6 Best Label Maker for teachers in 2022

Teaching can be a complex and creative profession but sometimes you may get a boring teacher tag. Probably if you are not organized, the students will always get bored with you. A teacher label maker is such kind of small tool, and it can always keep your important stuff in check. If you are very busy all the time with several classes and want to track of the simple but important documents, finding the best label maker for teachers can be crucial. 

But you need to confirm why you need a label maker in the first place. Even for a small tool like a label maker, one has to go through a proper thinking process. So, we decided to review some of the models for any teachers to stay organized. Also, our buyer guideline can help you with how we choose our picks on the list. 

6 Best Label Makers for teachers reviews

According to us, currently, the best label makers for students are:

  1. Brother PDT600 P-touch Label Maker
  2. Brother PDT210 P-touch Label Maker
  3. Brother P-touch PTD400AD Label Maker
  4. DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Handheld Label Maker
  5. Brother P-touch PT70BMLabel Maker
  6. DYMO LetraTag LT-100T Plus Compact label maker

Now you got the list let’s dig deep into the product to make a better buying decision.

1. Brother PDT600 P-touch Label Maker

The Brother P-touch Label Maker is my top pick because it gives you a more modern feel. Most of the time, label makers have a lower resolution display and looks cheap.

However, the Brother P-touch is different from the other models and boasts surprising features. Well, you actually don’t require the label maker to be modern, and techy – but the user experience improvement is always important.

Even though the label maker is meant for commercial use, any teacher can absorb all the benefits from it. Because the teacher is always working with documents with his/her computer. Being a connectible label maker, you can print labels anytime you want, and don’t have to bother with using the label maker separately.

Why should you purchase this label maker?

A modern label maker: Most label maker looks very identical to a calculator, and this one took a more modern approach. Well, the label maker comes with a backlit display, connectivity, different fonts, design, quirky keyboard, and other features. So, te modern using experience can be a good reason for purchasing the label maker and use it to organize all important small documents. 

Ease of use: Thanks to a high-resolution backlit display, and other connectivity options, using the label maker is very straightforward. 

Portability: This label maker includes an AC adapter so that you can power the machine. However, if you want, using batteries will also do, and you can easily print labels while carrying it around. 

Connectivity options: The high-resolution display is enough for you to print or write labels with 7 lines. However, you can also connect the label maker with any computer or Mac device. Use the Brother app to use the label maker, and print out important documents with ease. 

But stay aware

Wastes tape: When you create a label, the label maker will cut an inch of tape while printing. This is annoying because a standard label tape is 2-inches long, and the label maker is wasting tapes.

2. Brother P-touch PTD210 Label Maker

Well, the Brother P-touch PTD210 is not as good as its brethren the PTD600. However, if you want to go on with a more affordable and cheaper option, the PTD210 is the best option.

The P-touch PTD210 is very easy to use and comes with a lot of user-friendly features. For a school environment, you actually don’t require too fancy a label maker. Just getting a normal one will do, and the P-touch PTD210 is the right one for you.

Especially, people who never used a label maker can start with this label maker, and trust me – the experience will be great.

Why should you purchase this label maker?

Great for beginners: There is no such thing as a beginner label maker but the user-experience is always important. And the PTD210 is the best choice for starting your label making.

Easy to use: Unlike most other label makers, this one does not look like a calculator Rather, it has a good design, and keyboard layout to give you an overall idea about the machine. So, the user experience will be satisfying, and quirky.

Customization option: When it comes to labeling, a personal touch can improve your organization a lot. Just like its brethren the PTD600 – the PTD210 also comes with several customization options for fonts, labeling, and lines.

Lightweight and portable: The product is very lightweight, and portable at the same time. You can use the AC adapter to keep the power on, or just use AAA batteries to operate the label maker.

Stay aware

Difficult to read LCD screen: The LCD screen is very difficult to read, and you will need strong light from the back of the LCD.

3. Brother P-touch PTD400AD Label Maker

There are some teachers who always need to do a lot of labeling. And they need a label maker that is compact, can handle a lot of labeling tasks, and easy to use.

Surprisingly, the P-touch PTD400AD packs some useful features, and you can print multiple lines with ease. Mainly, the label maker is meant for teachers who need to make labels for assignment paper, homework, and test paper questions.

Yes, there are some great models besides this one, but for the price point, this is a good purchase. Not to mention, you will get a compact and powerful label maker.

Why should you purchase this label maker?

Create lots of labels: Thanks to the QUERTY keyboard, and multiple line graphical displays – you can easily print out a lot of labels. If you are in a hurry, multiple line labels can provide great support for creating labels fast. Not to mention, you can add proper details.

Make everything faster: With the PTD400AD you can print a maximum of 9 label copies in an instant. Now, that’s something every teacher can do to label their student’s documents faster.

Varieties and styles in label making: Thanks to the customization options, and font styles – creating stylish labels become easy. Not to mention, it can also create an organized classroom or office room filled with paper documents.

Flexible powering option: When the label maker is always busy, and the extremely flexible powering option is a must. One thing for sure, wherever you go – most places won’t have any electric power option. So, the six AAA sized battery will help you with the power. Or if you are working within the desk, use the included AC adapter for powering it.

Stay aware

Character limit: You can type only 80 characters including spacing and margin with this label maker.  Sometimes, the character limit can be annoying but I think that’s why they included the multiple line display.

4.  DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Handheld Label Maker

QUERTY keyboards are great for a teacher working with computer and computer keyboard devices. However, some teachers prefer one hand labeling experience, and the DYMO LentraTag can deliver the goods.

Being one hand handled, the labeling machine offers a versatile working experience that can impress any teacher. For instance, elementary school teachers are always busy, and this labeling machine is the perfect partner to work with ease.

LentraTag has a feature phone design for optimum mobility. So, you can carry the label maker anywhere in the school in your pocket. Not to mention, create instant labels and ensure the educational environment is more organized. 

Why should you purchase this label maker?

One hand handles label maker: The main attraction of this label maker is the one hand-handled support. Being a pocket-sized device, you can tuck it inside your pocket and go anywhere in the school. When you need it, instantly get the device out of your pocket – use the keyboard to type, and create instant labels.

Trouble-free ABC type keyboard: Most of the feature phones come with an ABC type keyboard, and these keyboards are convenient to type with one hand. The DYMO LentraTag label maker features an ABC type keyboard for teachers who prefer to use feature phones a lot.

Versatile label maker: Even for a small label maker, the DYMO LentraTag offers versatility. You can change the fonts, make 2 line labels instantly. Aside from that, you can create 9-labels within a minute.

Different language support: Creating labels on three different languages is always a pretty cool feature. Especially, if you take different classes inside any school, the language tags can keep you organized. With the DYMO LentraTag, you can type labels on three different languages.

Stay Aware

Poor construction: DYMO came with a superb one hand-handled label maker but the construction quality is poor. The label makers’ shiny outlook fades away and breaks down after putting a lot of pressure. However, they had to cost-cut on the construction to deliver some useful features.

5. Brother P-touch PT70BMLabel Maker

There will always be some teachers who like to keep all their devices unique. I mean, a unique design can also improve one’s outlook, and if the label maker can come with unique design and features – that would be a bonus.

Well, the P-Touch PT70BM is a unique and beautiful label maker with plenty of useful features. The PT70BM is a beginner or basic label maker that suits everyday school needs.

Unlike other P-touch models on our list, this one is easy to grip, and using it is very easy. The unique design is not just for show and gives you better handling while staying busy with notorious students.

Why should you purchase this label maker?

Portable basic label maker: Elementary school teachers need to deal with a lot of notorious kids who forget their stuff. This beginner label maker can be a suitable choice for making a label for their books or note and day to day stuff.

Detailed label support: P-touch PT70BM comes with a sleek and compact design – still, it can impress you with its label-making versatility. The device will work with some specific Brother P-touch labels, but you can choose different color options. Also, you can type 2 line labels with many details about your object.

One font – Different styles: PT70BM comes with 50 different font styles, and we know you don’t need that much font style. What’s great is that you can type a single font in six different sizes.

Long battery life: The PT70BM is powered using a single Lithium-ion battery. Also, the small display consumes low power, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice.

Portability: The compact size, and sleek design allows you to tuck the label maker inside your purse or bag like other important stuff.

Stay Aware

Only non-laminating tapes are compatible: This is really a disappointing thing as the PT70BM supports only non-laminated tapes.

6.  DYMO LetraTag LT-100T Plus Compact label maker

University or college teachers don’t have to deal with notorious students and daycare services. So, finding an affordable, compact, and easy to navigate label maker should do the job fine. Well, DYMO LT-100 is the best available option for such teachers.

Considering the price range, the label maker is somehow very impressive. You will get a sleek design, plenty of font options, and good power consumption on this label maker.

Also, the features are quite competitive even for the high-end label makers. Obviously, they had to cost-cut some parts, but still, this is a wonderful label maker to work with.

Why should you purchase this label maker?

Bright LCD: The DYMO LT-100 comes with a standard LCD that is easy to view the fonts. No need to worry about refill waste on the display, and you can check how the print will look like after printing.

Label making versatility: With this label maker, you can get access to the versatile label making experience. First of all, the label maker offers 9 label storing memory so that you can keep common labels in the device. Also, you can easily create labels in 3 different languages without any problem. The label maker also supports thermal printing and you don’t need any toner or ink.

Auto-off feature: Operating using a battery can be crucial for hand-handled label makers. However, this specific label maker comes with an auto-off feature when you are not using it. The features work just like a calculator turns off, and this helps you to reduce power consumption.

Time and Date Stamping feature: Another good feature is the time and date stamping feature, and this can be useful for several reasons. If you are taking any exam or found anything on any date – the label maker will help you to mark the object.

Budget-friendly refills: Unlike other models on our list, the refills of this label maker is obviously not that pricey.

Stay aware

Low print quality: All the good features will be ruined for all the sloppy prints of the machine. Yes, the print quality is sloppy, and using a cutter is tough.

Smart things to consider before purchasing the best label maker for teachers

It’s not about what to look for in a label maker rather it’s about to do you actually need it or not. Yes, a label maker can make your teaching environment organized but you should be determined to get one. So, the first thing to consider is, whether you need a label maker or not.

So, do you need a label maker or not?

Obviously, label makers are nothing special but can affect your day to day life tremendously. First of all, the teaching environment is complex, and you have to deal with a lot of papers. Whether it’s just the books, assignments, or test paper bundles – creating labels can keep everything organized.

Yes, you can just write everything using a pen but that is not eye-catching. Just think, a good white label has black and bold fonts – you can easily detect it. So, label makers are useful for organizing school documents, and your own documents.

The machine is small, and nothing special, of course. But a label maker can help you deal with piles of paper and documents. So, even if you think that the machine is not that great, it still can help you with organizing the classroom and the office.

Picking a good label maker for your teaching environment

Now, if you are sure about purchasing a good label maker, what can you do? Before we buy anything important, we always have to go through some major thinking criteria. But it’s just a small label maker, and what could go wrong? Just go to a nearby store, and ask the shopkeeper to get some good models. Obviously, the shopkeeper will try to sell you any model and say that one is the best. However, even for a small machine, you have to check out some important specs to ensure fair trade.

Otherwise, you will have to face a lot of difficulties using the label maker and finally claim – label makers are useless. So, here are some important specs you should check before purchasing any label maker.


Even for a calculator, we first check out the display. So, in the case of a label maker, the display is obviously the first pick to check. It’s not just about the quality of the display that is important. Rather, you have to check how many lines the display can type, and what the size of the display is. Checking out the display quality, font visibility is also important for the label maker.

Not many label maker offers back-lit display, and back-lit label makers are very expensive. So, take your time, and check the display for as much time you can get.

Another important aspect of the label maker is the displays line. You have seen label makers in nearby local stores, and most of the time they don’t type details. But for the teaching environment, your label maker should be able to create details like date and date stamps.

Font and Formatting option

Different font options can improve your organization’s flexibility. Just using one font style can create complexity among your documents. Not to mention, 6 different font styles and storing memory is important for you to make everything different.


After the display, ensuring the quality of the label makers’ keyboard is crucial. If the keyboard is not tacky and is uncomfortable to type with – labeling is not going to be fun. Yes, you are purchasing a label maker to make everything faster, and organized. Now, there are two types of keyboard you will get – ABC type keyboard, or QUERTY keyboards.

If you have used a feature phone, you know about ABC type keyboards. ABC type keyboards are great for one hand-handled label makers. But if you are familiar with a desktop type keyboard, pick the QUERTY keyboard, label maker.

Tape option

Most of the label maker comes with either a black tape or a white tape. Also, you have to consider using specific tap models from the manufacturer. Some even offer non-laminated labels that are not the best of the lots. So, checking out the label option is important because the price point is also a key factor here.

Power source

Label makers are a portable solution for keeping everything in check and marked. So, the power source is a key ingredient for you to use it anywhere you want. Usually, label makers are powered by AAA batteries or a lithium-ion battery. Of course, lithium-ion batteries are the best-suited choice for power options.

But those label maker models can be expensive. Also, you can use an AC adapter to use the label maker on your desk. Some manufacturer includes the AC adapter, and some manufacturer doesn’t. Going for the included AC adapter should be the smart choice.


A label maker memory is more of an optional feature as it can make your work faster. There are some labels that you commonly print out, and memory can help you store them.

Connectivity and portability

When you are looking for portability, you will have to sacrifice the computer connectivity from your label maker. Sometimes, you can get both of them in just one package. Computer connectivity can help a lot of teachers to print out labels straight from the desktop. Most of the time, portable models are designed as one hand handled, and they lack connectivity. Computer connectivity can ensure app support to make your task faster and organized.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing a label maker rests on your preference, and we cannot declare without it – your life will get torn apart. No, a label maker is there to make your teaching environment convenient and organized – nothing more.

However, after reading the whole discussion – if you think that this device can be of great help, we are glad. Choosing or picking the right label maker only needs one thing, and that is – how will you use the label maker? Hope, now you can easily pick the best label maker for teachers, and distinguish them from the best label maker for shopkeepers.

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