Also, the buying guide that I provided is surely going to help you choose the perfect one. Whether you need a color label maker for your home or office, this list will be enough to serve all purposes. 

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